The Truth is in Retreat. The Global Kingdom of the Antichrist is at hand . Is The Age of Grace coming to a close?

Satan’s Gospel of Globalism and the New World Order is as we speak going out to all nations… Deceiving and being deceived.
The level of Guile harbored against Good people who stand in the way of the approaching flood… esp against Donald Trump… is at psychotic levels… even among those who ought to know better.
Satan laughing spreads his wings.

One particular group who demonstrate a sever rabidity of the mind and who are incapable of rational thought when it comes to Trump are the Anarchists.
Many of them… most of them (the only one I know of who is not like this is Victor Pross) are completely consumed by contempt as to be incapable of objective discussion… none more so that the petty Self important Anarchist spokesman for American Anarchists Larken Rose.
Now Rose couldn’t think his way out of a wet paper bag… his arguments are always puerile and founded upon falsehoods, and no one displays a complete lack of character better than he as he revels in the ill fortunes of those he despises.

Remind you of anyone?

An example of this is below… Rose Gloating that Legal attempts to expose the Rampant Voter fraud in the US Elections are not meeting with any success.

As usual Rose is full of crap.
One of his Fans shared this with me today to get my reaction, knowing I myself have been a Stalwart supporter of the Case against the Democrat Party of grand Scale Election fraud, and that I have had hopes that this would be upheld in Court… esp the Supreme Court.

Though it looks like my hopes may indeed be dashed I am at peace in my own convictions and faith.
I am not in the dark… as many.

No Irony in Anarchists tell us to trust the System… nooooo.

It still is not game over, yet it does appear that *despite mountains of evidence* and the fact that *Constitutional Laws were violated* and Electoral safeguards were flouted in every way imaginable… that those most trusted to defend the Nation from being taken over by these very means, are themselves either too spineless to make the call, or have themselves been compromised.
Ie they want Trump out… and Biden in… because they have been duped into believing the Globalist lies of Covid, Global warming, and the Great Reset… ie the Supreme Court has become politically activist.

In such cases the last resort is for the people to enact the principles of the 2nd amendment. They have that right… in fact it is a Duty.
To take up arms against the Usurpers.
Ultimately Tyranny can only prevail when the people slumber or have been rendered helpless by Arms control.
It will be interesting to see what happens as until all Legal avenues have been exhausted the Republicans have remained calm, yet now that it looks like they have been betrayed by the Supreme Court… what will the do?
The Supreme court probably has done ‘a Chamberlain’… thinking ‘Peace in our time’ is better than defending the constitution and having a civil war… possibly an end of the Union… and yet It is doubtful they have avoided this.
Some fights cannot be avoided… only delayed… and usually that delay works to strengthen the Evil powers, and weaken the Good… Like the postponement of abolition of Slavery for the sake of the Union simply delayed the war and made it more bloody… So too By allowing Biden and Harris to assume power and ‘act as if they are the legitimate government… and allowing them take command of the Military, and giving them opportunity to pass anti-second amendment legislations… all this serves the power of Evil.
I believe we are witnessing the foundation of the Global Kingdom of the Antichrist.
Evil prevails when good men do nothing… and that is what is happening with respect to the Supreme Court.
There is only a few legal avenues left. Sidney Powell’s court case will be the final hope.
Yet if it pleases God to allow the Prince of Darkness to begin his final infernal plot… even her noble efforts will not prevail against the corruption, and we all better share the Gospel with our friends and loved ones because the Rapture is at hand… the door of Grace is about to close for all those who reject Christ… Strong delusions are afoot so that the wicked might all be deceived and take the Mark of the Beast.

The corruption of Humanity will be complete.

This time will at first appear (3.5 years) the dawn of a golden age as the Antichrist will appear to be a ‘Christ like’ Savoir riding ‘a white horse’… yet he is Satan’s King.
Then Chaos shall descend upon the Earth for 3.5 years and Death, plagues, and destruction shall swallow up Humanity… and the Angel thrusts in his sickle….
When God decides the e3nd of the age of Grace has arrived, these things cannot be prevented.
The Great Lie will prevail… and that is precisely what I am seeing happening right now.
This is a signal for Christians to stop storing up things for the future but instead busy themselves with the gospel that the final remnants of those who are to be saved hear and receive the gospel… for our time is coming to a close.
The faith of many will fail them. Though they will still be saved… ‘the salt of the Earth’ will have lost it’s saltiness’ and the Rot will quickly spread… a spirit of blasphemy and contempt for the Bible will spread like a disease… times will not be easy for the Christians…. until the Day of Redemption… the Rapture.
Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

Rev 14
14 And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads.
2 And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder: and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps:
3 And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth.
4 These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb.
5 And in their mouth was found no guile: for they are without fault before the throne of God.
6 And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,
7 Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.
8 And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.
9 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,
10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:
11 And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.
12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.
13 And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.
14 And I looked, and behold a white cloud, and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man, having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle.
15 And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in thy sickle, and reap: for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe.
16 And he that sat on the cloud thrust in his sickle on the earth; and the earth was reaped.
17 And another angel came out of the temple which is in heaven, he also having a sharp sickle.
18 And another angel came out from the altar, which had power over fire; and cried with a loud cry to him that had the sharp sickle, saying, Thrust in thy sharp sickle, and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth; for her grapes are fully ripe.
19 And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God.
20 And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs.

Willie the Waiters 75th Birthday Party at the Rangiriri Hotel. 31-10-20.

I almost didn’t make it to Willies 75th birthday celebrations yesterday, as right at the last minute the sober driver who had volunteered to drive the crew out to the Rangiriri hotel phoned me saying she was having a Water leak emergency in her house and could not make it!
Then I found out another mate was also pulling a no-show and instead was pissing about with his friggin boat.
That was on top of an earlier cancellation by team member who made some lame arse excuse about working!

I decided come hell or high water I was going. I thought about riding out there on my Bike but it proceeded to piss down!
Now I am known as a true Bogan Hard man, and Waikato Draughts most Loyal fan… even my Triumph Bonnie has Willie the Waiter on it’s side-cover (from the 70th birthday stubby boxes)… yet I admit I was not keen to end up like a drowned Rat at the pub.
Fate was clearly conspiring against me.

Thankfully one of the few reliable ‘Pukete Pissheads’ said he would drive us there and so after that bumpy start Me and Brent H were on our way.
It was hosing down Cows and sheep on the Huntly Expressway, and I was sure glad to be riding in a nice 4×4 rather than battling the elements on my Trumpy like a Mad man.

We arrived dry as toast at the Rangiriri … on time … got our first Waikato’s and wandered into the Public Bar.
There was a guy on the guitar playing tunes and what looked like a bunch of locals.
There were probably about 10 Bikes parked outside, I noticed a tribesman MC patch.
Brent was taking it easy on the beers because he was driving, which meant that I had to sink the drink to get enough stamps on the Willies handle giveaway ticket to get a 75th Birthday handle.
You need 8 stamps to get the free handle.

Half an hour or so into the 2 hour event Lion Breweries were doing for Willie, the Rep (forgot his name) started doing a few quiz questions, pulling names from a bucket (we all had put our names on a Willies 75 handle tickets for this purpose) and for about 30 minutes… one by one, attendees were called up and asked some NZ Trivia questions.
With a lot of help and laughter from the Audience and rep the contestant got their three answers right enough to go pick themselves a prize from the large stack of Waikato merch Lion had supplied for Willies birthday.
After a short musical interlude (and a few more handles) the quiz kicked off again, plus a few ‘challenges’… one was for two ‘punters’ to draw Willie the waiter with a black vivid marker. The results were quite impressive! There could only be one winner, who was then able to grab themselves a prize.

Being a bit peakish I thought I’d shout my friend a famous Rangariri Hotel burger that comes with fries… the least I could do given he had volunteered to be sober-ish driver.
He had the Chicken burger… I had their Beef Brisket burger which was excellent… gravey… gerkins…etc.
Both Brent and I eventually got our names pulled out of the bucket and answered our quiz questions… I ended up with a pair of Willie the Waiter Jandals, and Brent got himself a 75th handle!
It was all very good indeed!

Brent had another beer which managed to fill up the 8 stamps needed for me to get my free handle too!
The grand prize that everyone was in the draw for… and wanted bad… was an awesome ‘Ice-Tek’ Waikato Draught chili bin valued at over $400.00 which was won by a very happy local.
All in all it turned out to be a great day… despite being a few Drinking pals short.

At the end of the ceremonies a shout out went up for the Rangiriri Hotel and Staff for allowing Lion to use their establishment, and that is when I made a move to grab as much Waikato 75th meborabilia as I could!

I ended up with all the 75th handle tickets (80+), and the two hand drawn Willie the Waiters from the Comp, and a good size advertising poster of the event!
Very happy with that!

I guess it was fairly obvious who was the Waikato Draught maniac as the owner of the Pub came up to me and introduced himself and we had a short chat about the importance of Waikato Draught to the cultural heritage of the Waikato region and beyond.
I thanked him for holding the event and expressed hope that they would continue to do so in the future.
He is obviously a Waikato/ Willie fan himself as he asked me about handles, and if I had any double up’s and in particular if I had a spare 54th birthday handle.
For anyone who does not know ‘the 54’ is the rarest and hardest to get Handle out of the set of 25.

They started celebrating Willies birthday on his 50th with a special handle in 1995 and they have kept up this tradition for 25 years now.
For some reason Waikato Draught must have made less handles in 1999 because now the 54 is very sought after and can go for hundreds of dollars.
Unfortunately I could not help him yet recommended he make contact with ‘The Friends of Waikato Draught’ on facebook and that they may at sometime come across a 54 he could bid on.
I hope we can help him out!

Willie you old bugger!
May you enjoy fame for many years to come!

A Good tale about the birth of Willie the Waiter and the history of Waikato Draught can be found here

Friends of Waikato Draught can be found here

The Rangiriri Hotel is a great pub and dedicated to carrying on the proud heritage of Waikato Draught and so I encourage readers to stop there often for an ale… and their burgers are highly recommended!
It’s a favorite stop and watering hole for bikers.
You can sit outside in the garden and enjoy a cold one.

So it would seem that Willy the Waiters official 75th celebrations have come to a close.
Maybe a few pubs will still have a few handles to give away.

I must say this celebration at the Rangiriri and another one I attended at the Te Rapa Tavern Sports bar (another great pub dedicated to Waikato Draught) have gone a long way to alleviate my earlier fears that Lion were dropping the ball on Willies 75th.
I talked about that here.
The Rep told me they had held 6 events at various locations… well done Lion.
I hope you continue to celebrate the iconic brand you have acquired and appreciate just how dedicated Waikato Draught fans are, and how passionate they are about their/your beer!
There is nothing more Waikato… or more Kiwi than Waikato Draught!
May Lion always strive to take good care of that brand… and the quality of that Beer!
The world’s best beer we say!

I have 80 odd Willie the Waiter 75th birthday cards I can now give away to Waikato Draught fans… anyone who would like a couple can leave a comment below.

Tim Wikiriwhi.

Your’s truly outside the Te Rapa Tavern.

This Blogpost is written in memory of Bruce Davies. They guy who introduced me to Waikato Draught in 1987.
7-11-66 – 4-3-18




The Curse of Hereiwi, and the Stronger Medicine of Christian Missionary Octavius Hadfield.

Young Octavius Hadfield. Photo from here

One of the books I am currently reading on New Zealand colonial history is a biography on the extraordinary man, and Christian missionary to the Taranaki-Kapiti region Octavius Hadfield by Barbara Macmorran.

