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Lessons from Dr Goebbels.

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” Jesus Christ. John 8:44

Picture: Hitler, Goebbels, Hess.

“Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” Jesus Christ. Mat 15vs14

In a Facebook response to my recent Blog post attacking anti-smoking Legislation, A young woman expressed support for the smoking ban in Bars, Pubs and Clubs, etc saying she believed it was right to Ban it from all ‘public areas’ and cited the passive smoking argument as vindication for her position. She said this was a subject she ‘felt very strongly about’.
Though I understand her reasoning and sympathise with her sentiments, I don’t accept her argument but see her comments as an example of the ‘conditioning’ that the Socialists running our country have ‘successfully’ engineered.
This is what I wish to talk about in this post. The dangers of State control of education, and their Massive Engines of Spin.

The Nanny state smoking bans are a product of Joseph Goebbels type mass mobocratic manipulation… of relentless Propaganda, which subtly undermines the boundaries between the jurisdiction of State power, and the Rights, liberties, and responsibilities of Individuals. It demonstrates the nature of creeping democratic tyranny accruing power unto itself and extending it’s spheres of authority and control… usurping dominion in what is properly the private sphere of personal Liberty and ethics, and trampling Private property rights under foot.
The state through the education system and an anti-smoking Ad campaign on TV and Radio, decried the ‘costs of smoking upon our society’, parading the so-called ‘victims of liberty’ across our screens…the Non-smoking Muso… the Bartender… thus ‘preparing the soil’, and ‘planting the seeds’, before they moved to impose their political ambitions upon us. Textbook Propaganda and Mass manipulation!

The Wolf often wears the garb of a sheep. The Pedophile often wears the garb of a Priest, and so it is that the Evil Socialist Bitch known as ‘Nanny State’ has cloaked herself in motherly apparel, spending gazillion$ convincing her victims that her tyranny is actually for our own good!

The Facebook response gave me pause to consider how successfully Nanny has ‘Educated’ the masses on the ‘Evils’ Smoking Cigarettes sufficiently enough to convince the majority to accept the government passing Laws which encroach upon private property rights. Of course this ‘Education’ conveniently leaves out any trace of Libertarian Enlightenment principles regarding the legitimate duties and limits of Government and The Inalienable rights and liberties of individuals! Thus What has not been taught is as fundamental to Nanny’s ‘success’ as what has been hammered home via propaganda. Seeing this stark contrast in what had been rigorously indoctrinated, and what has been completely swept under the mat I realised the great tragedy it was that this young woman had not been thoroughly taught how ‘Evil’ and unhealthy it is to have a cankerous government that does not respect Individual liberty, private property, Free enterprise, and Self responsibility!

If only our people had been ‘educated’ in the principles of justice to the same extent that they have been ‘educated’ about smoking cigarettes. Thus it is upon a sheepishly engineered ignorant population that The Socialist political parties of New Zealand have been able to pedal the lie that Private business, are ‘Public areas’/ pseudo Pubic property and thus con them into thinking the state can pass such legislation…without violation of private property rights!

I perceive that the socialists are allowed to pull off this fraud only because it suits the majority of sheeple . The nasty Hellbound deluded dunces in favour of this oppressive legislation.
Dr Goebbels would be impressed. Sheepish ignorance and Fascist complicity!

The socialists have manipulated the minds of the masses on many other topics too, justifying Big Government, oppression, and political favoritism. Eg The gross fabrications regarding the so-called breaches of the treaty by the invading British colonists, the so-called treaty settlements, and ‘First Nation’ status of Maori with special rights and privileges.
This is another travesty whereby indoctrinated lies are poured into a vacuum of unenlightened political ignorance.
This parallels with what Goebbels taught the Germans about the Jews, and we all know how that turned out!

Policy Statement 2011: As an Independent Libertarian standing in Hamilton West, If elected I would fight to repeal all laws which undermine legitimate private property rights, and would work to remove the State from Education and Health thereby reducing the States ability to indoctrinate the people with their filthy propaganda.

The Previous Blog post I mention is ‘Smokers have Rights’.

Smokers Have Rights!

The following is a pamphlet I wrote in defence in individual liberty and private property when Helen Clarks government passed the Anti-smoking legislation in regards to pubs, clubs, Cafés and Restaurants. I was a spokesman for the Libertarianz Party at the time and was busy trying to rally public support of a Bar in Cambridge called ‘Kelly Browns’. The Owner was one Dean Risi and he was Risisting the new Legislation because he believed it was tyrannical and persecuted his patrons, many of whom smoked cigarettes while enjoying a beer.

I remember him saying that he was not prepared to throw his patrons out on the street. In particular one Old timer who was a returned serviceman whom fought Hitler in defence of Kiwi Freedom was a regular patron and cigarette smoker. He was raided several times by the police… like he was fencing stollen goods! I interviewed him on My Community Radio programme ‘The New Freeland show’ and held a Libertarian rally at his Bar and awarded him the Libertarianz Party ‘Light of Liberty Award’ given to those whom bravely stand up in defence of Justice, Individual liberty, and private property. He was a worthy recipient. Almost every other Bar in the country had cowered into submission at the threat of prosecution. He was a brave man indeed. Yet sadly we were unable to prevent him from being shut down by the Government. Our Hero of the resistance was crushed.

