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Public Property

The relationship between public property, government and the public is the same as the relationships of a trust.

The public are the beneficiaries and the government officials should act as trustees by managing the public assets according to the interests of the public.

The rights and wrongs of government property management are similar to the rights and wrongs of personal property management. In the case of property management the mandate of the majority is as legitimate as the will of an individual property owner.

This means that it is not wrong for government officials to manage fishing quotas, forests, Boobs on Bikes, littering and much more.

Freedom is not an overriding principle.

Comparing Hamilton City’s Dire straits to Bankrupt City of Stockton.

The Californian city of Stockton is set to become the largest US city in decades to go bust.

Mayor Ann Johnston told the city council which endorsed the move it was “the most difficult and heart-wrenching decision” they had ever faced.

As has become the Norm these days Stockton Officals attempt to pass the blame upon the ‘Global market collapse’ rather than their own gross overspending, Yet a quick search of the Net reveals the same old story of Grand scheming…Heavy handed Government.
They got into debt building and running Parking buildings… which as usual was *a fail*… just like it was for the Hamilton City Council.
The City of 300 000 carries a debt of $700 Million.
Which, by comparison ought to show Hamiltonians just how grievious is their own situation being a Population of 152641 and city debts of $400 million
When the population of Stockton and US exchange rate is factored, This ruffly equates to an equivelent debt of $450 million to Hamiltons $400 Million.
We will be there by the next Local Body elections!
Thus We can safely say Stockton was brought to it’s knees by the same Pig headed Political Folly as has plagued Western democracy in General… including Hamilton New Zealand.
If only Hamiltonians had listened to me!If only The Waikato Times had been able to grasp the reality of what I was saying, and given me equal time with the other candidates in their paper to present my arguements to the Ratepayers of Hamilton!
We would not be facing such a finacial catastrophy as we do now!
Tim Wikiriwhi
Libertarian Independent.
Hamilton West.

Reality Punches Socialist’s In The Face!

Shane Cameron swallows Reality pill. Dont Dis the Tuaminator!

It is interesting how with the process of time reality has a way of exposing Ignorance and folly, and bring unpopular truths into the light.
It is even more interesting to watch the various ways the Tyrants and Sheeple respond.
Collectivist Communism Bankrupted the Soviet Union, which was a reality pill not wasted upon the Chinese Communists, who responded by modifying their Economy to align more closely with Western socialist democracies which have a modicum of Free enterprise, and private property, yet in reality is not ‘Free’ at all, but heavily regulated, and Taxed by a large, powerful, and meddlesome State.
Yet the Chinese now have discovered they have not prevented the collapse of their Regime, but merely postponed it by a few decades, as the economic model they assimilated from the West is likewise fatally flawed.
The West now Reels under the Teachings of Painful Reality… that their model of socialism is also ‘unsustainable’ … it just takes a little longer than full blown Communism to implode.
This fact is proven by the massive debt crisis which Socialist democracies now face, having been driven into the ground by elected Big spending Anti-freedom, Anti-Capitalists. All the roits in the world cannot alter the truth. Socialism is a failure.

The bankrupt reality of Powerful, Big spending, heavy handed Socialism with their Grand Collectivist delusions and Micro management of society holds true across the board, and has now forced a heavily indebted Hamilton City council into ‘austerity mode’ Which Council downsizing and selling off assets ( ‘Austere decade ahead’ Waikato Times Saturday June 9 pg A5).
‘Indoor Rec Center… No Funds.
Municipal Pools… closed.
Pensioner Flats… for sale.
YMCA… For Sale.

The current crisis is exactly as I predicted.
I have spent the last decade campaigning for council, warning the people of Hamilton that Bankruptcy and pain was comming to town like an inexorable Juggernaut.
During elections I told Mayoral Julie Candidate Hardacre that she would have to reneg on all her big Ideas and Campaign promises, yet this did not deter her from continuing to pedal her ‘popular’ delusions, and thus she was elected upon Fraud, folly and worst of all an orchestrated ignorance.
Mrs Hardacres fantasies received full Media support, while my Economic and Political truths were marginalized, and treated as whack (Except by the Local Paper Hamilton News, whom have always done a fantastic job of presenting alternative perspectives thanks to the efforts of Editor Colin Vincent)..
I was left out of the political debates, perverting democracy by keeping many voters in the dark about the real state of affairs faced by the H.C.C and the necessary alternative direction which I represented.
Most voters were not aware of the choice that I represented as a candidate.

