GCSB Legislation

Here’s my take on what’s wrong with the proposed GCSB Bill… the proposed GCSB Bill and the current GCSB Act rely on the Telecommunications (Interception Capability) Act which requires private companies to intercept communications for the government on request.

Telecommunications (Interception Capability) Act 2004

Section 7 (1)A network operator must ensure that every public telecommunications network that the operator owns, controls, or operates, and every telecommunications service that the operator provides in New Zealand, has an interception capability.

Section 27 Pecuniary penalty for contravention of compliance order
(1)If the High Court is satisfied, on the application of a surveillance agency, that a person has acted in contravention of a compliance order, the court may order the person to pay to the Crown any pecuniary penalty that the court determines to be appropriate.
(2)The amount of any pecuniary penalty under subsection (1) must not exceed $500,000.
(3)In the case of a continuing contravention of a compliance order, the court may, in addition to any pecuniary penalty ordered to be paid under subsection (1), impose a further penalty of $50,000 for each day or part of a day during which the contravention continues.

Security concerns by themselves do not justify forcing others to comply with your wishes.

Everyone’s politics in a nutshell…

The GCSB BILL… Arabs (and Maori Radicals) with knives at the foot of the bed!

new mordor

Picture by Slane Cartoons

I was asked if I would speak at the GCSB Bill protest in Hamilton last Saturday.
I had to decline because I said I had not read the Bill, and that I did not know enough about it to say that it was Bad legislation.

Now get this straight…. I believe DotCom has been very unjustly treated, and that John Key was as guilty as Sin and is lying through his teeth in respect to his complicity in this crime against a NZ resident… and also that I believe John Key seeks to rush through this Bill because he believes it will help him when he faces up and coming Criminal charges for his part in the GCSB Crimes Re: Dotcom and others.

One is reminded of Helen Clark’s ‘Pledgecardgate’ Electoral Fraud and misappropriation crimes and her rushing retrospective legislation to halt her High court conviction and the nullification of the Labour election victory over Don Brash.

….Thus I am fully aware that John Key and the GCSB have already abused the powers they have, and thus we must question any notion of granting them further powers to abuse!

None the less I could not say I oppose the bill, because in spite of all this shyster John Key business, I do believe that there could be legitimate National security issues at stake.

Let me elaborate further.
John key has said that the new legislation would not legitimise what the GCSB did to Dotcom.

John Key also said the GCSB bill will not legalise the Government collecting, storing and eavesdropping all New Zealanders Internet and phone communications… Ie the GCSB bill is not a part of ‘Prism’.

John Key’s has now made further claims that we need the GCSB Bill because there are Al Qaeda Operatives here
…Yet What evidence do we have to support that last claim?
I am not saying that’s impossible for Al Qaeda to be here, but why should we accept it on the word of such a dishonest Scum bag as Key?

Why doesn’t Key say the truth?…. Ie that the GCSB Bill would have been of value in the Tu Hoe Raids, and that Tame iti would probably be in Jail for 20 years had the GCSB Bill been in place at the Time Iti was planning Domestic Terrorism!
It was only because bungling Anti-terrorist legislation that allowed Tame Iti and those Psychotic Tree-hugging Greens to escape… because just like the Dotcom case… In spying on Tame Iti and co, the Powers that be broke the Law, and thus the evidence they gathered about Planned hijacking and murder was inadmissible.

John Key cant mention this valid example for spying because of his cosy relationship with the Maori Party.


For me it was the discovery of what Tame Iti was up to which has made me appreciate that there are Rare circumstances of National security in which spying might be justified.

I dont believe that spying on Drug dealers is at all justifiable… because I dont believe dealing or
using drugs is a Crime…nor a threat to National security.
I dont believe the spying on Dotcom was justifiable either because he’s not a threat to anything but a Happy meal… or 20.

The Tuhoe terrorism scare was a very different kettle of fish.
The Police raids and arrests were a result of a covert spy operation in the Urewera bush whereby special ops were able to film a terrorist training camp and to eavesdrop on conversations about kidnapping and murder.
Tami iti and a collection of Maori Radicals and Extremist Greens were practising Military/ Guerilla type drills using fire arms and home made explosives/ fire bombs.
And by my way of thinking if there is a known conspiracy to commit terrorism or murder, I have little problem believing it is the duty of Government to act covertly and pre-emptively to prevent innocent people being harmed.

