Married to a Megalomaniac…


It was with amusement that I read an NZ Herald article today which said….
“…The way you sleep may reveal aspects of your personality, with dark traits such as narcissism and cheating linked to night owls.

A study by researchers in Sydney and Liverpool has found the “dark triad” of personality traits – narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism – are linked to those who prefer to stay up late….”

Read more >>>here<<< How much weight should a person like myself ... a man with political ambitions, and who also has difficulty getting to bed before midnight.... place on such assertions? Am I supposed to believe that I stay up late 'scheming' and 'revolutionizing'....and that typically my latest activism being putting myself into the Local body Elections for the Hamilton city Council... is real evidence.... not of the fact that because I work a 10 hour day, that the night time is my only opportunity to defend and promote my Ideals and values... Not because I really give a shit about Freedom and Justice.... Not because of carrying the weight that because There is no one else.... not one other Libertarian Candidate standing in Hamilton... that unless I step up... no one will... Not because of my conviction that not to stand, means Evil must prevail... But instead.... according to this 'Study'....that All those Ideas that *I believe* and hold dear are instead... evidence of my Narcissism... My Psychopathy.... My Machaelellianism???? Ie Are the things which I consider to be tokens of my virtue and good character in reality Signposts of my Base Character and self delusion? What pains me the most is that my own Wife thinks this is so. It is indescribably painful when the person who has spent the last 20 years with you and is supposed to be closest to you... and is supposed to understand your Heart and Soul... can write off your most cherished Beliefs and values... as merely personal Vanity! I stagger in contemplation that even my own wife thinks I'm a Fraud! Obviously she does not give a Rat's arse about the things I hold Dear. I write this Blog with full confidence that unless someone tells her about my comments here ....she will never know about them. She never bothers to read my work.... she obviously has more important... Less Diabolical... things on her mind. But Let's be honest... Is not the Headline 'Tim Wikiriwhi For Mayor' a statement reeking of Psychopathic Narcissism!?? I know that. Do I have an over-inflated sense of my own importance? I know that my chances for success at the elections are no better than the other 8-10 times I have stepped forward. Is that in itself a valid reason for me not to bother? Should I appreciate and submit to that? I hear Satan's Laughter... and cackling of the mob. None the less I Stand. How can my wife believe I do this for fun.... for Vanity? It's an Ordeal. An Obligation. I do it for my community... For my Children.... And yes.... for my own conscience and self esteem. Yet if someone else would step forward I would be greatly relieved! I think Ill have another Beer. I'm in no rush to go to bed. I have a world to Dominate!... no wait that's Socialism..... :-) The thing is that when I do hit the hay... my conscience is clear, and I still have a vision and hope to share... I have spent this evening getting my nomination forms sorted... my Profile pic, and my Election profile statements done. I need to get my A into town tomorrow before noon to get registered.... that's the cut off and typical Tim style I have left it to the last moments to decide to run.... If I don't make tomorrow's deadline... I will be disqualified. Copy of HCC Elections 2013 005

Tim Wikiriwhi For Mayor/ Hamilton West!

…Due to gross incompetence our city wallows in high rates and crippling debt.
Yet still I believe Hamilton could become New Zealand’s premier city via the rigorous application of the principles endorsed by Nobel Prize winner for economics Milton Friedman.
Reducing bureaucratic interference with private property, individual liberty, and business will allow you to realize your full potential.

Hamiltonian’s interests are best served when Council keeps costs down.
Lower rates means lower rents, and ultimately lower food and petrol bills.
Lower rates gives Hamilton business’s the greatest advantage to compete both domestically and globally.
While you forge a brighter future, I’ll focus on the reduction of city debt and rates by running a tight ship.
Council should stick to essential utilities.
I will promote community interests by soliciting philanthropy from the Private sector, encouraging voluntary community initiatives to develop art, charity and culture.
Let’s think smart, and aim for success.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Affordable Waikato.


The Zombie God Of Atheist Evolution. Re: Math Magic and Ultimate Mythical Power…..Infinite Probability.

law if infinite probablility.