Time is up!
The Apocalypse has arrived!

Now though I continue to be ignored by the Media, The truth of My Prophecy cannot not be ignored anymore than Gravity can be.
The Waikato Times article mentioned above shows that many of my unpopular policies are now being
forced upon the council…against their will. The travesty is that they are now being implemented by the charlatans who got elected by promising to spend more, not less.
It is a real pity that the Media and Hamiltonians did not heed my warnings as I could have implemented a systematic program of reform when things were not so dire and thereby would have been able to get better returns on asset sales, during a better economic climate… unlike the ‘fire sale’ that we must now endure.

I am still awaiting a knock on the door from the Political Journalist of the Waikato Times who ought to be aware of these important facts I am presenting here, and interested in getting the truth out to their readers… the voting public so they may make better choices next election.
It is an interview which will never happen.
I would also love to see an article In The Waikato Times which reviews all the Campaign promises of the current bunch in council, putting to them the hard questions of how they expected to fulfill their pledges when there was no money to do so? Did they make their pledges out of an extreme ignorance?
If so they expose the naked reality that they are unfit to be in council.
Did they make their promises simply to fool the voters and get elected?
If so they exposed their Political dishonesty, and they ought to be thrown out of Office. This is something which Minister of Local Government Rodney Hide failed to do. Tits on a Bull I say!

Thus like all socialist democracies Hamilton wallows in debt. A circumstance arrived at via Ignorance, Delusions, Lies, Complicity. All foreseeable. All preventable. Yet this is a tale still kept in the dark like a dirty secret because no one wants to admit the truth!
The Libertarians have been right all along and that we now wallow in the mire is the price we must pay because no one wanted to face Reality.
Socialist Big Government does not work.
Tim Wikiriwhi
Libertarian Independent.
Hamilton West.

If only Hamiltonians had listened to me. Your 38 million dollar mistake!

Conspiracy of Silence.

Gone by lunchtime!

[Reprised from Pacific Empire, October 2008. Big, big thanks to Luke Howison and Phil Howison. The list is now out-of-date—for example, in 2011 the Ministry of Research, Science and Technology was merged with the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology to form the Ministry of Science and Innovation—but I doubt it is any shorter now than it was in 2008.]

Just how big is Big Government in New Zealand?

Well, if you print off a list of all the government departments, state-owned enterprises, councils and quangos, there are 407 of them.

Hard to visualise, isn’t it? Libertarianz is here to help you out.

Gone by lunchtime!

That’s nine pages of normal-sized text. It reaches from floor to ceiling, with inches still lying on the carpet.

Gone by lunchtime!

You can find the whole list below, or look at it here.

Government Departments, SEOs, QUANGOs, Councils, etc.
And their fates under a Libertarianz government …

Gone by lunchtime!

Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand
Asia New Zealand Foundation
Audit New Zealand, part of Office of the Controller and Auditor-General
Auckland/Waikato Fish and Game Council
Broadcasting Standards Authority
Broadcasting Commission
Building Controls, part of Department of Building and Housing
Central South Island Fish and Game Council
Child, Youth and Family
Commerce Commission
Creative New Zealand
Department of Building and Housing
Department of Conservation
Department of Internal Affairs
Department of Labour
Eastern Fish and Game Council
Electrical Workers Registration Board, part of Ministry of Economic Development
Electricity Commission
Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority
Energy Safety Service, part of Ministry of Economic Development
Environmental Risk Management Authority
Environment Bay of Plenty
Environment Canterbury
Environment Court, part of Ministry of Justice
Environment Southland
Environment Waikato
Families Commission
Family and Community Services, part of Ministry of Social Development
Fish & Game New Zealand
Gambling Commission
Governor-General (we’re a republic now!)
Hawke’s Bay Fish and Game Council
Heartland Services, part of Ministry of Social Development
Human Rights Commission
International Services, part of Ministry of Social Development
Investment New Zealand, part of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
Measurement and Product Safety Service, part of Ministry of Economic Development
Ministry for Culture and Heritage
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Ministry of Consumer Affairs, part of Ministry of Economic Development
Ministry of Economic Development
Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs
Ministry of Social Development
Ministry of Tourism, part of Ministry of Economic Development
Ministry of Women’s Affairs
Ministry of Youth Development
Motor Vehicle Traders Register, part of Ministry of Economic Development
National Advisory Council on the Employment of Women, part of
Department of Labour
National Health Committee, part of Ministry of Health
Nelson/Marlborough Fish and Game Council
New Zealand Climate Change Office, part of Ministry for the Environment
New Zealand Export Credit Office, part of The Treasury
New Zealand Game Bird Habitat Trust Board
New Zealand Geographic Board
New Zealand Historic Places Trust
New Zealand Sports Drug Agency
New Zealand Teachers Council
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
New Zealand Valuers Registration Board
North Canterbury Fish and Game Council
Northland Fish and Game Council
Overseas Investment Commission
Otago Fish and Game Council
Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment
Personal Property Securities Register, part of Ministry of Economic Development
Plant Variety Rights Office, part of Ministry of Economic Development
Registrar of Unions, part of Department of Labour
Removal Review Authority
Remuneration Authority, part of Department of Labour
Residence Review Board
Southland Fish and Game Council
Sport and Recreation New Zealand
SPEaR, part of Ministry of Social Development
Taranaki Fish and Game Council
Takeovers Panel
Te Mangai Paho
Te Matatini Society Incorporated
Tenancy Services, part of Department of Building and Housing
Toi Te Taiao: The Bioethics Council
Tourism New Zealand
UNESCO Secretariat for the New Zealand National Commission
Wellington Fish and Game Council
West Coast Fish and Game Council