This is all a very messy situation… It presents me with a conundrum… because had Tame Iti merely been doing Militia combat training, and not talked about ‘practising’ killing on unfortunate ‘Pakeha’ I would have no grounds to say he was committing any crime.

And yet that is not the case.
He was planning Murder, Kidnapping, and the armed Overthrow of the the NZ government via terrorist means.

Yet still ….and this is where things get even more muddled….I also believe it is fine to practice for a revolution… the overthrow of a tyrannical government by force… Indeed I believe the only thing that can keep a Government from over reaching it’s just powers is a fear of the People uprising… thus in a free society I believe that many New Zealanders ought to be training for such an event.

The dilemma is how to maintain the rights of the population to prepare for a justifiable revolution… and yet also maintain the legitimate government’s ability to cut off Domestic terrorism… ie Unjust revolutions such as Tame Iti was planning.

The dilemma is how to grant the government the power to spy and record evidence against such criminal organisations as Tame itis Terrorists… but forbid them from being able to spy on the Righteous militia and their plans to overthrow an evil Government?

The Dilemma gets worse when you appreciate the reality that Tame Iti and his Band of Violent Greens believed their cause was Just.

Now I myself would love to see our oppressive government overthrown :-)!
Yet my reasoning and justification is the exact opposite of Tame Iti and his TuHoe Terrorists.
They did not seek to establish a New Order of justice, Freedom, and equality, but to impose a severe Racist dictatorship… a lot like George Speight attempted to set up in Fiji… and like Mugabe was able to set up in Zimbabwe.

And Iti’s, Speights, and Mugabes Revolutions are to be juxtaposed against the latest military Coup in Egypt which has just overthrown the Elected government there because they were breaching the constitution and attempting to set up an Islamic State, and with Commodore Bainimarama’s righteous Coup in Fiji, who overthrew the Elected government there because they were busy setting up an apartheid system of Indigenous Rights.
Now Time has proven Bainimarama to be a very Benevolent Authority… with relatively few incidents of troop violence against the citizens of Fiji, and yet there have been some reported cases of serious violence purported by the Egyptian army against outraged Islamic Egyptians protesting the Coup… thus I hesitate to give full endorsement to the Revolutionary Cause.

These sorts of issues show just how difficult it is for any revolution to maintain the High/ righteous ground and avoid actions which are unjustifiable.
We must never forget that a righteous end cannot be used to justify corrupt means.

Some people may recoil at the Idea of the armed overthrow of an elected government… as if Mob rule is always right. It isn’t. The reality is all forms of Government can become oppressive, unjust, and tyrannical if they implement Laws which are purely Arbitrary, Oppressive, unjust, and tyrannical.

All governments ought to be ‘hemmed in’ by an Iron-clad Constitution… this is what constitutes the Rule of Law… and when any government violates the Constitution it has become a Criminal organisation which needs to be abolished and New government instituted.
It also ought to be obvious that the only power possible to protect a legitimate government from being overthrown by an Evil Military Coup is by having a well armed population trained in Militia.
The Army will hesitate from any actions when it knows the people will rise up and fight.

This has been a very heavy trip!
Spying…. Terrorism… Corrupt Politicians…Armed revolution… Constitutions…. etc
These were some of my thoughts in respect to the GCSB bill, and why I hesitate to either endorse the Bill or to protest against it.

gcsb scum

John Key is a Dirty lying scumbag Quisling and does not deserve to be granted more powers, and I fully support Dotcoms cause against the NZ Government… and yet there is so much more to this issue.

I believe we need more time to ponder what is at stake…. what are all the pitfalls, and in what final form such a Bill might be Good for New Zealand.

The Privacy of New Zealanders must not be curtailed under the guise of National security, and yet There must be means of identifying and catching terrorists before they strike.

It must be appreciated that it was because of poorly framed and rushed through Anti-terrorist legislation that allowed Tame iti and the Tuhoe terrorists to escape justice.
The Solicitor-General David Collins ruled that law was “almost impossible to apply in a coherent manner” and firearms charges were laid instead.