Hadfield is one of a generation of truly great English men and Christians who were as brave as lions, and guided by the highest of Christian humanitarian values

This is the first short review of portions of this book that together hopefully will highlight various important aspects of Missionary activities and interactions with Native Maori as they were when New Zealand became a colony of the British Empire.

I hope these blogpost form a valuable source of references to be used to combat fake revisionist history with paints Collonisation in an evil light, and also gives concrete facts to the greatness of the Christian missionaries who came here in the early days of the 19th century.

Hadfield was a young man in his 20s when he first arrived in New Zealand. He was a man of strong faith, Iron resolve, yet weak physically due to health troubles.
This is a man who was willing to be left alone hundreds of miles away from the center where his fellow countrymen and missionaries were… to live among Cannibal Maori… including one of the Most notorious Cannibal Chiefs of them all Te Rauparaha. The Guy who wrote the Famous Haka ‘Kai Mate’… ‘Eat you when you’re dead’ . (This haka has been changed to ‘Ka mate’ to hide its true meaning).

Te Raupraha.

Hadfield stood eye to eye with this Fierce Warrior Chief and commanded his respect.
When you contemplate how much bravery It would take to do this you begin to understand how the British people are indominable in spirit and how this Nature was further energized by a powerful Christian faith and sense of purpose.
Only by such Towering character and committed Christian conviction were such men as Hadfield able to match their personal Mana with those of the Great Chiefs of those times who were experts at spotting and exploiting Weakness and fear.

I will develop this theme further yet for now I want to talk about an interesting happening between Hadfield and a ‘Troublesome Chief’ whom had taken a disliking to Hadfield and had started becoming a nuisance at Hadfield’s Sunday services.
This would have happened in 1840…

I will quote the passage….

‘In “Maoris of Bygone days” Hadfield related a story about the chief next in rank to Te Whatanui at Otaki, Matenga Te Matia. Sometimes on a Sunday when Hadfield was holding a service this chief would come “for the purpose of making a noise and interrupting us. On one occasion this interruption went rather too far.” The next day Hadfield visited the chief “for the purposes of remonstrating with him. I found him in his garden with several of his people. But he took no notice of me. So I sat down on the ground and thoughtlessly took up a piece of Kumara and bit it. This was on my part an infraction of a tapu. It afforded him an opportunity, which perhaps he had been looking for, of ridding himself of me and my proceedings. He rushed at me with his tomahawk, and was about to strike me as I sat on the ground, when his daughter and the son of a chief immediately came and placed themselves between me and my assailant, placing their hands over my head so that it became impossible for him to strike me without first striking them. Other then came forward. After some time his rage abated, and he sat down.
I then endeavored to explain that I, a foreigner who had not been long among them, was not aware that I was doing anything offensive.
But before I could finish my explanation the Maori priest, Hereiwi, who had gone through his karakia making the Kumara ground tapu, interrupted by pronouncing a curse upon me which was necessarily to lead to my death, or my removal from Otaki. I told him his curse would neither affect my life nor influence my proceedings, but was much more likely to injure him.
I then left them. Early next morning I went to Waikanae. On my return after a few days I learnt that Hereiwi had died during the night after the affair in the kumera garden.
This produced a profound impression on the Maoris, who attributed his death to his cursing me. In vain I endeavored to explain that I had herd from some Englishmen who knew him that he had been suffering from a complaint in his lungs, and that his death was occasioned by the rupture of a large Blood vessel. Not altogether convinced they resolved not to meddle any more with me, but to allow me in future to disregard all their tapu ceremonies, and go where I liked. After that Te Matia and I were on friendly terms, at least we lived in peace.”

Octavius Hadfield. by Barbara Macmorran pg 24-25.

‘Thoughts of a Tohunga’ by By Charles F Goldie. 1933.

‘Maori Priest’ = Tohunga. See Wikipedia here.

So many interesting things within this short passage describing the interaction of two different worlds.
Here we see the sort of Man Hadfield was… Bold enough to go find this ‘troublesome Chief’ seeking to have a man to man talk to sort out the problem.
Here we see the darkness of the Savage existence in which Maori thinking was wrapped up… so that it was thought a visitor picking up a piece of Kumera and taking a bite was grounds enough to attack and kill him!

And I cannot help also to marvel at the supernatural showdown between the Maori Curse and the superior Spiritual power of Christ!

Some skeptics will argue that what happened to Hereiwi was pure coincidence… and yet the Maori who were witnesses to this decided there was more to it than that!
And anyone who has read a decent amount of New Zealand history will tell you about recorded supernatural events that happened.
Two others come to my mind, one is of the omen… the appearance of the phantom canoe on Lake Tarawera before the eruption which My Ancestor Guide Sophia saw and raised the alarm… saving many peoples lives.

Another one is the weird story of the Tohunga who was at Ruapekepeka Pa when the British brought up a new weapon… a Rocket to attack the Pa, and this cause the Maori to lose heart, yet the Tohunga said the Rocket would do no harm.
And it turned out to be correct as when the British fired the rocket, to spiraled off course and indeed cause no harm. When this was the result, the Tohunga was credited.

Now in all these events I do not make emphatic claims that ‘Supernatural’ things occurred, I simply wish to highlight these events are recorded in history and did happen.
What is interesting is that Atheist materialists are *forced* to say all such things are mere coincidental… as the tenets of their own faith and world view do not allow them the license to even contemplate the possibility that something supernatural in fact occurred. They have no facts, or evidence to support their judgment… they simply assume they are right.
Myself as a Christian I am neither forced to assume the events were super-natural, or not. Yet I am not forced to deny the possibility by my world view.
One thing I can say is standing in Hadfield’s shoes and have had a witchdoctor cast a curse upon him, I appreciate his response, as one of Victory in Christ… the assurance that No Curse of the devil is as potent as Gods Divine grace, protection, and providence under which Hadfield had Boldly left Civilisation and travelled to the utmost parts of the Globe to where Headhunting Cannibals and Dark evil superstitions abound… to do the Lords work and to preach Love and salvation to these poor wretches living in darkness and savagery!
Hadfield’s Faith was his strength… and the curse fell upon him who had uttered it.

And though many of my readers do not at all appreciate this fact… today Maori Curses are still a thing!
A ‘Makutu’ can be uttered against a person still today… and yet The Christian still can find Divine protection in Christ.
“Greater is he who is in you, than he who is in the world.” 1john4vs4.

Read Wikipedia ‘Makutu’ here.

“Another story [about Hadfield] on the same theme was published in the Marlborough Press in an obituary notice, December 14 1904. “Throughout his life, his mana over the Maoris was perhaps greater than any other man’s. Not merely in spiritual matters, but in political directions, it was exercised and feared. Archdeacon Stock used to tell how it was greatly strengthened. In the early days of the Wellington colony, Mr Hadfield was constantly appealed to as an umpire in ever-recurring land troubles, and had in one instance given a decision which greatly offended some West coast Maoris.
Returning from a pastoral visit to Wellington, as he passed through a Pa in the neighbourhood of Porirua, he was met by the chief and Tohunga, who upbraided him in the most violent terms, worked themselves up into a frenzy of excitement which agrivated heart troubles, and as they were pelting him with oratical invective- cursing him up hill and down dale- both dropped dead.
Henceforward, the awe-stricken Maoris regarded him as under the special protection of an all powerful Atua, whom it was death to offend!
All through the war and the Hau-Hau troubles, the Archdeacon travelled here, there, and everywhere, risking at every turn the fate that befell Volkner and others, but absolutely undeterred by dangers.”
Pg25-26. Octavius Hadfield by Barbara Macmorran.

Today, the only way Maori radicals are able to spread their vile falsehoods about the missionaries and colonisation in general is because of an overwhelming ignorance among the population of New Zealanders about *what really happened*.
The Missionaries risked everything to bring Salvation via the light of the gospel to Maori, the gospel that broke down tribal divisions, and united the Maori people with the Pakeha as Brothers and sisters in Christ.
We can easily discern the spirit of anti-Christ working within the Maori separatist movement spreading lies and slander against the integrity of these truly great and noble men, turning Maori away from Christ and the spirit of peace and goodwill… back into the darkness of tribalism and racial separatism.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

More from Tim….











Hell is for the Self Righteous, Heaven is for Sinners.

A High Calling.

Christ’s work of Salvation on the Cross… The Great Equaliser.

The Christian Fellowship is a voluntary private society, not a theocratic political movement.

Do you believe you have the Perfect Word of God? Theism vs Humanistic Rationalism. Seeing The Light! My Testimony.

The hope which is In Christ. Terrible grief shall be turned into great joy!

The Rock of Divine Revelation.

Jimi vs Jesus.

Very very suspect election results for the South Island.

Otago Daily Times Read article here

Something fishy going on down in the Mainland with the election results!
The Otargo Daily Times reports that Labour won the party vote *in all 17* South Island electorates!
That is a high statistical improbability in it’s own right, yet the situation gets even more shady when you see how many Electorate seats National actually won down there.

See below….
Party vote stats from Otago daily times.
Electorate Seats stats from TV 1 news Election results

The first numbers compare Labour’s Party vote wins over National in each electorate, yet I have added the Electorate votes after these in the seats that National actually won… and I would expect *National* to have also had the greater number of electorate votes in these electorates… yet apparently though the electorate voted predominately National for the candidate they split their vote and voted predominately Labour for the party vote????
In every single electorate????
IMO this is sus!

Nelson: Labour 20,564 – National 8418
West Coast Tasman: Labour 17,859 – National 9974
Kaikoura: Labour 16,561 – National 11,538… yet National Party’s Stuart Smith won the seat 16105 votes to Labour’s Matt Flight’s 13823.

Waimakariri: Labour 20,222 – National 11,720… yet National party’s Matt Doocey won the seat 19236 votes to Labour’s Dan Rosewarne 17260

Christchurch East: Labour 20,302 National 5779
Ilam: Labour 15,875 National 11,011
Christchurch Central: Labour 17,467 National 6648
Banks Peninsula: Labour 21,302 National 9166

Selwyn: Labour 15,293 National 12,908… yet National party’s Nicola Grigg won the seat 18578 to Labour’s Reuben Davidson 13635

Wigram: Labour 17,653 National 7033
Rangitata: Labour 18,531 National 12,244

Waitaki: Labour 17,058 National 12,330…. yet the National party’s Jacqui Dean won the seat 17615votes to Labour’s Liam Wairepo’s 14470

Dunedin: Labour 21,625 Green 7001 National 5514
Taieri: Labour 23,210 National 8505

Southland: Labour 13,359 National 12,777… yet National party’s Joseph Mooney won the seat 17817votes to Labour’s Jon Mitchell’s 12741

Invercargill: Labour 17,050 National 10,873… yet National party’s Penny Simmonds won the seat 16372 to Labour’s Liz Craig’s 15687

Te Tai Tonga: Labour 13,056 Green 2597 Maori 1838

So from my cursory investigations National won in 6 electorates… yet still lost to Labour in all 6 with regards to that Electorate’s party votes.

That Labour would score higher than National on party votes in all 6 electorates where National candidates won the seats appears to be *very counter intuitive* and smacks of election Fraud!
Which is a real thing people… esp when we are talking about Power Mad Lefty Globalists.
I would hope the National party has people looking into this very odd result.