Health and education bureaucracy – only needed until their functions are dissolved

Crown Company Monitoring Advisory Unit, part of The Treasury
Crown Health Financing Agency
Employment Institutions Information Centre, part of Department of Labour
Employment Relations Authority, part of Department of Labour
Employment Relations Infoline, part of Department of Labour
Employment Relations Service, part of Department of Labour
Health and Disability Commissioner
Healthline, part of Ministry of Health
Health Research Council of New Zealand
Health Sponsorship Council
Immunisation Advisory Centre, part of Ministry of Health
Insolvency and Trustee Service, part of Ministry of Economic Development
Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand, part of Ministry of
Economic Development
Inland Revenue Department
Labour Inspectorate, part of Department of Labour
Maternity Services, part of Ministry of Health
Medsafe, part of Ministry of Health
Mental Health Commission
Ministry for the Environment
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Ministry of Health
National Screening Unit, part of Ministry of Health
New Zealand Artificial Limb Board
New Zealand Blood Service
New Zealand Debt Management Office, part of The Treasury
New Zealand Food Safety Authority
New Zealand Health Information Service, part of Ministry of Health
Occupational Safety and Health Service, part of Department of Labour
Office for Disability Issues, part of Ministry of Social Development
Office for Senior Citizens, part of Ministry of Social Development
Office for the Community and Voluntary Sector, part of Ministry of
Social Development
Office of Ethnic Affairs, part of Department of Internal Affairs
Office of Film and Literature Classification
Office of Human Rights Proceedings, part of Human Rights Commission
Office of the Children’s Commissioner
Office of Treaty Settlements, part of Ministry of Justice
Retirement Commission, Whiriwhiria!
Securities Commission
Standards New Zealand
State Housing Appeals Authority, part of Department of Building and Housing
TeachNZ, part of Ministry of Education
Te Puni Kokiri
Tertiary Education Commission
Veterans’ Affairs New Zealand
Waitangi Tribunal, part of Ministry of Justice
War Pension Services, part of Ministry of Social Development
Work and Income, part of Ministry of Social Development
New Zealand Agency for International Development, part of Ministry of
Foreign Affairs and Trade
Ngai Tahu Ancillary Claims Trust
Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Maori (Maori Language Commission)
Treaty of Waitangi Fisheries Commission