Still believe your own existence is the result of a series of fortuitous accidents????
I have one word to describe your position….. *Foolishness*.

Read more…

Multiplying Absurdities Equals Certainty… The Math Magic of Modern Atheist Astrologers!

The False Deity Called Evolution.

No sooner did I post this Blog to an anti-Christian Forum I was met with comments…. “Stop Spamming! you’re just using this page for self promotion”…. ‘This post demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of Evolution….

My Reply to Atheists:
“Ha! That’s not an argument. just more hot air.
Definitively Ad Hominem …. Instead of addressing the argument you say I am engaged in ‘Self promotion’… Nor is there any need to expand on what I have presented.
It is a simple demonstration of reality.
What makes you cringe is that you know that you are now supposed to argue that what that you believe that what the photo shows…. is possible.
That no matter how this goes against common sense that Math says it is possible….. though improbable….. And yet we all know that this will never happen…. Blind forces of Nature don’t fold washing…. don’t Generate life…. dont turn Germs into people…. You are utterly undone.

Osculum infame…. John Key’s Smarmy Smile and the Real Reason for the GCSB Bill…. The Daily Blog.

devils anus

Osculum infame

New Zealand’s Quisling Prime minister John Key…. Kissing Satan’s Anus!
Hollywood Global Copyrights ….
Secret Deals and Human Trafick ….
Mandating The Global Evil Eye….

Your Darkest imaginations …. are True!
The GCSB Bill must be Stopped!

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian Independent.


Read The Daily Blog’s Take on the real reason for the GCSB Bill….

“National is placing considerable time, effort, money, and energy in pushing two Bills through Parliament;
Telecommunications (Interception Capability and Security) Amendment Bill
Government Communications Security Bureau and Related Legislation Amendment Bill
Key’s rationale for the expansion of spying over all New Zealanders has consisted of purely bullshit excuses, relating to “weapons of mass destruction”, “terrorism”, and other fantasy scare-mongering. None of it is remotely true.
The real rationale for pushing these two inter-related Bills is more prosaic.
The common description of the Government Communications Security Bureau and Related Legislation Amendment Bill (aka “GCSB Bill) has been that this allows the GCSB to spy on all New Zealanders.
This is correct.
Literally, correct. The Bill, alongside it’s barely acknowledged “sister-Bill” – the Telecommunications (Interception Capability and Security) Amendment Bill – is designed deliberately to mandate the GCSB to spy on all New Zealanders.
Not just criminals.
Not just left-wing radicals.
Not just Maori nationalists.
Not just anti-TPPA acctivists. Or environment campaigners. Or trade unionists.
In fact, those people aren’t the real targets at all.
The targets are all New Zealanders.

Read Full Blogpost >>>> Here <<<< skull_fillagree

stop gcesb

^^^ I hope to attend this Meeting…. even though it is full of Shyster Lefties and Political Opportunists!
You gotta worry when you download anything from John Minto’s FB page. 🙂
Yet still I am beginning to think Smarmy smiley JK is *Worse*…. more dangerous to New Zealand than Helen Clark/ Winnie the Poo ever were!

Earlier Eternal Vigilance Blog Posts on the GCSB Bill….

The GCSB BILL… Arabs (and Maori Radicals) with knives at the foot of the bed!

GCSB Legislation

Heretic! Defying the Establishment…Secular Excommunication for Free Thinking and Un-orthodox Scientific Research: PHD Welfareism


Try denying Big Bang Dogma…and see what happens to your career in science..
Try suggesting that Naturalistic Materialism is a blind faith….
Try suggesting Science has not dis-proven the Soul…or Freewill.

Square Circles Exist.


Regarding the impossibility of Square circles…It just occurred to me that four atoms stacked equidistantly side by side in two rows of two …on a plane …( the distance between them would be irrelevant) could just as easily be described as being in either a circular or square pattern…. what do you think?

I envision arguments regarding separate points being distinct from shapes, lines and rays…

Yo Kotton mouth Kings… Dont you get it? Obama Sux nuts just as badly as the rest of them…except Jimmy Carter.