I put my pamphlet up here in its original form because though I am no longer a spokesperson for the Libertarianz Party, I still endorse the arguments contained within, and to my knowledge so too does the Libertarianz Party though strictly speaking this is a historical document, not a current policy statement for the Libertarianz party. It does reflect my position in respect to the forthcoming election, ie that smoking is a matter of personal choice… a legitimate liberty, and that Bars, and clubs etc are Private property, and as such it is up to the owners of that property to dictate whether or not they will allow smoking on their premises *Not the Government*

Personally I find cigarette smoking to be a foolish habit, yet I believe it is a matter of the utmost importance that individual liberty and the principle of private property be respected by the State. Smoking is a matter of personal ethics and self responsibility… no business of Nanny state.

* I am encouraging Hamilton voters in the 2011 election to give their party votes to either The Libertarianz partry, or to the Act party, or Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis party.

Tim Wikiriwhi. Libertarianz Party Candidate For Hamilton West (2005) .

Dear Smoker,
Have you been standing out in the cold long enough to realise that you are being royally screwed by Nanny State?
Or are you so pathetically gullible as to believe that those idiots in the Beehive have the right to cast you out of pubs and clubs like lepers?
Do you have to be punched in the nose before you realise that our government is corrupt and doing you violence?
Have you swallowed all the P.C Bullshit propaganda that having a smoke at the bar is actually a crime?
There is a word for those who accept such political oppression…SAPS!

Hello, my name is Tim Wikiriwhi. I am the Libertarianz party candidate for Hamilton West, and I have written the following letter to tell you that Non-Smokers are not the only people to have rights, and in fact they have used perverse powers of government to shag you!
As we speak, many of them are laughing at you in puritanical hatred, too silly to realize that by casting you outside, they have actually undermined their own rights and liberties and given socialist politicians tyrannical powers!
I seek to awaken you to the fact that you and such bar owners who would allow you to smoke in their bars have the legitimate rights to do so, just as your ancestors have done for centuries, yet because we have a corrupt system of government, and almost nobody has made a stand against such corruption, you are being robbed by taxes and unjustly discriminated against!

These are not trifling matters!
This issue cuts to the very heart of justice and liberty in New Zealand, and by allowing yourselves to be treated like second-rank subjects, you are guilty of collaboration with Fascism!
If you think I am overstating the case then obviously you have not been standing out in the cold long enough, nor do you realise that the Lion’s share of the $$$ you pay for your smokes is extorted from you to pay the wages of those in Wellington who are ram-rodding you!
These are crimes against you and me!

In Western civilization, our rights and Liberties have been hard won by courageous spirits who have been imprisoned, tortured and murdered. Wars have been fought to defend them.
It is a travesty that Kiwis have sheepishly allowed the little Feminist Nico-Nazis to rob us of our freedom and property rights!

Anti-smoking laws are immoral because they interfere with our rights to free trade!
Do not be fooled into believing that because smoking is considered harmful to your health, or that smoking is a ‘ national health crisis’, that this vindicates such draconian laws, as this is the oldest Machiavellian trick in the book, used by all tyrants to justify their evil ends!
How else can they get the foolish masses to go along with them, unless they are convinced such tyranny is needed ‘to solve emergencies’, and that such anti-freedom legislation ‘is for their own good’?
Under the pretence of ‘health and safety’ the socialists have invented a new crime!

I realise there is every chance that I am confronting you with political ideas that you have never heard before! It is no coincidence that you were not taught the fundamentals of our individual rights in our state schools, as our corrupt State is not in the business of promoting freedom and self-responsibility, but in accumulating POWER to itself and DEPENDANCE and so they teach young Kiwis the politics of socialism, that the end justifies the means, and the supremacy of democracy over Individual liberty!
This is a system of divide and conquer, in which they would have you believe that our individual rights are in conflict, one with another, and deny the fact that government is instituted to protect our individual rights, instead they would have you believe it is the roll of government to determine who has rights and who does not!
Instead of being a governed by just principle, they have sold you the ‘Mickey’ that politics is “the Art of compromise!” DON’T ACCEPT THEIR TERMS!

Moreover they have taken such powers as to invent new pseudo-rights at their own whim, and sell these rights at election time!
It is this racket that allows politicians to grandstand as ‘agents of the public good’ at election time, knowing that the majority of people have no grasp of politics and are easily duped by pandering to their popular phobias and prejudices.
The Anti-smoking laws are exactly this sort of political charade, as was the ban of prostitution from the suburbs.
Using these sorts of emotive subjects, it is easy for politicians to appear as ‘upstanding’ at the expense of the rights of whatever minority they have chosen to single out for discrimination.
It is essential to realize that while smoking, like prostitution, may be considered ‘a vice’, when peacefully practiced on private property; it cannot be legitimately constituted to be a crime!
This means the morality of smoking in bars, or working in a bar that allows smoking, is a matter of personal choice…that is it is a matter of personal freedom and it is tyrannical to grant legal favouritism to non-smokers in violation of the rights of publicans and smokers!
The essential point is not that such things as smoking are not harmful to those who do them, but that they do no involuntary harm to anyone outside the property in which such rights and liberties are practiced.
Whether you can legitimately smoke anywhere, for e.g in bars and clubs, or even our own homes, is not a matter of Democratic whim of the biggest mob, but of Individual property rights and free-trade.