Sell; profits into general fund

Accident Compensation Corporation
Accounting Standards Review Board
AgResearch Limited
Agricultural and Marketing Research and Development Trust
AgriQuality Limited
Antarctica New Zealand
Airways Corporation of New Zealand Limited
Animal Control Products Limited
Asure New Zealand Limited
Aviation Security Service, part of Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
BIZ Information Centres, part of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
Career Services rapuara
Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
Crown Minerals, part of Ministry of Economic Development
Dispute Resolution Services Ltd , part of Accident Compensation Corporation
Earthquake Commission
Education Review Office
Electricity Corporation of New Zealand Limited
Food Standards Australia New Zealand
Foundation for Research Science & Technology
Genesis Power Limited
Housing New Zealand Corporation (assets on a building-by-building basis sold)
Industrial Research Limited
Industry Capability Network, part of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
Institute of Environmental Science and Research Limited
Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Limited
International Accreditation New Zealand, part of Testing Laboratory
Registration Council
Landcare Research New Zealand Limited
Landcorp Farming Limited
Land Information New Zealand
Land Transport New Zealand
Leadership Development Centre (?)
Learning Media Limited
Mediation Service, part of Department of Labour
Meridian Energy Limited
Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited
Mighty River Power Limited
Ministry of Fisheries
Ministry of Research, Science & Technology
Ministry of Transport
National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Limited
National Radiation Laboratory, part of Ministry of Health
New Zealand Institute for Crop and Food Research Limited
New Zealand Lotteries Commission
New Zealand Lottery Grants Board
New Zealand Post Limited
New Zealand Qualifications Authority
New Zealand Railways Corporation
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
New Zealand Venture Investment Fund Limited
New Zealand Film Commission
Pacific Business Trust
Pharmaceutical Management Agency Limited
Public Sector Training Organisation
Public Trust
Qualmark New Zealand Limited
Queen Elizabeth II National Trust
Quotable Value Limited
Radio New Zealand Limited
Road Safety TrustRadio Spectrum Management, part of Ministry of
Economic Development (sell the spectrum)
Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Research, Information and Capability Group, part of Ministry of
Economic Development
Royal Society of New Zealand
Scion (scientific research)
Solid Energy New Zealand Limited
Statistics New Zealand
StudyLink, part of Ministry of Social Development
Television New Zealand Limited
Testing Laboratory Registration Council
Transit New Zealand
Transmission Holdings Limited
Transpower New Zealand Limited

Distribute to community through shares

Alexander Turnbull Library (part of National Library of New Zealand)
Aoraki Polytechnic
Archives New Zealand
Auckland District Health Board
Auckland University of Technology
Bay of Plenty District Health Board
Bay of Plenty Polytechnic
Canterbury District Health Board
Capital & Coast District Health Board
Christchurch College of Education
Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology
Counties Manukau District Health Board
Dunedin College of Education
Eastern Institute of Technology
Hawke’s Bay District Health Board
Hutt Valley District Health Board
Lakes District Health Board
Lincoln University
Manukau Institute of Technology
Maori Television
Massey University
Maritime Safety Authority of New Zealand
MidCentral District Health Board
Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management, part of Department
of Internal Affairs
Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa
National Library of New Zealand – Te Puna Matauranga o Aotearoa
National Rural Fire Authority, part of New Zealand Fire Service Commission
Nelson Marlborough District Health Board
Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology
New Zealand Fire Service, part of New Zealand Fire Service Commission
New Zealand Fire Service Commission
New Zealand Vice-Chancellors’ Committee
Northland District Health Board
Northland Polytechnic
Open Polytechnic of New Zealand
Otago District Health Board
Otago Polytechnic
School Services, part of National Library of New Zealand – Te Puna
Matauranga o Aotearoa
South Canterbury District Health Board
Southern Institute of Technology
Southland District Health Board
Tai Poutini Polytechnic
Tairawhiti District Health
Tairawhiti Polytechnic
Taranaki District Health Board
Telford Rural Polytechnic
Te Wananga o Aotearoa
Te Wananga-o-Raukawa
Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi
The Correspondence School
Timberlands West Coast Limited
Unitec Institute of Technology
Universal College of Learning
University of Auckland
University of Canterbury
University of Otago
University of Waikato
Victoria University of Wellington
Waiariki Institute of Technology
Waikato District Health Board
Waikato Institute of Technology
Wairarapa District Health Board
Waitemata District Health Board
Wanganui UCOL, part of Universal College of Learning
Wellington Institute of Technology
Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki
Whanganui District Health Board
Whitireia Community Polytechnic
West Coast District Health Board