The last thing we need is more Bad legislation being rushed trough by a corrupt Prime minister who is seeking to mitigate his own culpability in regards to ongoing charges of Corruption and abuse of power.
That Key has played the Al Qaeda card is very suspect… and yet worrisome.

I also worry about the political connection between the PM and the GCSB.
We have all found out about John Keys devious Employment of his own Old school friend to the Head of the GCSB!…. Heinrich Himmler anyone???

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

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The Folly of Scientism. Austin L. Hughes


The Folly of Scientism
Austin L. Hughes

When I decided on a scientific career, one of the things that appealed to me about science was the modesty of its practitioners. The typical scientist seemed to be a person who knew one small corner of the natural world and knew it very well, better than most other human beings living and better even than most who had ever lived. But outside of their circumscribed areas of expertise, scientists would hesitate to express an authoritative opinion. This attitude was attractive precisely because it stood in sharp contrast to the arrogance of the philosophers of the positivist tradition, who claimed for science and its practitioners a broad authority with which many practicing scientists themselves were uncomfortable.

The temptation to overreach, however, seems increasingly indulged today in discussions about science. Both in the work of professional philosophers and in popular writings by natural scientists, it is frequently claimed that natural science does or soon will constitute the entire domain of truth. And this attitude is becoming more widespread among scientists themselves. All too many of my contemporaries in science have accepted without question the hype that suggests that an advanced degree in some area of natural science confers the ability to pontificate wisely on any and all subjects.

Of course, from the very beginning of the modern scientific enterprise, there have been scientists and philosophers who have been so impressed with the ability of the natural sciences to advance knowledge that they have asserted that these sciences are the only valid way of seeking knowledge in any field. A forthright expression of this viewpoint has been made by the chemist Peter Atkins, who in his 1995 essay “Science as Truth” asserts the “universal competence” of science. This position has been called scientism — a term that was originally intended to be pejorative but has been claimed as a badge of honor by some of its most vocal proponents. In their 2007 book Every Thing Must Go: Metaphysics Naturalized, for example, philosophers James Ladyman, Don Ross, and David Spurrett go so far as to entitle a chapter “In Defense of Scientism.”

Modern science is often described as having emerged from philosophy; many of the early modern scientists were engaged in what they called “natural philosophy.” Later, philosophy came to be seen as an activity distinct from but integral to natural science, with each addressing separate but complementary questions — supporting, correcting, and supplying knowledge to one another. But the status of philosophy has fallen quite a bit in recent times. Central to scientism is the grabbing of nearly the entire territory of what were once considered questions that properly belong to philosophy. Scientism takes science to be not only better than philosophy at answering such questions, but the only means of answering them. For most of those who dabble in scientism, this shift is unacknowledged, and may not even be recognized. But for others, it is explicit. Atkins, for example, is scathing in his dismissal of the entire field: “I consider it to be a defensible proposition that no philosopher has helped to elucidate nature; philosophy is but the refinement of hindrance.”

Is scientism defensible? Is it really true that natural science provides a satisfying and reasonably complete account of everything we see, experience, and seek to understand — of every phenomenon in the universe? And is it true that science is more capable, even singularly capable, of answering the questions that once were addressed by philosophy? This subject is too large to tackle all at once. But by looking briefly at the modern understandings of science and philosophy on which scientism rests, and examining a few case studies of the attempt to supplant philosophy entirely with science, we might get a sense of how the reach of scientism exceeds its grasp.

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Science: The New Mythology.

Defunct / Archaic Western Dogma blindly insists : ‘Whatever does not fit the Naturalistic Materialist Paradigm is Illusory’. Entity Attacks


The Ludicrous Claims of Evolution! Why not ESP?

Defunct / Archaic Western Dogma blindly insists : ‘Whatever does not fit the Naturalistic Materialist Paradigm is Illusory’. Entity Attacks


^^^ A FB Friend posted this You tube video.
I was an Atheist Materialist when I experienced this Phenomenon first hand.
And it was like a demonic attack…. very frightening…. very real.
I have placed a link below to a previous blogpost in which I describe my experience, thus there is no need for to repeat myself other than to reinforce the very important fact that Because like the appearance of design in Biology…like freewill… because ‘Ghosts’… ‘Demons’….etc don’t fit into the Materialist world view… ‘western thinkers’ will do everything the can to deny they exist…even when millions of people report first hand experiences with them.
Thus Materialists will deny reality to defend their Bogus ideology…. and they do this all the Dooo Daaa Day!