Talking about how it possibly could have occurred the first and most obvious would be some sort of Computer hack/ corrupted program, yet the fact that this election was notable for it’s very early Pre-election voting means scrutinizing the booths would be very hard… esp for minor parties… more opportunity for Fraud… and the fact that we are told record numbers of Kiwi chose to vote early (69% of the total vote) could also be an opportunity for fraud… and then I have herd rumors of a high number of invalidated votes… which party suffered the most from these invalidated votes?
Also the number of people claimed to have voted this election is quite absurdly high… 82.5% of enrolled voters a total pool of itself that is 92.5% of all eligible voters. Maybe this excessively high voter count also hides many fraudulent votes?
I don’t profess to know, yet IMO the numbers for the South Island look Dodgy as.

And If there is good reason to be suspicious of the reported Election results of the South Island, that opens up the question to how trustworthy are the reported results for the North Island?

Can other anomalies be discerned in the results there too?
I have not checked, yet I would not be surprised if an erudite investigator can find other oddities there too.???

Tim Wikiriwhi.

Update: I have now read that it is claimed that Labour won the Party vote in 68/72 total electorate seats… and that is *super strange* given National won 26 Electorate seats so that would mean that of the 26 Seats only 4 electorates gave a majority of party votes to National!
It is very possible we are witnessing Election fraud on a grand scale.

The media have started trying to make sense of the strange election results, rationalising away with such misleading titled articles as this one… ‘Election 2020: Federated Farmers want Labour to govern alone’…. which assumes Famers actually wanted Labour to govern!
Well that I guess would be what you must assume if you are not prepared to contemplate the fact that the numbers actually might be better explained by election fraud.
But let’s be real… The sycophantic media are in Ardern’s pocket… bought and paid for… they are the last people New Zealanders can rely on.
In the estatic throes of Ardern worship the last thing our hopeless journos are contemplating is that the numbers could evidence something sinister.
What the article should headline…’Farmers hope to God Ardern does not make a deal with the Green Party!”… and therein lies the crux of why it is absurd to think the farmers really did vote Labour as that definitely exposes them to the Far left Anti-Farming Agenda!

The article is full of crap yet one line sticks out above the rest…

“Temuka dairy farmer Andy Palmer said he was shocked by the result for his electorate, Rangitata but not the overall Labour win.”

That says it all… and people should be shocked because it does not add up.

Read more… here

Update 2.
Here we have yet another Media article attempting to come to grips with the results.

Read ‘Election 2020: 20 fascinating facts about the 2020 election you might have missed’

These ‘fascinating facts’ when you do the math ought to make any thinking person question *Is this evidence of Election hacking?*

“…Labour won the party vote 68 of the 72 electorates in the country, meaning it lost the party vote in just four seats this election – a record high for Labour…”

That is not simply ‘a record high’… it smacks of tampering!
At the very least an investigation needs to be carried out!
The numbers are so extreme as to be highly improbable!
9 times out of 10 wild numbers like this indicates something is awry.

And of the ’20 fascinating facts’ what we don’t see is any mention or clear analysis of how many votes were deemed ‘invalid’… for what reasons… or which parties were the most affected by these disqualified votes????
Quite a serious omission me thinks….

Update. 10-21-20 Michael Bassett say’s SOMETHING FISHY!
Leighton Smith Podcast: Election analysis with Michael Bassett

Update… A blast from the recent past…

Watch/Read more here.

Update 22-10-20…
Just seen this on my facebook feed….

Peter Vaughan
THE ELECTION – “For the Record”
Most of you know I am a researcher when it comes to profiling people and I have a pretty good track record for accuracy and been doing this for 40 years.
Here is my take from the information I have gathered:
When the PM postponed the election in September, the Electoral Commission said the NEXT DATE they can work a re-election date so that all the proper procedures are in place and be in a ready to go state would be 21 November.
Them PM brushed them off and forced a 17 October date. This causes a significant problem as there can be a lot of mishaps with things not in line. This is a covert strategy move to Labours advantage! Dirty politics!
My views on the outcome are…
The PM will knock out the minor parties, potentially fiddle the votes via the early voting ploy as this enables votes to be seen, changed, destroyed and no one would know.
In my expert opinion, the PM is a fabrication and diversion artist. This is obvious by her excessive use of her hands and head movement, a quality most liars follow and no straight answers. The excessive use of the words “obviously, as I say, again” and so forth are subconscious intimidation.
The graphs I have made of all the major MP’s and leaders indicate the PM by years end, enters a downhill slide, as do her partner, Nash, James Shaw, Peters and several others.
Collins is under tension but pulls through, Seymour, is well positioned, but here is where the problem lies (pun intended for the PM), I suspect there is going to be a legal intervention brought forward highlighting interference with votes and the incomplete readiness of the election process due to non adherence to the electoral commission needing another month to be prepared.
This election has the potential to bring about civil unrest as the many new voters and the passion they have to have the standing PM stood down may put her in a precarious position as she has made many citizens dislike her to the extreme.
I would not be surprised if there is a new election called for and in my view, this must happen. Even a blind person can join the dots that this government has not been anything but a ‘car crash’ to the people and the economy of New Zealand and the biggest disappointment ever in the history of New Zealand politics.
In her own words this evening in the final leaders debate were, when asked if she would remain in Labour should she not win the election and a clear and instant “NO”! was uttered. She has probably got a ticket to the corrupt UN in her wallet.
In finishing. I am a Candidate for the UPPER HARBOUR ELECTORATE and stood up because I believe we need NZ to be reclaimed by the people. I have the same policies I had for New Zealand when I ran for Mayor of Auckland last year, but more now because of the difference between local government and central government.
I have become disillusioned with politics due to several leaders of Parties I have come to observe and find little trust exists.
However, Post the election, I will be (and already am working on it) fulfilling my personal policies to bring about the improvement of New Zealand and it’s people with new business models, greater employment opportunities, a drought free Auckland, a pollution free NZ, New Power sources, sustainable energy, sewerage problems solved, electric cars for all that want them at no additional cost to the present incomes, Cooperatives for the indigenous peoples and the cleaning up of the land, new more powerful fertilisers at half the cost to the farmers, clean waterways once again, a New Educational system that caters to ALL people and works – like in the military; “we leave no one behind”, all this and more can be done and the systems have been worked out already. Please vote on Saturday for the party you feel will support you without further harm to your loved ones and your country.
Thank you for reading this write up.

Update 26-10-20 Read : Analysis – ex-National voters opted for Labour as its own handbrake RNZ Tim Watkin.

“…You have to go back to 1938 for a bigger percentage (55.8 percent) and to 1935 for a bigger bunch of new MPs (29)…”

That’s the wildest result in 82 years
Such an extraordinary result ought to face scrutiny just to ensure something is not awry.

“….But many of those voters, having given up on Winston Peters and seeing National without a hope of winning, have opted for Labour as its own handbrake, ensuring the Greens don’t have the power to pull Labour further left. They have built a moat for Labour, separating it from those on its left flank…”

This argument is Pish weak… yet it is the one the media is peddling and what you the voters are supposed to believe about the very weird results rather than asking more piecing questions.

Myself, I wont concede the results are legitimate until some sort of transparent and substantial investigation is carried out by some truly independent person.

More from Tim.





Willie the Waiter’s 75th Birthday… Lion Breweries drop the ball.

This went a long way to alleviate my concerns expressed in this blogpost (below)
These events could have been much bigger and better had Lion invested more care, and I hope they do so in the future. Waikato Draught is a Cultural Icon to this region.

Dear Lion Breweries… custodians of the Waikato Draught brand and Best beer in New Zealand,
The following is written with the utmost attempt at respect yet unfortunately I must express grave concern with how you have failed to do Willie the Waiter due respect for his 75th birthday.
Where is any of the fanfare and celebrations?
Do you not know how Big a deal this month is for your loyal Waikato customers?
This 75th birthday ought to have been the biggest day in the history of Waikato Draught and yet it appears you have completely failed to do Willie justice!
There ought to have been Big things planned!
The Rock Radio should have been hired to as MCs!
I cannot believe how little you have done.
It’s like you don’t even give a toss for your brand.

Just look at the sad handles you put out this year compared to the Epic handles for Willies 70th! (picture below)…. this years handle is a disgrace.

For Willies 70th you produced special 24 pack stubbies with a free large Willie the Waiter sticker on every Pack!
For his 58th birthday you even made a special strong brew at 5.5%

What have you done for his 75th????
It’s pathetic!

Talk about a marketing opportunity completely blown!

Well its not too late to make it right.
You still have a couple of weeks to get something happening.
You can go back to the drawing board and sort out a better designed handle and issue then… even if they come out late… still better than allowing this shameful neglect to pass into history.

I am writing this in the hope that you will wake up and save the day….

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Friend of Waikato Draught.

The Rock FM 2000, 2020. Bands and Best Song lists. Cheers to Carlsberg Beer!

Live show The Rock 2000 ( Photo credit… and check out more epic pics at Ambient Light. )

The Rock FM Radio Station is New Zealand’s number 1 Bogan Rock Station and has been so since that early 90s.
For over nearly 2 decades The Rock has run an Epic Music comp whereby listeners have voted for their favorite songs.
It started out as the Rock 500, yet has grown by increments of 500 songs through 1000,1500, to the glorious 1 month music event now called the Rock 2000.
It gets millions of votes, and is live streamed to millions across the globe.
Read more about the Rock here

They stream live here.


Update: 7-11-20 The Countdown and Live show.

Top 10 songs for 2020 were…
10- Lynard Skynard: Simple Man.
9- Chris Cornell: Patience.
8- Blindspott: Nil by mouth.
7- Rage against the Machine: Killing in the name
6- Black Sabbath: War pigs.
5-Pearl Jam: Black.
4-Shihad: Home Again.
3- Guns and Roses: November Rain.
2- Tool: The Pot.
1- Foofighters Everlong.

The Rock’s Official report here

Now I just so happened to make it to the Live Countdown and Rock Concert thanks to winning tickets from Carlsberg Beer! (How cool was that!)

They got me and my Bro (The legendary Jamie C) accommodation at the Ramada Suites on Victoria st…Great service from their Staff.
There was an Ice bucket of Carlsberg beersies, Concert Wristbands to get into the Carlsberg VIP Box set up Center rear of the stadium, with great views of the stage and of course… a Bar looking down upon the envious multitude.
All the Eventn staff involved, from the Rock, Fuse promotions, and Carlsberg Beer were wonderful and made us feel very welcome.
The Crowd was having a blast with the countdown, everyone was trying to figure out which song would make it to Number 1.

My Favorite Band Tool’s ‘The Pot’ got piped at post by The Foofighters ‘Everlong’.
Dave Grohl recorded an acceptance speech, thanked his fans and promised a Tour in NZ in the near future (Damn the Rona!)

The Rock celebrated Bryce Casey’s 20 years at the Station, with video tributes from Kiwi Celebs beamed onto the big screen, many of them expressing their respect for Bryce’s Voluntary work in the area of Mental health.

Head like a Hole… From here

Then it was time for the Bands!
Legends Head like a hole opened.
Then ‘Racing’ which I have never herd before, and they had a cool sound.
Villainy was obviously popular with the Younger folk.
By the time Devilskin came on we had abandoned the Carlsberg VIP box and were Front row center stage… Rockin out!
When the show was over, Jamie and I ended up at a bar called ‘Father Teds Original Irish pub on Wellesley st listening to a 2 piece band.
It was sometime after 1am that I got back to the Motel… god knows where Jamie went… but he was there in the morning when I woke up so we survived it!
Many Thanks to Carlsberg for all that!

