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USDA Banning Canning Lids. Off Grid Living. Little House Off Grid.

Screenshot: Little House Off Grid.

This is a youtube channel I have only just discovered. These people look like they have been the target of the system for a long time… over a whole raft of issues.
My first impressions are this guy appears to be a genuine advocate of self-reliance and independent living.
I look forward to checking out more of their videos.

This video title caught my eye as it is yet another example of the relentless creeping usurpations that are establishing the Totalitarian State.

Here we have a video (above) that shows the malicious intent of Globalists to make it impossible to exist outside their systems of control.

This is why they want to get rid of Cash.

We can expect these sorts of laws to proliferate… across the board.. and in all so-called Free Nations….including here in New Zealand, for our Christian founded Capitalist societies are the main targets for overthrow by subversion… rotting them from the inside outwards.

This Blog is my soapbox.
You have been warned!

This video tells us the US Department of Agriculture has actually Banned ‘Canning lids’!!!!… for us Kiwi we call ‘Canning Jar Lids’ Preserving Jar lids.

Preserving food is one of the most essential aspects of being able to minimise dependence and survive ‘off-grid’.
By off Grid I mean *outside dependence on the system*.

Like the ‘Anti-vaxxers’… The Prepper Community have been the targets of relentless dis-information and slander as ‘crack pots’ for many years…. for the very same reasons…. They seek to promote independence from State Control.
The Puppet masters us ‘influencers’ to make certain ways of thinking appear ‘whack’ and ‘extreme’… targets to be mocked and ridiculed on social media and once this Group think has been established the Sheeple will have been effectively inoculated against embracing such ‘independent activities’ and will also countenance Legal jackboots being deployed against the renegades who defy the group think.

So take care what ‘Social trends’ you help cultivate on social media… first they alienate the group with mockery and slander… then when the sheeple show they have outcast the target group… then they can institute the Legal suppression and persecution.

The Preppers are such a community.
They have been right all along… yet the Globalists want you to consider them dangerous nut jobs and to sanction laws that make living off grid impossible/illegal.


And I advise you to take some off watching Idiots on Tick Tock and instead learn some Freedom wisdom from the Preppers!
Learn to produce and preserve your own food.
Get yourself a pantry filled with your own preserves.

The Globalists are the enemies of Freedom and Independence. They seek total control over all humanity.
They are Evil.
The philosophy of Self reliance stands in their way.
Canning/ Preserving food , collecting rainwater, and Fire stoves empower independence and break their grip … that is why they condition the sheeple to revile independence, and pass these tyrannical laws…. all talk of ‘improving safety… ‘saving the planet’… are lies only idiots swallow.
The Sheeple don’t care about this creeping tyranny because they don’t can… they don’t have a fireplace… and they can ‘virtue signal’ by joining in the persecution of the ‘whacky non-conformists’.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

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Tim’s Epic Marinade!

Buy a cheap jar of English marmalade (chunky style is best), about a 300ml bottle of Soy sauce and a small jar of Chili flakes.
Get a small pot. put it on the stove at a low heat.
Pour in a good amount of Soy sauce and add the whole jar of Marmalade to that and stir together to break down the Marmalade into the soy Sauce.
You can add a small amount of Oyster sauce too if you want but you don’t have to… it makes it a bit saltier.
Don’t boil it but just bring it to a low simmer… stirring it… then add the chili flakes to your own liking… I like to put in heaps as they are usually not that hot.
Let that simmer of about 5 minutes then take off the heat and let it cool right down.
Prepare your Chicken… I like wings… get a big stack of wings and put them in a big plastic container… pour the marinade over the top and put the lid on… and stick in the fridge overnite… however long you like… a few hours will do. Keep flipping the chicken about in the marinade every few hours to give it all a good soak.
Then… depending how you are going to cook them… say roasted in an oven tray use tongs to place the chicken wings into the tray leaving the marinade in the container… place the chicken in an oven at about 170deg c. Then pour the marinade back in a small pot and simmer again (this is to kill and chicken bacteria in there). Turn your wings a few times… dont over cook them… they don’t take long to cook. Pour off any excess juice that occurs in the roasting tray as you dont want to ‘boil’ them. Then when you see they are getting close to Ready take a spoon and drizzle the wings with more of your hot marinade from the pot you have just simmered to coat them all in a sticky marinade… cook them 5-7 minutes more to ‘set’ the marinade to the wings yet take care not to burn the marinade… and then Serve! BOOM!
You could do a similar method on the BBq too.
Works with Pork Too!

Tim Wikiriwhi.