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Belly of the Beast

“We did as we were told.”

“They just heard you offer the apology for all the monsters of our times.”

You walk this earth without a heart
You tear the innocent’s souls apart
You shovel your conscience into the grave
You walk this earth without a heart
Your uniform couldn’t be taken off
A tattoo burned into your flesh
Your mind, your voice
These are your instruments of death
How could you dare to be so bold
You only did as you were told
Marionettes dancing in time
To the apologetic lines
For all the monsters of our time

Who is evil, who is blind?
In the name of who you’ll find,
A city of souls dying for peace
Welcome to the belly of the beast
One mind, one voice
Welcome to the belly of the beast
Who hears, your voice?

Millions, never, never again
Madness, never, never again
Martyrs, dead that can’t die

Insanity, the normal state
The left hand a hammer, the right the stake
Driven so deep into the heart
It’s killing love, it’s killing faith
It’s killing ’cause it’s from the heart
What better way to demoralize
When your own children are your spies
The things you trust are not the same
Trust in death, trust in grief
Trust in hope is trust in pain

Who is evil, who is blind?
In the name of who you’ll find,
You’re not supposed to question faith
But how do you accept this fate?

Millions, you walk this earth without a heart
Madness, tear the innocent’s souls apart
Martyrs, shovel your conscience into the grave

2012 Budget highlight

Yes, I know. Last Thursday was the day for the pundits to comment on the National government’s 2012 Budget. But I can think of few things more soporific than stimulus packages or more boring than budgets, and last week’s Budget was even duller than usual. David Farrar has a summary of 2012 Budget highlights. See what I mean?

But there is one aspect of the 2012 Budget—not mentioned in Farrar’s list—that should be highlighted. It’s the $78.5 million Finance Minister Bill English allocated to IRD audit. Thanks to atheist Mark Hubbard over at Life Behind the Iron Drape for bringing this to my attention. Here’s his blog post in full.

Zero budget – no. Nazi budget -yes.

In New Zealand’s 2012 budget, Bill English just grew the fascist thug state by an extraordinary extent. The money allocations to health and education sounded like a Labour Party lolly scramble; there is in this budget only the further expansion of the state. As Clive James said of the Soviets, they thought they had free health care, but it ended up costing them everything they had. Well English just imported that hollow ethos to New Zealand. Significantly, the first money allocation in Herr English’s speech was a huge $78.5 million to IRD audit. Now move your eyes up and read my blog by-line again. Read it, the paragraph in italics: understand what is funding every other allocation to the state. $78.5 million into the systematic persecution of this country’s productive, who, unlike this government, haven’t lifted a finger to initiate force on their fellow man.

Bill English, please take this personally, you are a true National Socialist: you are my enemy, as you are the enemy of all free men. I suggest you wear a brown shirt to Parliament from now on. I’m too angry to write anything further. When will there be the Western Spring, to wrest our liberty back?

Visit Mark’s blog to read his blog by-line. Here’s his disclaimer.

Disclaimer: If you pay anything other than the correct amount of tax – as hard as that can be to calculate under our mess of tax law – then you’re a bloody idiot. The state will squash you like a bug.

The Western Spring may be sooner than we think. That the State is allocating an additional $78.5 million to the task of squashing tax defaulters like bugs suggests that socialism is already starting to run out of other people’s money.

Spawn of Satan… The Forked Tongue of John Key.

Who ever believed John Key when he promised to deliver a budget surplus by 2015?
Only Chumps!

Via spin in the media we are told John Key now says that the global meltdown in Europe threatens to ‘delay’ his promises of a Budget surplus … Yet I say *This is Bullshit* fit only to be swallowed by dung beetles!
Because we all knew there was a major meltdown in progress at the very moment he made his Bullshit claims!
This Crisis is not a new Crisis… it’s the same crisis!
*Key and the National party are a bunch of dirty Politic-ing LIARS!*
Who voted for these vermin?
While I think a Key/ English zero-increase in expenditure is much better than a Labour/Shearer Big spend up ‘stimulus’… The truth is debt will still be increasing at the current criminal rate! (400 million per week).

Wail o ye Pitiful souls!
What? You say that you were forced to choose between The greater or lesser evils?
The truth is you have had Honest Libertarians on your Ballots for over a decade!
Yes! I refer to those Pesky Seers of ‘Economic Hellfire and Socialist damnation’ you spurned as ‘Nut bars’… the Fringe dwellers the Media ignored… they were right… they are still right!
The Global meltdown is a Giant testimony to the Failure of socialism and the Regulated Economy!