“Reefer Madness”

All My Friends Are Stoners Everyone I Know Gets High
Maybe there’s A Reason Why Weed’s Not Legalized

Why People Always Be Afraid Of What They Don’t Know
I Understand can’t Comprehend The Infos So Old
The Reefer Madness video is Purely Propaganda
A Movie Made To Scare All Of The Kids In Alabama
Maybe they’re Afraid To Think That They Might Lose Control
Instead Of Embracing It’s Many Uses Performing The Medical
It’s All Pathetic Though A Pharmaceutical Company
Can Make You Feel High Than Low
It Seems It’s All About The Money
Funny Cause

All My Friends Are Stoners Everyone I Know Gets High
Maybe there’s A Reason Why Weed’s Not Legalized
Maybe they’re Afraid Of Too Much Peace And Harmony
Maybe they’re Afraid Of Open Minds And People Free

No Rest Upon My Feet Until My People Free
When They Turn The Ganja Plant Into An Evil Weed
It’s Reefer Madness

Check this
So Many Friends that I know Have Suffered The Lies The Governments Strangle
Into The Ground illegal Bound In Every Angle
Even The Lawmakers Making The Laws Are Smoking The Bong And Vapin The Chronic
And Nobody Hearing The Voice Of The Weed I Find It Ironic
So How Do We Govern The Danger Of Not Becoming To Hostile
Not Losing The Mind Not Crossing The Line Not Feeling Colossal
There’s Only One Avenue We Can Be Sure That We Getting Our Justice
The legalization of it, of the weed, they tryin’ ta bust us.


[Daddy X:]
We Got A Black President Before Weed’s Legal
In My Mind In My Time That Shits Unbelievable
I Love Obama I Love All People
I Just can’t Believe That The Plants Not Legal
A Plant, A Seed, That Grows In The Soil
And They’re Still Fightin’ Bloody Wars Over Oil?
Reefer Madness Is Useless Propaganda
Fear Is The Tool That They Use To Command Us
So Understand Us We Don’t Fear No Plant
We don’t fear no plant


Obama does not deserve any respect from Cannabis users.
He has maintained the oppression, and actually worked to hinder the independent states from legalising it for medical use.
Fortunately many of the States have ignored the Federal government and gone ahead and legalised it anyway.

Read more…
Ex US President Jimmy Carter wants to end the war on drugs.

The War on drugs is lost

Helen Clark calls War on Drugs a failure

Personal Enlightenment… That Glorious moment when the Scales fall from the Eyes of a Sheep blinded by Propaganda…and they See the truth! Cannabis is a Medicine.


When Realisations like this happen it’s called a personal Enlightenment.
I Salute any person who realises they were wrong about supporting an oppressive Law, and comes clean about it…. and says sorry…esp if they then actively work for the cause they once oppressed…
They Redeem themselves thereby.

Read more here>>>> Dr. Sanjay Gupta comes out in favor of medical marijuana

There is every reason to believe that Western society is at this moment waking up to the follies and delusions which underpin The prohibition of Cannabis and restring it’s reverenced Status as a blessing to Humanity which it previously enjoyed since the dawn of time..


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American Christians using medical cannabis to save their Children’s Lives. Epilepsy .Self help (4)

Medical Cannabis Halts life-Threatening Fit’s and Seizures in Children! Self Help (3).

Self Help. Hands on…Fighting the Demon Cancer (No2). Cannabis cures Cancers

Good for the goose

If a person had good reason to believe that a violent crime was happening at his neighbour’s house then breaking in to the neighbour’s house would be justified. And even though they trespassed their testimony should be admissible in court.

If, on the other hand, a person broke in to their neighbour’s house without a good reason and discovered some crime their testimony should be admissible in court and they should receive the punishment for trespassing/breaking and entering.

That’s all pretty straight forward and I expect everyone agrees… now what if the person trespassing/breaking and entering is working for the government?

What happens is that government employees are not prosecuted and their discovery is not admissible in court (e.g the Tohoe spying). This accepted procedure enables two injustices.

All evidence should be allowed in Court and crimes committed by government employees should be prosecuted.