Dissolved and assets sold, with land records etc. transferred to public trusts

Ashburton District Council
Auckland City Council
Auckland Regional Council
Banks Peninsula District Council
Buller District Council
Carterton District Council
Central Hawke’s Bay District Council
Central Otago District Council
Chatham Islands Council
Christchurch City Council
Clutha District Council
Dunedin City Council
Far North District Council
Franklin District Council
Gisborne District Council
Gore District Council
Greater Wellington – The Regional Council
Grey District Council
Hamilton City Council
Hastings District Council
Hauraki District Council
Hawke’s Bay Regional Council
Horizons Regional Council
Horowhenua District Council
Hurunui District Council
Hutt City Council
Invercargill City Council
Kaikoura District Council
Kaipara District Council
Kapiti Coast District Council
Kawerau District Council
Mackenzie District Council
Manawatu District Council
Manukau City Council
Marlborough District Council
Masterton District Council
Matamata-Piako District Council
Napier City Council
Nelson City Council
New Plymouth District Council
Northland Regional Council
North Shore City Council
Opotiki District Council
Otago Regional Council
Otorohanga District Council
Palmerston North City Council
Papakura District Council
Porirua City Council
Queenstown-Lakes District Council
Rangitikei District Council
Rodney District Council
Rotorua District Council
Ruapehu District Council
Selwyn District Council
Southland District Council
South Taranaki District Council
South Waikato District Council
South Wairarapa District Council
Stratford District Council
Taranaki Regional Council
Tararua District Council
Tasman District Council
Taupo District Council
Tauranga City Council
Thames-Coromandel District Council
Timaru District Council
Upper Hutt City Council
Waikato District Council
Waimakariri District Council
Waimate District Council
Waipa District Council
Wairoa District Council
Waitakere City Council
Waitaki District Council
Waitomo District Council
Wanganui District Council
Wellington City Council
West Coast Regional Council
Westland District Council
Western Bay of Plenty District Council
Whakatane District Council
Whangarei District Council

These will be reviewed for efficiency, and many will be combined.
These comprise the core Government functions:
Parliament/Governmental; Defence; Police; Justice System

Chief Electoral Office
Companies Office, part of Ministry of Economic Development (becomes
part of Ministry of Justice)
Court of Appeal, part of Ministry of Justice
Crown Law Office
Department of Corrections
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Disputes Tribunal, part of Ministry of Justice
District Courts, part of Ministry of Justice
Electoral Commission
Electoral Enrolment Centre, part of New Zealand Post Limited
Employment Court, part of Ministry of Justice
Family Court, part of Ministry of Justice
Government Communications Security Bureau
Government Superannuation Fund Authority
Guardians of New Zealand Superannuation
High Court, part of Ministry of Justice
Law Commission
Legal Aid Review Panel
Legal Services Agency
Legislation Advisory Committee, part of Ministry of Justice
Maori Land Court, part of Ministry of Justice
Maori Trust Office, part of Te Puni Kokiri
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Justice
New Zealand Army, part of New Zealand Defence Force
New Zealand Customs Service
New Zealand Defence Force
New Zealand Government
New Zealand Immigration Service, part of Department of Labour
New Zealand Parole Board
New Zealand Police
New Zealand Security Intelligence Service
Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives
Office of the Controller and Auditor-General
Office of the Ombudsmen
Office of the Privacy Commissioner
Parliamentary Counsel Office
Parliamentary Service
Police Complaints Authority
Refugee Status Appeals Authority
Royal New Zealand Airforce, part of New Zealand Defence Force
Royal New Zealand Navy, part of New Zealand Defence Force
State Services Commission
Supreme Court of New Zealand, part of Ministry of Justice
The Treasury
Transport Accident Investigation Commission (combined into Police)
Youth Court, part of Ministry of Justice

[Originally cross-posted to SOLO.]

Concerned Citizen.

I got a pleasant suprise today! I found this Picture in the NZ Herald!
Article: ‘Billboards put Heat on Council’

The Hamilton Rates rebellion has begun… And Im in!
I have not yet spoken to this ‘Concerned citizen’
I have signed up to the Website:
I vote in the poll to dump the Lot!
I have messaged His facebook page:!/CitizenNZ
And I wait in hope that we can work together for the common Goal of reducing Hamilton City debts and rates burden.
I hope he is able to see that I have an action Plan, and that bringing my experience in local body politics into The HCC would be of great benifit to the Citizens of Hamilton.

Update: 9-5-12
From comments made in today’s Herald it appears that I ought not expect any ‘concern’ from ‘Concerned Citizen’ as he says he has no intension of ‘Helping’ anyone get elected as replacements for the current bunch he wants out.
I find that strange, yet for me this is an all too common disappointment so I have learned not to have high hopes. I have lost nothing by trying.