My Rock Picks for 2020.(Below)

My Rock 2000 choices… Thrown together at the last moment.
I intended to do a far greater systematic evaluation yet because I had pissed about too much… I ended up winging it….

Below is my Rock catalogue that I was intending to use to pick my Top 20 for the Rock 2000, yet I never got it finished in time.
I will add to this and it will be ready for next years Rock 2000.
Everyone who digs a similar range of sounds as I will be able to use the list to jog their memory.
The idea is not to list *all the songs* any band or artist made, but their best ones… in my humble opinion.

So many great bands and songs still to list… please feel free to tell me some you think need to be here.

A little about my musical taste.
Tool is my favorite band.
Love Classic Rock!, Love Hair Metal!, but the Zenith of Music for me was 90s Grunge.
The 90’s were the greatest party years of my life… I guess everyone has their own ‘Heyday’.
There are no rules written in concrete that we all must agree as to who is the greatest… etc… and everyone has a soundtract to their own life (to plagerise a slogan from another Radio show! :-))

Tool won the Rock’s ‘Rock Wars’ in 2011.
They won the Rock 1000 in 2013 with Sober.
Tool also won the Rock 1000 in 2014 with Stinkfist.
Tool was second last Year in the Rock 1500 with The Pot.

Of course I like some Cruzzie Lazy Sunday tunes too… and some trippy stuff!
Even some 80s pop cheese… never to be herd on the Rock… but what the hell….aaaand even… dare I say it…some pop country!
I’m going to have to kill you to keep my dirty secrets safe! 🙂
Buffalo Girls go around the outside!
Word Homie.
I’ll probably have to surrender my Westie membership card after this… I cant help it…. I enjoy a broad spectrum of music!
Though I am not a musician myself, I think life definitely has a soundtrack, and I habitually think of songs to fit situations or conversations… a lot of what will be listed below cannot be called ‘Rockin Beats’… not Party hard music, a lot is trippy… a lot is cruizzie… yet if you have gone to a lot of Gigs… and rages the *real trick is to take the people on a bit of a ride*
I am sure those of you who play in bands know that you set out your song list like a rollercoaster ride… Building up… then going down which is important so that you can take the party back up again!
Its the lows of life that make the Highs High… that’s a free bit of Life Coaching for you younguns… enjoy it all.
Many songs listed below are there simply because I rank them highly… despite not having a single ounce of Rock juice…
They are there because I want them to remain a part of my life till my last breath.
What is interesting about the Rock 2000 is just how broad a range of songs actually make the list!
It is not what might be expected… just a narrow succession of Bogan head banging Anthems… this tells me I am far from alone in my fetish for freaky flavours.

The Rock 2000 is sponsored by Carlsberg Beer!
I am no expert on German Ale, yet am very familiar with the Gold Can Elephant Beer 8%!
Top Beer!
And for that reason Carlsberg is one of the few Foreign Beer brands whose stuff I collect.

I will add references to where each song scored this year if they made the cut.

I have my own Facebook music page (here) where a regularly post new Music video’s that I have just discovered, or Blasts from the past.
Music related articles, jokes, etc.
Music is a massive part of my life.

Tim Wikiriwhi.

My Song list…

Hell’s Bells. 79.
Shoot to thrill. 366.
Long way to the top. 151.
Dirty Deeds.
Little lover.
Back in Black. 49.
Whole lotta Rosie
Highway to hell. 70′
TNT. 215.
High Voltage. 1162.
Let there be Rock. 262.
Ride on. 409.
Can I sit next to you girl. 1644
Squealer. 1675
Heatseeker. 1149.
Big Balls. 878.
Jailbreak. 428.
Whole lotta Rosie. 326.
You shook me all night long. 105.
For those about to Rock. 119.
Thunderstruck. 37

Rolling in the deep.

Forever Young.

The Animals.
House of the Rising Sun. 561.
I’m Crying.

Alice in Chains.
Down in a hole. 139.
The Rooster. 43.
Rain when I Die.
Man in the Box. 85.
Would. 61
Nutshell (unplugged) 17

The All Saints.
Pure shores
Black Coffee.
Lady Marmalade.
Rock Steady.

Everything Burns.

Dream on. 168.

James Arthur
Empty Space

I am the highway. 150.
Like a stone. 69.
Be yourself. 335.
Doesn’t remind me


Sail. 348.


Beastie Boys.
Fight for the right to party 1007.

Breaks Co-op
The Other side.

Nil by Mouth.

The Byrds.
8 miles high
Hey Mr Tamborine man.
Turn Turn Turn.

Aint seen nothing yet.
Taking care of business.
Let it ride.


Black Sabbath
The Gypsy.
Paranoid. 87.
Iron Man. 196.
War Pigs. ***6***
Children of the Grave. 598.
Heaven and hell.
Sabbath bloody Sabbath.
Planet Caravan. 1088.
The Wizzard. 1106
Sweet Leaf. 798.
Black Sabbath. 801.
Heaven and hell. 164.
Lord of this world.

Blind Melon.
No Rain

Blue Oyster Cult.
Don’t Fear the Reaper. 513.
Burning for you.
Then came the last days of May.
The revenge of Vera Gemini
ETI. Extra terrestrial intelligence.

Buffolo Sprinfield.
For what it’s worth.

More than a feeling.
Rock and Roll band.
Piece of mind.

Bad Company.
Bad Company
Shooting star.

The Beatles.
Revolution. 1781
Here comes the sun.
Heyy Jude. 825.
Get back. 1895
I feel fine.
Little help with my friends.
She came in through the bathroom window.
All my loving.
While my guitar gently weeps.
Glass onion.
Bungalow Bill
Rocky Racoon
Lucy in the sky with diamonds.
Back in the USSR. 1904
Happiness is a warm gun.
Across the universe.
Paperback writer.
Helter Skelter. 1070.

The Blue Stones.
Rolling with the Punches. 1889

The Beachboys.
wouldn’t it be nice.
Good vibrations.
Surfin USA.

Breaking Benjimin.
Dairy of Jane. 165
So Cold. 221.
Ashes of Eden.
Breath. 647.
I will not bow. 790.

Heart of Glass. 1312.
Call Me.

Pat Benatar.
Love is a battlefield.
Heartbreaker. 1795

Basement Jaxx
Where’s your head at.

Blink 182
What’s my name again?
Adam’s song. 367.
Miss you. 380.
All the small things. 418.

The Black Keys.
Gold on the ceiling. 682

The chemicals between us.
Glycerine. 234.
Everything Zen
Letting the cables sleep
40 miles from the Sun.
Comedown. 582.

Jackson Brown.
Running on empty.

The Byrds.
Eight miles high.

David Bowie.
Space oddity. 393.
Star Man. 950.
Ashes to Ashes.
Cat People. 446.
Ziggy Stardust. 553.
Ashes to ashes.
Heroes. 303.

Butthole surfers.

Buck Cherry’
Lit up. 949.
Head like a hole.

Jimmy Barnes.
I’d die to be with you tonight. 394.
Working class man. 40.
No second prize. 306.
Good time tonight.

I started a Joke.
New York Mining disaster.
Too much Heaven.
Stayin alive.

James Blunt.
Your Beautiful.

Alice Cooper
Halo of Flies.
From the inside.
Milly and Billy.
Nurse Rosetta.
I’m 18. 1173
Welcome to my nightmare. 984.
Schools out. 998.
Only Woman Bleed. 200.
We’re all crazy.

Zombie. 123.
I can’t be with you.
Ridiculous thoughts.

Johnny Cash.
Gods Gonna cut you down.

Paula Cole.
Where have all the Cowboys gone?

The Cardigans.
Favorite game.
Erase/ rewind


Chemical brothers.
Hey Boy, Hey Girl


Collective Soul.
Where the river flows.
The world that I know.

Dont panick.
Fix you.
Speed of sound.
in my place
Clocks. 1733

Chris Cornell.
Cant change me. 1530
Patience. ***9***.

Cypress Hill
Whats your number


Arms wide open. 193.
My own prison. 231.

The Cars.
Your just what I needed.
Let the Good times Roll.
Bye Bye Love.

Crosby Stills and Nash.
Sothern Cross.

The Cult
She sells sanctuary. 761.
Black Angel.
Fire Woman. 819.
Edie. 1047.
Wild Flower. 1663

Credence Clearwater Revival.
Bad moon rising
Fortunate son.
Long as I see the light.

The Call.
Let the day begin.

Crazy Train.

Cold Chisel.
Bow River. 57.

Kelly Clarkson.
Already gone.

Cocoanut Rough.
Sierra Leone.

Sheryl Crow.
If it makes you happy.


Marc Cohn.
Walking in Memphis.

Little pills. 51.


Down with the sickness.

Bob Dylan.
Sad eyed lady of the lowlands.
Simple twist of fate.
Tangled up in blue.
Sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.
Serve somebody.
Like a Rolling stone.
Stuck inside a mobile with the Memphis Blues again.
The Hurricane.

The Dead South.
In Hell I’ll be in good company.

Lana Delray
Video Games.
High by the beach.
Summertime sadness.
Born to Die.
Blue Jeans

The Dudes/ DD Smash
Be mine tonight.
Better the Devil you know.


The Dandy Warhols.
Bohemian like you.

The Doors
The Changeling.
LA Woman.
Breath underwater till the end.
Riders on the storm. 399.
Lover her madly.
Horse latitudes.
The Crystal Ship.
Light my fire. 1627
Break on through to the other side. 1314.
The End. 937.
Roadhouse Blues. 496.
The Spy.
When the music’s over.


Bob Dylan.
Simple twist of fate.
Tangled up in blues.
Serve somebody.
Everybody must get stoned.

Do not copy or reproduce without permission

Me with Deep Purple legend Glenn Hughes… back in 2017

Deep Purple.
Child in Time. 538.
Holy man.
Smoke on the water. 440.
This time around.
Hush. 1726
Highway star. 1036.
Perfect strangers.
Knocking at your back door.


Holy Diver. 347.
Dont talk to strangers.
Sacred Heart.

Beers. 1304
Frat Nation.

Doobie Brothers.
Long Train Running. 1718
What a Fool believes.
Listen to the music.
China Grove.
Black water.
The Doctor.

Dire Straits.
Brothers in Arms. 19.
Telegraph Road. 502.
Sultans of swing. 67.
Industrial Disease.
Romeo and Juliet. 237.
Skate away.
Money for nothing. 52.

Die Antwerd
Ugly boy.
I fink you Freaky
I am an Alien.

Willy Deville.
Storybook love.

The Darkness
Love is only a Feeling. 1664

Here with me.
No White Flag.
Life for rent.

The Datsuns.
Harmonic Generator. 913.

Duran Duran.
Ordinary World.
Come Undone.
Save a prayer.
Hungry like the wolf.

Counting Blue cars.

Gavin DeGraw.
Chemical Party.
I don’t want to be.
Just Friends.
Nice to meet you.

What its like. 464.
Black Jesus. 1713
Little miss America.

Father of mine.
I will buy you a new life.
Santa Monica. 590.

Return to Innocence.

The Eagles.
Hotel California. 41.
Lying Eyes.
Lifer in the fast lane.

Call me when you’re sober.
Going Under. 910.
Everybody’s Fool.
My Immoral.
Bring me to life. 294.

Telephone line.
Don’t bring me down.
Livin thing.
Cant get you out of my head.
Evil Woman. 1714
Out of the Blue.
Mr Blue Sky.