That Millions sit with baited breath awaiting ‘the Budget’… as if awaiting a proclamation from Almighty God Just goes to show how politically enslaved….How deceived …. How un-self reliant the entire country has become!
In reality… if we were a healthy nation of free and self reliant people, The Government Budget ought to be of minor significance… Not as it is today… a matter of life and death!
This is a testimony to the tyranny and Nannyism We have accepted.
It is a testimony to our slavish / childish / pathetic worship of Little Gods Like Key and Shearer… at whose feet we grovel!
What a shameful pathetic people we have become!
Will you continue to swallow their filthy lies rather than face the truth?
We Must stop borrowing Money to feed the Beast!
We Must slit Nannys scaly throat and Liberate Lady Liberty from her Gulag!
We must Man up!
We must Slay the Beast for our children’s sake…and Face the world as freemen!
Lest you sell your children to Satan!
How can Freedom be any worse than this?… You are slaves of fear!
When will you realise that Big Government is millstone shackled around our necks?
When will you grasp the truth that the font of prosperity is not centralised political power… but the industry of a free and enterprising self-reliant people?
Tim Wikiriwhi.

A Fate Worse Than Death…

Here was I thinking the only person who could banish death was Jesus Christ!

Mandatory response needed: chief coroner

Silly Me!
Why didn’t it occur to me that we can gain eternal life via Socialist compulsion!
Do Gooder Alert!
Yet another bunch of ‘experts’ seeking to impose their tyranny upon us ‘For our own Good’.
Harsher penalties, Greater prohibitions, Legislation Churn!

Unforeseen Consequences…
Slavery! Subjection! Imprisionment! Extortion! Boredom!
Making Life unbearable!
Mass Suicide. Thousands found Dead from Cotton wool asphyxia.
Coroners Report: “It looks almost as if they jammed it down their own throats”

Herbert Spencer.
“The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly, is to fill the world with fools”

Ben Franklin
“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

No Right to Self-Defence.

Body armour

Why would you restrict the general public from getting Body Armour?
In my mind that violates an individuals right to self defence!
Its like they (The State) want to be able to easily shoot you when ever they please!
Read what The Government of Alberta is up to

What is body armour?
Body armour is any garment or item designed, intended or adapted for the purpose of protecting the body from an item or object used, or adapted, to stab, pierce, puncture or otherwise wound the body.

Other questions?
Contact the registrar’s office at 1-877-462-0791 or at

Alberta’s body armour legislation is designed to help make Alberta’s communities safer and help police forces in their efforts to reduce gang violence across the province. The legislation ensures only those with a legitimate reason to do so or who have obtained a permit through Solicitor General and Public Security can wear body armour.

Body armour legislation was passed under the Body Armour Control Act, 2010 and will come into force June 15, 2012. Albertans have until December 15, 2012 to comply with the new rules.

Under the rules:

  • body armour vendors may only sell to those who present a valid permit or have proof that an exemption applies; and,
  • those found in possession of body armour without a permit or who are not exempt may face a fine of up to $10,000 or six months in prison, or both.


The World is a Vampire.

In Booker T Washingtons Autobiography ‘Up from Slavery’ there is a story about a slave being sold. In retelling the event he said “There were five of us; myself and brother and three mules.”
That is as funny as it is tragic.
Liberty lovers are about as excited about the approach of Election Day this Saturday as Slaves at a market. We are painfully aware that no matter whom wins, our slavery will continue. We will be treated like Beasts of burden.
It is cutting to be surrounded by willing slaves, whom actually believe our slavery to Socialism is good and that Libertarians like myself are fools to believe in Freedom.
The absolute travesty of the Election process, esp the whore-ish sycophantism of the so-called ‘Free Press’ is unbearable! The Evils of state control of the Education system has resulted in the so-called free press becoming the Lap dogs of the Status quo. Thoroughly indoctrinated and certified by the State, they willingly peddle the Official line.
Our Country is marching towards destruction like Children enchanted by the Pied Piper.

You think Im exaggerating dont you…FOOLS!
I would board a Plane and fly away… yet what is happening here in our crappy little Hippy commune is happening the whole western world over. There is nowhere to run.
Thus I and my fellow Liberty lovers are trapped like rats. Dont get too close… We may Bite.
Tim Wikiriwhi