I have become used to being misunderstood, undervalued and overlooked by those whom you would think would be keen to work with me in a principled and systematic program of reforms designed to lift Hamilton out of Debt, ease the Rates burden, and lay down clear policies which prevent the same overspending slide that brought about the current crisis.
I have proven my commitment to down sizing Council with Ten years active participation in the democratic process, and countless articles and Letters.
Should He have decided to work with me in concert that would have been to mutual advantage.
For Me to actually get elected I need help raise my profile, and he would have had his first committed ‘Reformer’ in the breach ready for action.
I will not fret about it too much.
There is Bugger all I can do about it! Better I spend my energies taking the Battle to the enemy.
Est la vie! I shall carry on as I have always done…

If he busies himself exposing the Largess of the current brood in power he will still be doing Hamilton a good service, yet risks the Election of a worse than useless bunch of replacements who at election time may pay lip service to reducing the rates burden, yet not have a clue as to how to achieve it, nor the backbone that such difficult work requires.
I actually wonder If Concerned citizen know how to make the necessary reforms or whether he is simply an angry and vocal Ratepayer and has not really contemplated what is involved? Does he have a plan?
Even if this is the case I still salute his Righteous anger!
And who knows he may have a change of Heart as the Election draws Near.

My 150 word Election profile for Hamilton West Ward 2010

Hamilton deserves better management. I have extensive experience in local body politics, with a focus on keeping Council powers and expenses in check. As an innovative thinker I can propose new and better ways to solve the same old problems. Better solutions that reduce ratepayer burdens and Council responsibilities, and create opportunity for free enterprise, voluntary community action and philanthropy. I would rally in defense of Hamiltonians getting trampled underfoot by the grand schemes of clumsy power trippers. I champion self reliance and liberty.

Having grave concerns for the lost youth within our city, I would be most happy to work with others in providing guidance and mentoring to rescue this wasting talent and potential. I will assist the Mayor in achieving a sustainable and liberal Council. Let’s cut red tape and make Hamilton a fun city which the Springboks would enjoy, and the Waipa Delta wants to return to!

How to solve Hamiltons Rates Crisis By Tim Wikiriwhi

Plus More!

If only Hamiltonians had listened to me. Your 38 million dollar mistake!

Conspiracy of Silence.

Conspiracy of Silence.

He who Governs Best, Governs Least.

I have been a Libertarian activist for over a decade and have stood for Parliament and Hamilton City Council, including the Mayoralty many times. It may surprise readers to hear that from first hand experience I can verify the fact that both these different types of Government suffer from the same political diseases and as such they both require the same remedies.
In fact the problems now being faced in Little old Hamilton are identical to the problems faced by our National Parliament, and if we take a Satellite view we can see that these same problems have rendered all the major western democracies chronically Ill with social chaos, and all teeter on the verge of economic collapse. The problem is Socialist over-government, and is caused by politicians overstepping the legitimate bounds of Good government, of an ever expanding sphere of operation, usurping unjust powers and encroaching upon the domain of legitimate liberty and self responsibility. The Bigger the Government, the more expensive it becomes, and so the heavier the burden upon the backs of the population whom must carry it.

Governments can not generate wealth. All they can do is hinder its creation, or bleed it from veins of those who do generate it and either waste it upon their grand delusions, or redistribute it to their Political favorites. This is why Western civilisation is crippled under Rapacious Taxes and Rates, and wallowing in massive debt.

For Ten years I have been standing on my soapbox warning my fellow Countrymen and ratepayers that as surely as the Soviet Union collapsed… so too would our taxes and rates become too heavy to bare, That we would suffer legal oppressions that curtail our freedom and ability to support ourselves and our children, and that we face certain Bankruptcy. I have argued that we must halt this ever expanding socialism and reverse it via a program of Libertarian reforms.
Yet nobody listened.

Not being a wealthy Man I have never been able to afford a real election campaign. I have spent $1000.00, while my competitors have spent $50 000.00.
Another factor that works against me is that having no financial backing and operating as a one man band, I must fund my own campaign and hold down a Job (Im a self employed Engineering Contractor). Thus while Im doing 60 hours a week, my competitors are out having morning tea at election meetings, doing speeches, kissing babies, and making Big promises to satisfy the vested interest of the particular Lobby groups hosting the meetings. I am lucky to make it to the Meetings which happen after hours, to which I am usually knackered after a hard days slog and ill prepared having limited time for speech writing etc (And I like to write pertinent speeches for every occasion rather than Parrot the same general statement at every meeting). Sadly Most Election Meetings are held by special interest groups whom are not looking for the the most principled and upright candidate, but instead are looking for handouts and political favoritism. And most of my political opponents fall over-themselves to outdo each other in offering the grandest political bribes to win the support and votes of these lobby groups.