What Materialists assert goes something like this…. Free will? … You are deceived.
Saw a Ghost? … You imagined it.
Biology looks designed? … It’s an illusion.
…Then they Pompously declare with full pious conviction of absolute authority… “There is no Evidence of any Reality which is not explainable via Naturalistic Materialism! All that exists is Matter and energy …. therefore Atheism is true!”
…and Millions of Sheeple are suckered by this trickery… they want this to be true.

The fact is they have shut their eyes to reality… *as it really is*… for the sake of maintaining their Atheist Naturalistic Materialism…

Thus when confronted with this virtually universal experienced historical phenomenon of an Evil entity attack which crosses millennia and cultural boarders rather than admit the possibility of Demons… they have invented a bogus theory that makes these millions of people out to be suffering some sort of ‘sleep dysfunction’… Thus no amount of personal testimony will ever convince them to abandon their fanatical superstition.

These are Factual Spiritual attacks is the best explanation.
The only reason that Western Psychiatry wont accept this as the truth is because it does not fit into their personal belief system.
Everything about this phenomenon points to demonic attack… the victims see and feel the demon!
Yet victims are told to doubt their own first hand experience because *some quacks* don’t like to admit that the facts support the reality of the super Natural.
They put their own prejudices ahead of Empirical facts.

Read My personal experience with Entity Attack….>>>> The Green Manalishi.


I have been discussing the superstition of Materialism, morality and Free will with an Atheist Facebook friend I am trying to help ‘see the light’.
Their answers are textbook naturalism…. textbook Materialist *assumption*… “We are just our brains”…”We don’t have free will…. We are not Morally responsible… etc.
I am not mocking these answers.
They are understandable given that Naturalistic Scientism which Western Civilisation has embraced.
They are ‘orthodox dogma….

I pointed out that Materialist Naturalism…” is a faith, nothing more… and based upon some archaic Rationale which was formulated several centuries before Science proved the whole Universe, Matter, and energy had a beginning… were created… just as the Theists claimed it was.

Materialism was born out of ignorance… the belief that the Universe was eternal. I would ask you to re-read your last two comments (Re: No Free will… no Moral responsibility) and *really contemplate* whether or not they are believable *in the face of Reality*?

I appreciate they are consistent with a belief that *we ….and everything else is only Matter*, and yet In the face of experience… of empirical reality..Is it plausible to deny that we have free will, and are not morally responsible for our actions?

I fully understand why Materialism forbids freewill.
You need to grasp the fact that Free will is not denied because of empirical evidence, but because of the *Ideological difficulty* it presents to Materialism.

Free will destroys Materialism.

If we have free will then Materialism is proven false… and that is why Evolutionist scientists are hell bent on convincing people that Free will is just an illusion….

They must con you this way or else admit their theory is wrong.

Let me do a small experiment. I ask you to touch your nose with your left hand.

Now I argue that there is no physical Causal Determinism between me asking you to do this random thing, and whether or not you actually do it.
*You have feel will to choose*
You see that if you do do it, to believe you had no choice you must assume that Me asking you this random question, and your performing the task are all pre-determined by the Big bang and that we had no say in this experiment… that we are utterly slaves… and not even responsible for this conversation…. That’s how crazy Materialism is!

I have written a lot these subjects. Below is a blog on a short You tube video about our minds.

Science goes Ga Ga! The Spirit Temple-Material Interface. The Human Brain.

The reason it is important to appreciate the historic timeline of when Materialism was borne is because prior to the scientific acceptance for a beginning of the Universe the materialists could claim that all reality was (in theory) within the scope/ reach of naturalistic science…. but once it was admitted that the universe was not eternal, that necessitates the existence of a greater….beyond the universe….beyond physics…out of which the Universe and Law of Matter…were borne.