My Hero. 102.
Everlong. ******1******
Monkey Wrench. 128.
Learn to Fly. 157.

Faith no more.
We care a lot.
Epic. 256.

4 Non Blondes.
What’s Up.

Wishing Well.
Fire and Water.

Flock of Seagulls.
I ran

Fully alive.
all around me.
I’m so sick.

Cold as Ice. 1700
I want to know what love is.
Waiting for a girl like you.

The Frey.
How to save a life.

Take a Picture. 1112.

Fleetwood Mac
The Chain.
Oh Well.
Green Manilishi
The Chain.
Closing my eyes.

The Feelers.
Stand up and be counted.
Venus. 1102.
Astronaut. 1914
Fishing for Lisa. 1520.
Pressure Man. 893

Flock of Seagulls.
I Ran.

Honey Honey.

No handlebars.

Ruby Frost.

Gordon Lightfoot.
Wreak of the Edmund Fitzgerald.
Sun Down.
If you could read my mind.

Elle Goulding.
Starry Eyes.
The Writer.

Green Day.
I walk alone.
Wake me when September ends. 535.
Boulevard of Broken Dreams. 291.

Dobie Grey.
Drift away.

Blue moon rising.
We haven’t turned around.
Revolutionary kind.
Bring it on.
Las Vegas Dealer.
Rhythm and Blues Alibi
Devil will ride.

Guns and Roses’
Paradise city. 64.
Sweet child of mine. 50.
November rain. ***3***
Night train. 261.
Patience. 152.
Civil War. 86.

Feel good inc.
Melancholy hill.
Clint Eastwood.
Dirty Harry.

Gnarls Barkley.

Ash Grunwald
The last stand.

Ooh la la

Peter Gabriel.
Solebury Hill
Digging in the dirt.
In your Eyes.

Somebody I used to know.

Lady Gaga.
Poker face.
Bad Romance.

David Grey.
Sail away.
My o my.

Hello Sailor.
Gutter black. 343.
Blue Lady.
Billy Bold.

Highly suspect.
My name is human. 42.
16. 53.
Bath Salts. 329.

Jimi Hendrix.
Hey Joe.
Foxy Lady. 1249.
Voodoo child. 600.
Purple haze.
Electric Lady Land.

The Reason.

Lips of an Angel. 1798

Hunters and Collectors’
When the river runs dry.
True tears of joy.
Do you see what I see.
Holy Grail. 999
Throw your arms.
Imaginary Girl.

Magic man
Crazy on you.
All I want to do is make love to you.

The Hoodoogurus.
Stone age Romeos
Hayride to hell.
I was a Kamikaze pilot.

In this moment.
Sex Metal Barbie.
The inbetween.
Big Bad Wolf.

Are you in.

Chris Issak.
Wicked game.

Iron Maden.
Number of the Beast. 141.
Run to the hills. 101 (odd 1141.)
The Prisoner
Can I play with Madness. 415.
2 minutes to midnight. 448.

Imagine Dragons.
Radioactive. 621.
Whatever it takes. 1304

Billy Idol.
Eyes without a face.
White wedding.

We can get together.
No promises.
Hey little girl.
Dont believe anymore.
Great Southern land. 987.
Cant help myself.
Taking the Town.
Dusty pages.

Mick Jagger.
Hard woman.
War baby.

Who will save your soul.
Foolish games.
My hands.
you were meant for me.
Angel standing by.

Terry Jacks.
Seasons in the Sun.

Judas Priest.
Breaking the Law. 1041.
The Ripper.
Island of Domination.
Electric Eye. 1697
Diamonds and rust.

Jethro Tull.
Aqualung. 1652
Locomotive breath. 1371
Broad sword.

Elton John.
Rocket man. 807.
Candle in the wind.

JJ Cale.
Same old Blues again.
Traveling light.
After midnight.
Crazy moma.

James Gang.
Walk Away.

Gary Jules.
Mad World.

Joan Jet.
I love Rock and Roll.

Janes Addiction.
3 Days.
Been caught Steeling.
Jane says.
Just because. 1758

Kings of Leon.
On Call. 783.
Pyro. 388.
Sex on fire. 214.

Hot Blood.
Way down we go. 352.


Got the life.
Twisted transistor. 382.
Coming Undone. 187.
Right Now.
Word Up. 625.

The Kinks.
Sunny afternoon.
Ape man.

The Kooks

You Say.
Television eyes.
Last night in the city. 1534

I was made for loving you. 609.

Somewhere only we know.

Luscious Jackson.

Little River Band.
Cool Change
The Night Owl.
Its a long way there.
Help is on it’s way.
Home on a Monday.

Heaven. 1954
The dam at Otter creek.
All over you. . 1294
We came to the Earth to graze.
Lakini’s juice. 1094
I alone. 762.
The Dolphin’s cry. 524.
Lightning Crashes. 126.

Led Zeppelin
Battle of Evermore. 1687
Black Dog. 220.
Immigrant song. 91.
Whole lotta love. 298.
Kashmir. 72.
Going to California. 833.
Misty mountain hop. 1788
Stairway to Heaven. 28.
When the Levee breaks. 565.
Babe I’m Gonna Leave You.
Rock N Roll. 1262
No Quarter. 642.
Over the hills and far away. 593.
Dazed and Confused. 338.
Ramble on. 194.

Gordon Lightfoot.
Wreak of the Edmond Fitzgerald.

Lincoln Park.
Numb. 16.
In The End. 62.

Lynard Skynard.
Free Bird. 15.
Simply Man. ***10***

Bat out of hell. 136.

Leona Lewis.
Bleeding Love.

Lil Nas X.
Old Town Road.

Lost on you.

Marilyn Manson.
The Dope Show. 736.
The Beautiful people. 58.
I dont like the Drugs (but the drugs like me) 361.


Manic Street Preachers.
If you Tolerate this your children will be next.

Steve Miller Band.
Fly like an Eagle.
Keep on Rockin me.
Jet Airliner.
Mercury blues.

Dave Matthews band.
The Space Between.

Giant Friend.
Dominion Road. 1175
Anchor me. 1057.

Toy Soldiers.

Why does my Heart.

Molly Hatchet
Beating the odds.
Penthouse pauper.
Fall of the Peacemakers.
The Rambler.

The Unforgiven. 66.
Enter Sandman. 25.
Master of Puppets. 12
Ride the lightening. 1043.
And justice for all. 555.
Blackened. 245.
For whom the Bell tolls. 11
One. 21
Nothing Else matters. 29
Fade to black. 30
Sad but True. 78.

Countdown to destruction.
Symphony of destruction. 113.

Van Morrison.
Into the mystic.

The Motels.
Only the Lonely.
Little Robbers.
Total control.
Remember the nights.
Suddenly last summer.
Where do we go from here?

One Day.


Massive attack.

Sing for Absolution.
Supermassive blackhole. 539

Iron fist.
Killed by death.
Ace of Spades. 80.

Matchbox 20.
If you’re Gone.
Unwell. 1107.
3am. 1014.

My Chemical Romance.
Welcome to the Black Parade.

Jesus built my Hotrod. 1613
Every day is Halloween.

Monster Magnet.
When the planes fall from the Sky.
Cage around the Sun.
Gods and Punks.
Time Machine.
Space Lord. 1579

Motley Crew.
Kickstart my heart. 147.
Without you.
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Martina McBribe.
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Kacey Musgrave

Steve Miller band.
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Territorial pissings.
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Robert Plant.
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My Happiness 885.
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Broken Hearts are for arseholes.

NZ Libertarian voting New Conservatives, and ‘Yes’ for both Cannabis Legalisation and the Assisted Dying Referendums.

Read about the kind of guy New Conservative Deputy Leader Elliot Ikili is… here > Motorway rescue earns recognition

With regard to the up and coming referendum on the right to assisted death for the terminally ill, and to politics in general, a fundamental question asked by Libertarians is Who owns your life?
Answer: You do! Not society.

Upon that basis I believe a Yes vote for the right to assisted dying for the terminally ill is the moral vote because it is the only consistent position with the principle that (politically speaking) *you own yourself*.
Otherwise you become the slave/ property of society.

The above statement is clear cut, yet not without controversy.
The ‘No’ voters think this reform erodes the sanctity of Human life. So argues the New Conservative party.
I say it does the very opposite thing.
It removes power from the State and gives it back to individuals to make their own choices.

I myself am both a Libertarian, and a Christian, yet many Christians will not be able to reconcile my ‘Yes vote’ with how they interpret ‘Christian values’, and in fact many people… both believers and infidels can’t imagine how Christianity and Libertarianism can be coherently united and consistent in application.

More on these nuances later, first of all I want to talk about the curious mental gymnastics I am forced to engage in this election whereby my votes on both referendums will be in conflict with the expressed policies of the political party I have decided to support. New Conservatives.

I forgive people for this default starting assumption.
Hopefully those of you who find my decisions incredulous will take the trouble to read this post whereby I will do my best to extricate myself from being written off as a nutbar.

I know that my choices will win few friends, and will more likely annoy any I already have because splitting my votes will tend to draw the ire and consternation of *all camps*.
Nonetheless this is the course I am choosing to navigate.

We here in New Zealand live in chaotic times politically speaking, and the two referenda being run in unison with the national elections are two highly polarising subjects… which is why they have become referenda as neither of the two large parties have the Nads to legislate these reforms, or run with them as election policies.

The assisted dying referendum for the terminally ill has come about because of a bill presented to parliament by Act Leader David Seymour.

I will be supporting Seymour’s reform, yet I won’t be giving Act my party vote.

Even though Act have never been a great party, deciding not to vote Act this election was not an easy decision to make, as what other party even remotely represents my essential values?
On several key matters of personal freedom David Seymour had stood head and shoulders above the rest of parliament in how he conducted himself this election cycle, with respect to the issues of free Speech, and his opposition to the shameful way the new Firearms prohibitions were enacted.

In the light of these noble actions I was definitely leaning towards giving Act my vote and encouraging others to do the same, yet as time progressed, Seymour’s virtues became overshadowed by other unconscionable actions he would proceed to commit which have undermined my support.

With regards to the new abortion Legislation he not only supported late term abortions but also failed to vote for a proposed amendment that would have defended the rights of babies born alive after botched Abortions to receive medical aid rather than being neglected to die.
The whole basis of the pro-abortion arguments are that a woman is sovereign over her own body and the government has no authority to dictate what she does within her own body… yet once a baby has in fact been born… is *outside* the woman’s body, then they ought to have the full rights of an independent human being!
I consider these failings by David Seymour to be morally reprehensible.
And how disgusting that such laws were passed under a parliament led by a Woke PM who claims she entered politics ‘For the Children’!!!!
Seymour is fully complicit in this foul business.

I was also disgusted with the way he treated some of his most loyal candidates with regards to this elections Act party list, and I have always disliked what I see as a general lack of spine on some of the most important social issues facing our Nation such as ending the Race based seats in parliament, and his support for the UN Global compact on migration.

These are not attributes of a leader I can endorse.

In the not too distant past voting for me was a far less convoluted enterprise.
During the first decade of this new Millennium voting was relatively easy because New Zealand had a vibrant Libertarian Party for whom I could cast my vote with confidence, and for many elections in the second decade, I stood as a Libertarian Independent, and so obviously I at least knew which candidate I would support.. yet the question of where to place my party vote has never been an easy decision since the Libertarianz Party disbanded.