In a way I don’t think I lose many votes at all by fixing leaking pumps instead of attending these sorts of Meetings as I explain in the following article I paid to get printed in the Local rag ‘Hamilton news’. I wrote it for the last time I stood for Hamilton City council. These Lobby groups don’t want to hear a message of frugality, and so if they actually learn about my Libertarian Ideals, they despise me for them! They know if they vote for me that I wont grant them any favours… so they don’t vote for me.

I post the following article for two reasons. Firstly because I am currently standing for Parliament, and Though this article is about Local body politics, It actually displays the very same rationale which I apply to National politics and how to solve our Economic and social problems on a National scale.

Secondly I post it as a testimony to the fact That I offered Hamilton clear analysis of the Rates crisis that we now suffer and also a rational program of Libertarian reforms to solve the crisis and to keep it from happening again (at least on my watch) .

I want to expose the failure of the so-called Free Press, their pathetic journalism and lack of integrity, in particular the Waikato Times and their failure to appreciate the importance of my candidacy and what I had to say on the essential issues facing Hamilton and our nation. I argue that they have dropped the ball and failed to do their job at informing the people of Hamilton that there was indeed a candidate offering very real alternatives to the status quo. They have failed because they wrote me off as a serious contender because I was not spending thousands of dollars on a campaign, nor am I a local celebrity Ex rugby star etc.

I argue that they ought to have recognized my principles as worthy of attention, in spite of my pitiful campaign. Had they done so, and included me in the public discussion which they control via the daily reporting upon the issues … via decent press coverage I would have built up a formidable profile now and be well known by the voters of Hamilton, and would probably have gained financial backing and other support so that I could afford to run a proper campaign. They have not simply failed me but the people of Hamilton. I must say that the Local Rag ‘Hamilton News’ (was Hamilton This week) has done a much better job in informing the Hamilton people of their choices and has run many of my soap box articles over the years, and I am very grateful to them for this.

I am left to wonder if the editors of the Waikato times actually know that if they gave me equal press coverage that I would become a political force to be reckoned with… and that this is the very reason that have not done so. Ie They have purposely kept me and the people of Hamilton in the dark, for the benefit of the status quo and the powers that be? This is wild speculation. A conspiracy of Silence. I think they simply do not think I have any credibility. That I am a Radical. No matter what the reason, they have made a terrible mistake, which has cost our city Hundreds of Millions of Dollars.

How can I breakthrough this severe obstacle that hinders my prospects of being elected? Ten Years of intelligent and peaceful activism has not worked. Must I blow up a building? (Joke) Sadly it seams The paper only pays attention to sensational/criminal activism such as is common with the Lefty Green and Maori radicals “Direct action and ‘Occupations’. When You are respectful of property rights and the rule of Law… the press are not interested in running your story. This is another failure on their part…not mine. I must battle on. I must be carried by my personal convictions and not be broken by my isolation.
Thank Bill Gates for Blogging! Here is my article enjoy…

‘Revolution At The Roots’. Making Hamilton ’s City Council, Smaller, Better, and more conducive towards prosperity. By Tim Wikiriwhi Independent Candidate for Hamilton West.

Election time is painful for me because it is a time when common sense looses its currency and is trodden underfoot by fanatical lobby groups with vested interests, and forked tongued power hungry politicians who will say and promise the moon for the sake of getting elected. The financial imprudence, and Nannyism of most of these affairs matters little in this feeding frenzy of demands and election bribery. No one raises such common sense realities because election meetings are not about economic realities or justice, but about political power and imposing vested interests upon our communities. Well I wont have a bar any of that. I have decided not to attend lobby group meetings because I dont have any political favors for sale.

I’m not putting up any election signs because I don’t want someone to vote for me just because of my good looks on a billboard. I want people to vote for me because of my principles and financial prudence.

That I did not attend a meeting on getting commuter trains to run between Hamilton and Auckland, or one on city art, does not mean that I have no interest in these various issues, but that I know the council is running in the red with a climbing debt currently at $338.5 million which is projected to blow out to over $700 million before the next decade is through. What this tells me is the junket is over! Past councils have mortgaged us to eyeballs, and getting this debt under control must be the highest priority of the newly elected council.