This means there is a greater reality than mere materialist Laws of physics… A greater Non-physical reality that could be described as a ‘spiritual reality’…. it is because of this that materialists have had to invent… a second level of ‘Deadness’…. The ‘God’ of Materialism is now an absolutely unproven entity deemed to be… ‘a quantum field’…. This is wholly an invention of the atheist mind designed to hide the fact that their materialism was in fact proven wrong and that the greater reality lies behind the laws of matter and is not governed by them.

Materialism is Defunct!
It has been overthrown with the progress of science.
The Atheist of the Gaps is being utterly crushed!

Read more… The Walls are closing in on Atheism… not Theism.

Thou shalt THINK


I noticed something interesting about the Great Commandment.

The first and great commandment is stated in the Gospel of Matthew

Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy MIND.

This is the first and great commandment.

And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. (KJV)

and stated again in the Gospel of Luke

Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy MIND (KJV)

and again in the Gospel of Mark

And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy MIND, and with all thy strength (KJV)

(emphasis mine).

Notice how in each Gospel account you are commanded to love God with all your MIND? That’s odd, because Jesus is supposedly quoting a verse from the Book of Deuteronomy in the Old Testament. But there’s no mention of MIND.

And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. (KJV)

So where did MIND come from? I think it’s a Christian innovation. I think Jesus is commanding us to THINK. What do you THINK?

Do you believe that the Bible (in particular, the KJV) is the inerrant Word of God? Then please explain why Jesus misquotes himself. (But first go away and have a THINK.)

The Big Con. Lew Rockwell


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Crank it up….

What’s in a man’s mind?

Am I a closet authoritarian? I don’t think so. But what if I suffer from Capill syndrome? Well, I don’t. No way! Give me Liberty, or give me Death!!

But isn’t there a little bit of authoritarian in every libertarian? It used to be that libertarians had a fetish for public libraries. “I think libraries are great,” declares Jeff Landauer, author of The Scourge of Public Libraries. None but a cad could possibly argue against the existence of public libraries, isn’t that so?

The little bit of authoritarian in me has a fetish for mandatory labelling. I like to know what I’m eating. And smoking. So I took some small solace in Section 58(2)(a) in Part 3 of the recently enacted Psychoactive Substances Act.

58 Restrictions and requirements relating to labelling of approved products
(1) A label for an approved product must not be designed in a manner or way, or using a medium or form, so as to particularly appeal, or to be likely to particularly appeal, to minors.
(2) A label for an approved product must include the following information in a prominent position on the label:
(a) a list of the active ingredients of the product and the appropriate quantity of each active ingredient; and
(b) the appropriate health warning relating to the product; and
(c) the contact details of the importer, manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer of the product; and
(d) the telephone number of the National Poisons Centre information service or any other telephone service prescribed in the regulations; and
(e) any other information prescribed by the regulations.
(3) A person must not sell an approved product with a label that does not comply with subsection (1) or (2).
(4) A person who contravenes subsection (1), (2), or (3) commits an offence and is liable on conviction,—
(a) in the case of an individual, to a fine not exceeding $5,000:
(b) in the case of a body corporate, to a fine not exceeding $10,000.

It’s only been a couple of weeks and already fake cannabis products are back on the market. The government has been quick to grant applications for interim approvals of psychoactive products. And why wouldn’t they at $10,000 per product?

5 Control of psychoactive products granted interim approval
Part 3 applies, with any necessary modifications, to a psychoactive product granted interim approval as if it were an approved product.

So now do I get to indulge my fetish?

Well, let’s see what we have here … some Red Kryptonite by Lightyears Ahead Ltd. And the new label says

Ingredients: SGT-7 (25mg per gram),
Damiana herb and flavouring.

Seems legit. Only problem is … no one knows what SGT-7 is. Even Google’s never heard of it.

I think Lightyears Ahead Ltd. is taking the piss. Perhaps they’re prepared to risk a fine not exceeding the licence fee they already paid. What do you think?

But it gets worse. Another new label says

Ingredients: This product is made with a blend of herbs and a single synthetic cannabinoid. The cannabinoid is not enhanced, adulterated or contaminated with any other substance.

Seems legit. I can’t name the active ingredient. And I can’t name the product or the retailer. But they know who they are. 🙂