It is a matter of political folklore that the Act Party are a ‘Libertarian party’, yet this is to the largest extent a myth.
A myth that is mostly to the detriment of Libertarianism.
Politics in New Zealand truly is a confounding mess and almost madness to try and untangle… which causes many not to bother trying.

Act may have been founded with the aid of some Libertarian minded people, yet there were also many Ex Labour Party Neo-liberal Bigwigs like Roger Douglas and Richard Prebble, and so instead of advocating any Libertarian social reforms, Act quickly became a Crony Capitalist/’National Socialist party’ that supported some Free market Economics, yet maintained Welfare State socialism with regards to virtually everything else.

Take a look at the picture (above) that exposes how far the National party have drifted from their original charter!
If only they had remained true to their original aspirations upon which they were founded!

Act became the most Right Wing party of New Zealand.. to the right of National.. a lobby to bludgeon Left wing heavy Taxation Anti-Business ambitions of Labor and their more radical minions yet despite lofty rhetoric Act absolutely failed to stand for any reforms on individual liberty.
This has remained the case throughout their history perhaps with the one exception during the party leadership by the Great New Zealander Don Brash.

It was under Brash that Act came anywhere near a forthright stand on any law reform that was a matter of personal freedom, when Brash came out on TV in favour of ending cannabis prohibition.
His party associates like John Banks nearly had a heart attack!
Brash stint with Act was short, and any mention of Cannabis law reform left when he did.
Act has always and only played lip service to being the party of small government and personal freedom.
This is because apart from Brash the Party has been run by a bunch of Ball-less wonders.
The most disappointing for me was Jamie Whyte… because of all of them he knew better.
Most of them put money matters above personal liberty and social justice.

Act are not Nazis, yet their party is part way down a continuum at the end of which is full blown fascism.

Labour are not Communists, yet their party is well down the continuum at the end of which stands full blown Communism. Today under Ardern their policies and loyalties lie not with the interests of New Zealanders but with UN Socialist Globalism.

By labeling Act as ‘Libertarian’ the leftist media managed to confound Libertarianism with being Far right.
This is disgraceful slander.
Libertarianism is fundamentally different to every other political ideology.

Act’s alignment with *Fascism* rather than true capitalism and Freedom, is why the True Libertarians who initially helped found Act, quickly realised what was afoot and jumped ship.
They formed their own genuine Libertarian party, and so Act became just another Party against whom the Libertarianz party had to cross swords.

For more than a decade the Libertarianz Party fought valiantly for Individual liberty and rights against ever expanding Government encroachment, yet sadly after years of courageous activism they were forced to throw in the towel from lack of traction and financial support.

MMp’s 5% mark to get an MP into parliament is in my opinion far too high, and represents a barrier to breaking the stranglehold the two major parties enjoy.
The Political playing field is also heavily tilted in favour of maintaining the status quo, and New Zealanders themselves are heavily conditioned to their chains.
The Libertarianz party could not sustain itself against the overwhelming odds.

Freedom lovers failed to rally under their noble banner from a delusion of ‘wasting their votes’.
Well… I ask… where did casting your votes for other parties get our Nation?
Because New Zealanders did not heed the Libertarians on their Soap boxes, and rally behind them is why our nation now experiences the dawning of an era of Tyranny!

I implore Freedom lovers to not make the same mistake!
Stop voting for the very parties that have abandoned our values and taken our nation towards complete enslavement!

The demise of the Libertarianz Party spelled the end of New Zealanders clear choice between Freedom and various levels of Tyranny.
Between Justice and various levels of oppression.
Between fairness in economics vs heavy Political obstacles.

Libertarian minded New Zealanders were cast adrift… forced to swim about in a stinking cesspool, looking for the best place to put their democratic votes.
The political climate and darkened mentality of our times have made this a very dirty business.
Most of the wares on offer by todays mongers are of dubious quality.
The Libertarian pines over his ale, looking out upon a scene of chaos, confusion, and mayhem.

Is there any hope to be found?

The question of which political parties (if any) should the Libertarian now give their vote is a highly troublesome dilemma, as at a glance there appear only shades of grey tending towards complete blackness.
It is very difficult to determine whether *any* of the parties standing ought to be supported.

Trolley Problems © Steve Lillie 2016. Please visit

The closest way to describe what voting now entails for a Kiwi Libertarian is to liken the decision making process to solving a bunch of ‘Trolley Problems’ that will be familiar to those who have to some degree studied moral philosophy.
‘The trolley problems’ are designed to highlight the many complexities involved in dealing with moral dilemmas in which *means and ends* are far from ideal.
Solution tends towards making pragmatic determinations hoping for the best outcomes attainable via the least repugnant means… for the overall sake of committing the lesser Evil.
The trouble is the lesser evil is still evil.

Wikipedia discussion on Trolley problems can be found here

There is no space here or sense in attempting to fully articulate the conundrums involved. It must suffice to say this is an abhorrent ‘game’ for any Idealist to be forced to play, and being independent thinkers, the once united Libertarians have now fragmented… going their own ways… as each individual makes their own determinations as to how to solve the set of trolley problems presented to them at election time. This election is particularly significant as we also must vote on the two referenda.

In truth the most moral of men and woman, and the greatest leaders of history have had to face frightful moral dilemmas, and most of them have had to carry the weight of harsh criticism for the decisions they made from lesser mortals who would have been stupefied and paralyzed had they themselves been faced with the same crisis.
To shrink from tuff calls is symptomatic of Moral weakness.
One day we all will stand before our Maker and give account of ourselves, and it is He who shall determine the virtue of those who made tuff calls.

Two examples might be the decision to use the Atom bomb on Japan in 1945, another might be Churchill’s decision to ally with Stalin for the sake of defeating Hitler.
Both of these involve weighty moral dilemmas that provoke strong criticism to this day.

Given today’s circumstances I know a few Ex Libertarianz party members who today throw up their hands in disgust… and refuse to vote… the irony is that not voting… *is their vote*… to do nothing.
In the perspective of the Trolley problems not voting is the equivalent of never choosing to throw the lever… not intervening at all to try and mitigate any crisis that is unfolding, and allowing things to take their course… no matter how horrendous the result of their inaction might be, or how things could have turned out had they been brave enough to reach for the switch.

Most of us have heard the saying “Evil prevails when good men do nothing”.

For me *to automatically* determine to ‘do nothing’ is no escape from moral culpability in what ensues, it is in fact an abdication of moral duty… a most heinous moral failing… maybe the worst of them all!
Bible Theologians would call this ‘The sin of Omission’… and one example of this in the Bible is told by Jesus when asked about the moral duty to ‘love thy neighbour as thyself’.
He spoke of the predicament of the man who was beaten and robbed, yet the ‘Religious Jew’ walked past him without giving him any aid. It was only when the Good Samaritan came along that the man received care.
By doing nothing The Religious Jew was deemed to be wicked, and so *automatic inaction* cannot be the moral position…if there exists at all any plausible means of steering things towards a more desirable outcome without committing unconscionable evils in the process. ‘Not Voting’ cannot absolve a person from the resulting evils his inaction inevitably entails.
It’s like walking past our sick and dying country on the other side of the road as if it’s not your problem, rather than inconveniencing yourself and getting your hands dirty.

The reality is that though no registered political Party standing in October 17 is fundamentally a Libertarian party, there is still a broad range of parties standing and the fact is it still makes a massive difference which ones manage to get their hands on the levers of Power.
Lives are at stake!
Freedom is at stake!
Quality of life is at stake!
Our Children’s futures are at stake!

New Conservative candidate for Hamilton West Rudy du Plooy.

When I survey the Political landscape, despite the absence of a Libertarian party, judged by their policies and election campaigns certain parties do stand out as vastly superior to either National or Labour.
Some are worse, such as the Greens, and The Maori Party.
Some are no better such as NZ First, Top.
Many ex Libertarianz will be voting for Act, yet personally speaking of the two parties that most clearly articulate principles, and values that I considered honorable, it is the New Conservatives who come out on top.
Their forthright defense of Free speech.
Their rejection of 1080.
Repeal all the new and hastily enacted Firearms prohibitions created in the wake of the Christchurch terrorist attack.
Their defense of National sovereignty in opposition to UN Globalist slavery.
Their rejection of Ardern’s Covid 19 ‘elimination strategy, Lockdowns, and their absolute rejection of compulsory vaccinations.
No to carbon taxes, first 20k of income tax free.
Their rejection of ‘Transgender indoctrination’ in schools against parents wishes.
Their rejection of the UN Global compact on migration, etc all these clearly stated policies mean New Conservatives trump the Act Party by a country mile, and that is why I will be giving them my party vote, and having had a coffee with their Hamilton West candidate Rudy du Plooy last week I will also be giving him my candidate vote.

It is fitting that here I discuss one of NC’s most important policies, and examples of their party’s integrity and courage and that is their forthright call for the end of Treaty separatism and the race based seats in parliament.
Rudy is an immigrant from South Africa and so he has experienced the evils of Apartheid and appreciates just how violent and unjust Racist politics and bigotry can become.
That is why his party is calling for racial equality before the law.

The Treatment of White South Africans currently going on over there is appalling! Yet not a peep is raised about it by our Woke PM Ardern… because ultimately socialists like her support the oppression of White people.
Many of her own policies are heavily prejudiced against Pakeha New Zealanders, and for all her talk about humanitarian migration, she remains silent in opening New Zealand’s doors to help more oppressed white South Africans… because they are white.
This too despite the fact that White South Africans integrate well into our society as they share common traditional values… yet these are the very values socialists like her are determined to destroy.
Statistically speaking Ardern wants Less white people in New Zealand, and she can turn a blind eye to the fate of white farmers there under the contemptible socialist bromide that they are paying the dues of the white race for the past apartheid regime.
By Socialist math two wrongs do make a right.
Hence Ardern has little conscience about supporting Racist legislations under the pretense of ‘De-colonising’ New Zealand.

In New Plymouth which is a hot bed of Radical Maori separatist activism the NC candidate Murry Chong has heroically weathered a Tempest of outrage for his forthright stand against attempts to further entrench fraudulent Waitangi Apartheid and Treaty partnership doctrines and institutions there. He has suffered the most skewed press that mischaracterised his defense of Racial equality as ‘Opposition to Maori Representation’… which is a complete lie.
What he and his fellow New Conservatives oppose is the ongoing creation of special seats of power whereby Iwi can extort the rest of the people perpetually… as if they have more rights than everyone else.
They seek to rid our nation of such corrupt politics, and when the Maori seats and the rest of the apartheid institutions are abolished, He understands that Maori rights will still be protected by the Law in common with everyone else. Maori will still be able to stand of Parliament and Council, only to do so they will have to campaign before the entire community which will cut off the truly *racist radicals* for ever attaining office because their nasty bigoted views and ambitions will never fly with the whole of the people… and that is how a democracy is supposed to function!
The Racist radicals know that should apartheid politics be brought to an end… so too will their ability to extort unearned and undeserved wealth and privilege be broken.
So many New Zealanders have completely forgotten the most important fundamentals of justice and good government!

The New Conservatives have candidates in every electorate including the Maori seats.
Personally I don’t think it was the right thing to stand in those electorates, yet having said that I appreciate the Nads it takes to do so.
Their candidates in the Maori electorates will face heavy angst from many Maori who have been brainwashed into thinking their party policy to abolish the race based electoral system is a demonstration of anti-Maori bigotry. They will face threats. Yet should they maintain their composure and speak truth with eloquence they will be able to present their case with love.
Truth and principle, and Righteousness are on their side!