This is one reason I implore voters to turn a deaf ear to the big talking, big spenders whom have been in council so long they have grown roots! These buffoons have run the city into the red, and yet they continue to promise heaven and earth just to be re elected. I ask voters to not allow themselves to deceived and bankrupted by these incompetent dinosaurs, but to boldly vote in fresh people whom are committed to taking on the hard task of trimming down the size of city council to focus on core infrastructure, and getting the rates burden under control.
Not only will such an approach ease the effects of city council upon Hamiltonians, it will render it far more sustainable, and eliminate the very real environmental risks that occur when essential infrastructure are under funded and neglected due to having an obese council that frivolously wastes money in superfluous enterprises that it ought to left to free enterprise and voluntary community action.

If elected, I will start the dialogue and promote alternative ways to achieve the goals and dreams of Hamiltonians by means that don’t involve an increasing rates burdens or bureaucracy.
The problems that we face in Hamilton are far from unique. Around the world the problem of bloated bankrupt bureaucracy, its mismanagement and suppression of prosperity are reaching such proportions that even Castro’s Cuba is looking at axing hundreds of thousands of State jobs and allowing free enterprise to work its economic miracle.

Books such as “Revolution at the Roots… making our government smaller, better, and closer to home” by William D Eggers and John O’Leary, and “Freedom to choose”, by Nobel prize winner for economics, Milton Friedman have already clearly defined the problems we face, and point the way to recovery, growth and prosperity.
If elected It is the ideas written in such insightful volumes that I will promote in the media so that Hamiltonians can see for themselves the wisdom of reducing the size and scope of Council to essentials, and the benefits that come from maximising free enterprise.

Thus my dream for Hamilton is to have a city council that is trim, and councilors that respect liberty, private property and free enterprise. I envision a council free of small minded Nannyism, peopled with those committed to serving the community not tyrannizing over it.
While some may think my dream lacks grandeur…no Pyramids. No Coliseums, they forget that low rates, sustainable core infrastructure, and economic prosperity are a Win, Win, Win, for everyone, and the way to insure Hamilton’s future greatness built upon the innovations of Hamiltonians themselves whom unburdened by extortionate rates and red tape, can make our city great.

Prosperity will never come by foolishly trusting petty grand standing politicians whom inevitably lead us further into bankruptcy.
Vote Wikiriwhi for Hamilton West!

Update: I think it is well worth mentioning that I am not unique in suffering this Conspiracy. It ought to be Noticed that This has been the lot of the Libertarianz Party as a whole over the last ten years, and is still the case today in the current election. They are locked out of all Media coverage. It may be argued that they are ignored because they dont register on any poll. yet This is a despicable notion. They dont register because they dont get any media coverage! It is a travesty!

Update 2 13-11-11 The Waikato Times is a bloody crap Paper which perverts the democratic process and slopes the playing field in favour of their pet parties and the status Quo. In this saturdays paper they run a large two page story called ‘5 face the music’ They have David Bennet Nat HE, Sehai Orgad Lab HE, Nick Marryatt Green HE, Tim Macindoe Nat HW, Sue Moroney Lab HW. No Garry Mallett Act HE. No Tim Wikiriwhi Independent HW! Its Corrupt! They are Shameful! There will be other candidates they have shafted too! This is a clear demonstration of how the Media of NZ are worse than hopeless… absolutely devoid of integrity.
(HE=Hamilton East HW= Hamilton West)

If only Hamiltonians had listened to me. Your 38 million dollar mistake!

Hamilton V8s

Before Mayor Mike Redman was in a position to bankrupt Hamilton. I stood beside him on the campaign trail and told Hamiltonians that the City council ought to be restricted to maintaining core utilities, and not be involved in sporting events, Art, etc. We had already been impoverished by the last Mayor, David Braithwaite who built the Rugby stadium… which was another Mega million dollar budget blow out. Yet the people ignored my advise and were beguiled by this smooth talker in a fancy suit who mocked my frugality, and instead preached his scripted Big Council vision. Well The Sheeple got what they voted for and are now paying the price. The V8s have cost Hamilton Ratepayers $38 000 000.00. Redman was supported in his decision by most of the same elected morons whom rubber-stamped the new stadium. At least Redman has done the right thing and quit his Super city job, and is now calling upon Hamilton City Councilors to do the same. We need to have another local body election.

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