You know The New Conservatives are the party that threaten Left wing Radical socialism as no other party is enduring the hate and violence as they are…

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Read: Controversial political candidate claims vandalism has got personal

Read: New Conservative party’s electoral campaign billboards defaced with swastikas

I salute all NC candidates for their bravery… The one-eyed mainstream media takes no more pleasure than to pillory the small parties and their candidates who bravely challenge the ‘norms’ of the status quo.

Act’s David Seymour in private professes that the race based system is corrupt and ruining our country yet does not have the balls to say so in public at election time.
That is cowardly. That is unprincipled scheming, and demonstrates the sort of Game playing politician he really is.
How is he any different for the scoundrel Winston Peters who betrayed his supporters last election with regards to making the abolishment of the race-based seats a bottom line for coalition talks?
Sadly… when you dig deep down… despite many good things David has done… he and Winston are not as different as he likes to think.
He too is a game player.

The Leftist radicals of Labour, the Greens, and the Maori Party demonstrate their absolute disregard for fair elections in that they have implemented a strategy of destroying New Conservative election bill boards all about the country… despite their own parties getting far more Taxpayer loot to fund their own campaigns!
Like I said earlier about the struggles of the Libertarianz Party before them… New Zealand elections are far from fair… far for being fought on a level playing field, and so The New Conservatives face an uphill battle against dirty political tactics at every step.
I urge every New Zealander who is alarmed at our headlong plunge into tyranny under Jacinda Ardern to get behind the brave and principled New Conservative party!
If 5% of us do… they will be in parliament and possibly even be included in a coalition government, most likely with National and Act.
This would position them well to lever National into making concessions in alignment with our Values and principles… away from the direction Ardern has carried us.

These are good people who hold to the traditional values that made New Zealand a great and prosperous place to live.
They care about all New Zealanders.
I attended a public meeting a few months back in Te Awamutu where I heard several candidates speak, including the party’s passionate and compassionate deputy, Elliot Ikilei.
He spoke very well, and I was particularly impressed with his insights into the many social conditions that are common for troubled youth that play a large role in such important issues in Maori criminality.
He articulated that from his experience working in this field that all the separatist rhetoric about Maori crime statistics as being evidence of systemic oppression of Maori from colonisation are absolutely false!
Instead he argued that the main driver of Maori criminality was broken homes and a lack of a Father in the house, and thus all the ‘positive discrimination’ going on in the name of ‘closing the gaps’ between Maori and the rest of the country absolutely miss the fundamental issues.
He described how the institution of the Domestic Purposes benefit *was devastating for Maori* because that was corrosive to maintaining families, promoted single parent-ism, and it’s institution correlates perfectly with the exponential growth of Maori dependence on welfare and Broken homes.
Thus Elliot understands that socialism is a dangerous trap!

I myself also know Maori must take ownership of their own violence and substance abuse… these are not evils that can be justly blamed on their Pakeha neighbours but represent the ugly truth of a serious lack of wholesome values that are requisite in having happy homes and personal prosperity in a free and modern society.
Maori need to cut with the shameful blame, and take more ownership of their own mess!

I like the New Conservative party very much.
They have their hearts in the right place.
They offer real and much needed alternatives.
None of them appear to me to be in politics for powers sake, yet they are not perfect.
They have many policies and values I myself hold dear, yet I know they are not a consistent Libertarian party.
They are Democrats… with all the weakness that entails.’
This being so I see great opportunity for improvement, and given the chance I would like to engage in healthy dialogue to see if they are open to reasonable challenge on some of their policies which I do not endorse.
I have already mentioned that I will be voting yes for the right to assisted dying.
This is at variance with the New Conservatives.
Maybe sometime soon I will write a blogpost explaining in more detail why I believe they are wrong to oppose this legal reform, yet because this current post is already insanely long, I want to finish by discussing the New Conservative policy of Citizens Binding Referenda and my intention to vote ‘yes’ for Cannabis law reform in the forthcoming referenda which is again against the expressed policy of the New Conservatives.

At the Te Awamutu meeting my friend and fellow Libertarian Robin Thomsen and I introduced ourselves to Elliot and engaged in a short conversation.
Elliot was happy to talk and spoke candidly.
After a few other subjects I broached the topic of the Cannabis Referendum and asked what his party would do should they succeed in getting into parliament, yet also the people of New Zealand vote for Cannabis legalisation?
He said his party would honor that result despite it being contrary to their own policy and hopes.

That answer was consistent with their policy of citizens binding referenda and demonstrates integrity to that political school of thought despite the result going against their own opinions as to what is best for the country.

As far as ending the war on cannabis being ‘bad’ for New Zealand I emphatically reject that position.
This is a topic I have involved myself for many years having experienced first hand the injustice of criminalising cannabis users, and understand the manifold other detrimental effects these bad laws have on our society. I have been an activist for reform for over 30 years, and in fact it was activism to ‘Free the weed’ that was my first foray into politics trying to fix a broke system.
I would jump from hedge to hedge… covertly distributing ‘NORML’ Pamphlets in Tauranga letterboxes in the dead of night.
I knew the difference between dishonesty and violence, from peacefully enjoying a doobie with friends in my own home… I knew I was being oppressed and that the Law needed to be changed.
I will post links to other Blogposts on this subject below.

The point I wish to finish on, and one I hope the New Conservatives are open to reconsider is the weird way in which they promote binding Citizens referenda in the face of knowing it is just as likely for the majority of people to vote for laws they believe to be *Bad* as it is for good… and I am using the Cannabis referenda as an example.

Is it not apparent to them that *Mob Rule* is no guarantee of Good law or justice?
I see their policy on binding referenda as their Achilles heel.
It’s a policy that actually undermines the *Real foundations of Just Law* which are the Objective principles of Justice such as personal sovereignty, and equality before the Law… and that just government has strictly limited authority over the lives of citizens, the impartial enforcement of legally binding contracts, and limited powers over only such matters pertaining to the defense of rights.
The terms and condition upon which Government is founded, and limits of it’s powers ought to be embodied in a constitution with an iron clad bill of rights upon which democratically elected Parliaments have no authority to encroach.
This is a million miles away from having a system of Mob rule… open ended social arbitrary Law whereby the greatest mob get their way.
Under such a system there is no protection for Individuals or minorities, and the Masses are notorious for being easily duped and manipulated by Charismatic demagogues.

I have much to say on these matters, and it would be my pleasure to open a dialogue with the New Conservatives about these vital political truths.

Now remember the moral dilemmas of the Trolley problems and the uncomfortable reality of having to make choices under circumstances less than ideal, via means that are less than ideal, and which also probably will result… no matter what decision is made in ends that are less than ideal?
My decision to vote ‘Yes’ on the Act Party’s Right to assisted death for the terminally ill referendum, and ‘Yes’ on the Green Party’s Cannabis Law reform Referendum, and also ‘yes’ for the New Conservative party this election are each individual decisions I have arrived at as being the most moral, and just choices available to voters this election.
I am being compelled to make compromises, and there is always an element of risk, yet ultimately from my best evaluations all these choices are the most consistent with my Christian Libertarian values and ideals.
Such is the human condition and predicament.
I don’t pretend my choices are not open to critisism… such is the nature of moral dilemma.

I hope this blogpost is instrumental in winning support for the New Conservatives from Liberty lovers, Free thinkers, and all who are concerned about the Free fall of our country into socialist tyranny.

I believe they will reach 5% if enough of us resolve to give them our support.
They deserve it.
Our Country desperately needs to steer a new course to get back to the freedom and Values we enjoyed not too many years ago before the likes of Ardern came to power.
She is turning our Nation into a Police State!

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

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The Matrix : Facebook, and the end of free speech and democracy in New Zealand.

Facebook is free…. That’s the great lie… its a trap that has captured the whole of Western Democracy.
The only part about it that was free was signing up.
Maybe the first shot of heroin an addict ever gets is free.
Facebook is free as long as you conform to their narrow views… on everything… and surrender your data, photos, privacy, time, allow the government to propagandise on your posts, etc.
The most frightening thing about Facebook is it’s reach.
It operates as a virtual monopoly which of itself would not be a problem if it upheld fairness and impartiality, and defended freedom of expression, yet instead it functions in the complete opposite manor.
It is heavily biased, unfair and discriminatory, and thus serves to further specific partisan political ideologies curtailing open debate and critisism of the Politically correct narratives and policies of Socialist Globalism.
And this heavy bias suits socialist governments like ours here in New Zealand… infested with Leftist devotees to the New World Order… as with all the others about the globe, France, Canada, many States in the US, etc.
This heavily skewed media monstrosity has become a threat to the freedom of humanity.

As one of the internet giants run by Liberal elites Facebook has been deplatforming many of the worlds most popular and vocal critics of Leftist liberal globalism, yet these newsworthy acts of partisan censorship are merely the visible portion of the censorship iceberg, as Facebook has invested heavily in AI tech that filters every word… every photo of even the least significant activist or critic.

They employ an army of ‘Woke Community Standards’ commissars who investigate Reprobates whom have been dobbed in by the legions of leftist minions who report any commentary they find ‘offensive’ to their own tastes.
They have a check list of ‘Identity politics’, and woke agendas that they use to monitor their fellow citizens to insure they all stay in line.

All done under the guise of protecting ‘vulnerable minorities’ and fighting ‘fake news’ etc etc, yet equating to censorship of any opinions that call the validity of the many woke agendas into question.

Facebook’s dragnet captures thousands of lesser caliber yet still ardent vocal dissidents and activists who refuse to allow Leftist globalism and all their woke ideologies to go unchallenged.
This mass rounding up and suppression of the active little voices embedded in every community who have virtually no redress must surely constitute a serious violation of the principles of democratic freedom of speech.

Not to be cowered into silence, I have at all times refused to self-censor for my own sake, instead I have remained vocal on all points, yet as predicted, a month before the New Zealand General Election in which Jacinda Ardern is hoping for re-election I have been thrown in Facebook jail… effectively removing my ability to electioneer against Ardern and for the alternative parties and policies I believe are preferable.
They have ghosted my profile page and *all my commentary* of the past 10 years.
How many other vocal Kiwi Critics have also conveniently been ghosted at this critical time?
There is no way for us to know.

This is election rigging.

My sphere of influence is not great… probably less than a few dozen like-minded friends.
Some of my Facebook pages have up to 3500 followers, yet how many people really give a damn that I, Tim Wikiriwhi or a few dozen other ‘fringe’ Kiwi thinkers are gone at this critical point in the election cycle?
Not many.
Oblivious to the fact that Rome is burning, Most people dont give a toss we vigilant critics are silenced because they are *part of the great herd*.
By their math everything is fine… they dismiss our contrary views as not adding any value to the political dialogue.
Most of them *applaud this censorship* because they don’t like their complicity and complacency being called out by pesky Gad flies like myself… and there is every probability that I have been banned because some ‘hater’ took offence to one of my truth bombs and reported me to the Woke Gestapo.
Ironically many of these same Groupthinkers also like to posture themselves as defenders of ‘oppressed minorities’, all the while endorsing trampling underfoot the minority of free thinkers who call their Groupthink into question.

The one unforgivable vice is to disagree or question *their ideological perceptions about how the world works.*
So the great herd gives zero fucks about free speech or fair elections because these are the sheep who *always* vote for the continued entrenchment of the powers that be.
Heavy Regulation of the Internet is creating a hive mind.
I am sure a hockey stick equation could express this process.
We could graph the loss of individuality and freedom.
This does not bode well for reform or for the quality of life for our children.

Articles like this one … ‘NZ’s new internet laws – sensible censorship?‘ absolutely fail to highlight the *fundamental anti-free speech modus opperadi of Globalist liberalism*.
It talks about the possibility of Internet censorship legislative powers being usurped by government for their own political ends as if that was something highly unlikely instead of truly expounding the very real threat: The globalists expressed determination to utterly end Internet freedom and instead use internet domination as a means of mass indoctrination for their own political ends.

I have been thrown in Facebook jail many times, each time my sentence increasing in length, yet this Facebook lag is different.
This time I assume will be for 90 days. I may get out… maybe… yet well after the general election and period of coalition talks.
The reason I don’t know if I will ever have my page back or when is because when I was notified by facebook I could no longer use my page they did not state the term of my imprisonment, only that I could ‘appeal’ by clicking on the tab.
When I did this another window opened in which they wanted ‘ID validation’, I entered my Cell phone number and received a code to populate a box.
Next they asked me for a Photo… it was then that I realised I was being asked to voluntarily populate their AI systems with my personal Data which they could deem as being authenticated.
I realise I had just been duped into giving them my cellphone number which acts as a personal GPS Tracker. (yet another invasion of personal privacy the whole world has blindly accepted as the new normal and the price for being plugged into the Matrix)

Step by imperceptible step… then by leaps and bounds… we give way to the machine.
Buggered if I was going to voluntarily give The Beast/ Facebook a certified photo by which they (and the powers that be) can use to calibrate their facial recognition systems.. FFS all I want to do is use the internet like an ordinary (yet Free) person… not sign up to some sort of Cult whereby I surrender all my personal independence and dignity!

(So many people will willingly allow a computer chip to be implanted into their right hands or foreheads… just for the sake of convenience of not having to carry a wallet or remember PIN numbers!… this is where all this sheepish submission to the Godless machine leads!)

For Shits and Giggles I submitted a picture of Jacinda Ardern… rejected.
Then one of Winston Peters…. rejected… then one of the Joker…. rejected.
It does not take a rocket scientist to infer they already are pretty sure about what I look like and that their AI was scanning for a pic with the correct faceprint dimensions.
There is in fact no justification for such a request… except that this will become part of the ‘New Normal’ here in New Zealand… as it has become in Totalitarian China.
I believe they wanted an authorized/validated image that enhanced their system to make ‘legally admissible’/ evidential determinations about my internet activity that could be used to prosecute me in the future on any number of fronts whereby I have made criticisms of Government programs, agendas, etc… whether it be sharing posts critical of Covid 19 lockdowns, promoted the use of hydroxychloroquine or vitamins to fight the Rona, spread videos of Police brutality, condemned ongoing Racist Treaty separatism, etc.
Facial recognition software is not new… but what is disturbing about all this is when you think about how ‘China-like’ New Zealand is rapidly becoming in the wake of the Christchurch Terror attack, and Covid 19.
The Socialist Globalists never let a good crisis go to waste… in fact they have become very artful in making mountains out of molehills…. the sheeple are easily spooked.
New reports tell us the NZ Police are investing in Facial recognition tek… without any public consent process.
New Zealanders protesting against Ardern’s Covid19 lockdowns report intimidation by special Police drones filming them all… just like The Chinese Communist Party did to the Pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong before the mass arrests of dissidents.

BFD post here

And we should not forget Jacinda Ardern’s own ‘Christchurch call’… to fully control social media, live streaming, hate speech, etc etc etc… whereby the government has been quietly setting up systems to monitor social media and crush any opinions they dont like.
The Covid 19 Mass information strategy dovetails nicely with all of these Orwellian powers… for the sheeples own good (PUKE!)


In the recent past the Police only collected photographs and fingerprints of suspects, and criminals… Law abiding people had the right to ‘privacy in their person’… they could not be randomly stopped, searched and asked for ID’s, photographed, etc… by the police… yet slowly… step by step the sheeple allowed creeping intrusive encroachments into their private sphere… under the guise of being ‘Good citizens’… and the ruse that ‘you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide…’ yet what they did not realise is that they were giving the State the ability to create ‘Henrich Himmler type files’… on everyone… to be used by the state for whatever political purposes the Overlords desire!
That is what happens when the state is ‘allowed’ to collect data on all citizens, rather than only those who are involved in criminal activities.

I decided rather than submit a definitively athorised Photo ID into their system, I would forfeit my right of appeal as not only was there virtually no chance of my appeal being successful, I also refuse to genuflect to their Machine… and voluntarily feed and empower their evil system.
This will potentially cost me a lot… not only will I loose contact with many friends and family, but Facebook have censored my entire Social media commentary for the past 10 years… with the flick of a switch.
It is a great loss because I foolishly allowed Facebook to have such power by only publishing many of my thoughts and arguments on their site.
Threatened with such heavy personal costs for resistance, many people will surrender to the machine rather than risk such a great personal loss… and this is the trap and the power Facebook now has over a Billion souls.

This is where the powers that control the internet are taking the whole world. All the mindless sheeple of our age don’t see anything wrong with it… in fact this is ‘The new normal’… and it has been heading in this direction slowly and surely for at least the past few decades… literally everything… Job applications, shopping, banking, all are done impersonally via clicking tabs and filling out fields in a database. At the end you are allocated a number.

99% of the time this is all good. Nothing sinister.

Ordering a pizza has never been easier, yet this ‘new normal’ has a darker side… It is socially conditioning us all… from the age of 3… to blindly ‘trust’ the Machine… to Obey the Machine… to submit to the machine… and to view those who *dont like this new way of doing things* as being crack pots.
Most people have become oblivious to the fact that in the stratosphere high above the machine is controlled by powerful vested interests… the game Admins… the Puppet Masters.
This process has institutionalized… assimilated… the entire human race into the machine… The Matrix.
And this machine cannot be reasoned with… that is one of it’s essential attributes… you either comply, or find yourself alienated from cyber-society, and today that can virtually make you an outcaste in the *Real World*.
You will struggle to function, to do business, and soon even to buy and sell.

If the current trend is allowed to progress unchallenged and unabated things look pretty grim for the future, however I say we must not wallow in abject defeatism because despite the scale of what is going on I believe the solution is not so difficult to implement if we wake up and determine not to surrender.
All this Electronic slavery can be put in check by legislation that defends independence and privacy, while retaining most of the benefits that the internet provides.
Some efficiencies may have to be… ought to be… sacrificed for the sake of individual Rights, Privacy, and Liberty… not the other way around.
Our Humanity and personhood should not be sacrificed to the machine.
We are *not numbers*.
What I am saying is that our ‘Bill of rights’ has not yet been amended to protect our rights and liberty from Cyber-tyranny.
How can the basic premises of Liberty and rights be translated to set strict limits on the encroachments of Governments and Mega-Corporations via the Machine?
This is an important conversation that needs to be had… I dont pretend to be an expert on this, yet I do know that delay is allowing Governments and the Liberal Internet Giants to treat us like slaves.

There are many lessons to be learned from what is going on yet I want to mention several…. Firstly we as a nation must resist at all costs the move to a cashless society.
The importance of this is so monumental with respect to personal privacy and freedom that it cannot be overstated.
The Bible in the Book of Revelation (chapter13) famously predicted the coming Globalist Era and said compliance to this antichrist system would cost each individual their immortal soul!
We need to ensure the right to pay for goods and services via cash is upheld.
This will prevent our society from becoming fully enslaved to the machine and cause businesses to retain some level of humanity.
WE should start to express our outrage when businesses shut down ‘branches’ and stores at which customers can speak face to face with them rather than the only communications being ‘on line’.
We as a people should certainly get back in the habit of *Buying and reading printed books* and when any news article of importance is published on line we should be printing off copies and keeping them in files, because the one thing I learned from having my entire facebook presence wiped out for the crime of being critical of Socialist lefty ideology is how easily the ‘Book burners’ can wipe out any trace of dissident arguments with the flick of a switch… if the only repository of these works are online… in the Machine.
The right to use cash may require extra legislative protections, yet other things like buying books rather than reading E Books, and printing articles for safe keeping are not activities that entail legislative changes but enlightened minds that articulate the threat, and pro-actively form and promote *good habits* in the population that are conducive to maintaining freedom and that take away power from the machine.

I am not at all saying the internet does not provide humanity with awesome good things… yet I am saying it’s power for Evil is at least as equal to its power for good… and that we must snap out of our complacency and allowing the vested interests controlling this machine Carte blanche to absolutely disregard our individuality, our privacy, our rights to free speech and association, and have the ability to completely erase a persons life’s work for the simple reason that it exposes their Evil doings and ambitions.
We need to turn the tables on the Regulators and censors and curtail *their license and tyrannical bents* to trample our personal liberty and opinions underfoot!
Realise that a Constitution and Bill of Rights don’t exist to control you as an individual but exists to control Governments and other Powerful entities from enslaving us, and treating us like their cattle!
If we need to make constitutional amendments to defend individual freedom from internet tyranny… then let us formulate what these ought to be, and get them enshrined!
There is a need for urgency here.

Strong delusions are upon us.
We are literally entering the age of the Beast… The All seeing Eye…. The surveillance police State… the thought police… 1984…. Full blown Socialism… The centralisation of all power… The Kingdom of Nimrod…. 666… you will not be able to buy and sell except you have the Mark of the Beast and Worship his image.
The Spirit of AntiChrist is ramping up.
We live in an age of Mockers, and of Depravity… sure signs the end is nigh.
Yet still the ‘Salt of the earth’ should not falter… it is in times of crisis that the Freedom resistance and Truth tellers are most urgently called upon to stand strong, to prevent the Rot taking hold for some time yet… so that our Children may enjoy a good life in freedom… resisting total assimilation by the Godless machine.

The walls are closing in on Facebook.
They are in cahoots with the Police State.
I can be found on MeWe.
Freedom Lovers ought to congregate there to maintain communications.
Please start to use cash for your purchases.
Please Buy Real Books.
Please peacefully and respectfully attend Freedom marches.
Please become an activist for Freedom against the tyrannical socialist Globalist agenda.

Vote New Conservative.. and Yes for both Referendums on cannabis Law reform, and the right to assisted death for the terminally ill.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

I am a contributing Author of this publication.
Kiwi Book ‘Free Speech Under Attack’ Available Here.

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Stuff: New Zealand politicians, diplomats, judges, and fraudsters found on massive Chinese intelligence database

“Politicians and their families, diplomats, academics, business executives, fraudsters, judges and a sportswoman are among New Zealanders profiled in a massive Chinese intelligence database.

Stuff has gained access to the “Overseas Key Individuals Database”, which is claimed to include personal details of more than 2 million people across the world, and was collated by a Chinese data intelligence company which has been linked to Beijing’s state intelligence apparatus.

The sweeping data collection of, primarily, publicly available information includes more than 730 New Zealanders and is part of a broader effort described by an intelligence official as “a global mass surveillance system on an unprecedented scale” that could be used for political influence campaigns.”

“Profiling the ‘human terrain’
Zhenhua Data describes itself as an open source data intelligence focused on “the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation”.

Articles from the company’s website, now taken down from the internet, talk about conducting “hybrid warfare” and using social media to spread rumour and influence public opinion.

Zhenhua claims to have started in September 2017, and was seeking various employees including customer sales reps to sell services to “party, government and military”, and a writer that could “grasp all the information of the propaganda object…”

Read more here

Give me Liberty, or give me Death!