Free-Trade is the only system of economics that recognizes free-will choice and is therefore the only moral system, yet because the free market does not allow socialist politicians the powers to meddle with our lives, they despise it, and would deceive you into believing that your freedom is wrong!
Under free trade (Just as it was prior to the smoking ban) Publicans had the freedom to decide how THEY were going to run their business, whether THEY were going to allow smoking in THEIR bars or not, and Patrons were free to decide whether they were going to frequent such establishments or not, and Staff were free to choose whether or not They wished to work in such environments or not.

Every job has it hazards, e.g exhaust fumes in one industry, noise in another.
When we consider accepting a job, we understand this means accepting both the risks and benefits that go with it and may refuse any such employment that we consider the risks outweigh the benefits.
Employers who seek to retain their staff will take all measures either to eliminate, Isolate, or minimise recognized hazards, while still keeping to their core business.
This mean if some folks are worried about ‘passive smoking’, they have a choice not to work there, nor to patronize such establishments that allow smoking…it is as simple as that!
They can open their own non-smoking bars etc if they so wish…End of story!
There is no force in any of this, and everyone was free to exercise their own morality as self-responsible adults.

Of course Socialist DO-GOODERS despise your moral Freedom and continuously seek out ways to rob you of your rights as adults to make your own choices, in the pursuit of your own happiness, and FORCE THEIR BELIEFS UPON YOU via tyrannical Laws.
They seek to run your lives and businesses as if they own them, and they are prepared to destroy those who would resist their Fanatical despotisms!

ASK KELLY BROWNES DEAN RISI who has been singled out by the state, that seeks to crush all resistance to their evil rule!
Because we have no constitution to protect our individual rights from such tyranny, Dean is being forced to close his doors for three weeks as his ‘punishment’ for continuing for allowing patrons to smoke in his bar, in defiance of the ban and has been castigated by the Liquor licensing Authority, as “unfit to have a liquor license.”
No only will this cost him $30 000, they have put a gun to his head, and all others who would resist their tyranny, by holding his livelihood to ransom in regards to his liquor license!
He has been told, should he continue to in defiance he “wasn’t going to be open for much longer”!
All this because he chose to defend his, and everyone else’s, freedom and private property rights!
Speaking to this hero I asked him, have they broken you?
NO! was his answer!
I told him he was truly a hero and that the Libertarianz party are 100% behind him and would do what ever we can to help him.

My party colleagues and I are standing for parliament with the intention of abolishing the smoking ban and every other silly law that contravene our rights and liberties.
We seek to restore your legitimate right to make your own choices!
We only need to get a handful of Libertarianz into parliament to raise public awareness of these vital issues and move the debate over to focus on these essentials.
And when we get enough support from the people of New Zealand, we shall institute a Libertarianz Constitution that shall keep democracy in check, by guaranteeing our rights as individuals, protecting us from corrupt laws and mob rule!
We would privatise the health system, the free market making healthcare much cheaper, vastly more efficient, and would place the onus of smoking back on smokers (Ironically this will be cheaper for smokers as we also would remove all the taxes on smokes, which vastly exceeds the current expense incurred of providing healthcare to smokers within the national health system)

I shall finish this rave by making the point that we need to unite together what has been wrongly segregated by socialism, which means we need to grasp the essential unity of our different circumstances, and put aside our superficial petty personal bents in the name of freedom and justice.
I am not asking you to forsake your our moral beliefs, but simply to understand that they are your personal choices and that it is wrong to force others into conforming to your beliefs. Just as you desire the liberty to hold our own beliefs, I simply ask you to love thy neighbour as thyself and grant them the same liberty.

Everyone, such as The Farmers resisting Transpower trespass, and Queens chain access across their land, need to understand
jeopardizes their property rights, and must get in behind Dean Risi and make the state recognize and respect private property also! In so doing they are defending their causes as well.
Non-smokers need to snap out of their desire to impose their beliefs upon their smoking neighbours, realizing that such impositions encourage the state to ignore private property rights and that they themselves are in danger from such a disrespectful government.
We teach our kids not to steel, trespass, or vandalize the private property of others, we need to teach ourselves and our government likewise!
This is an enlightenment! A revolution of the mind, and truly a giant step in social progress!
Election time is at hand, and this is the perfect time to dispose of those Socialist politicians who made a career out of stomping over our rights and liberties and to get fresh resolute men of principle into government to put an end to this nonsense.
Vote Libertarianz!

We are ready to halt the B.S and bring you in from the cold!
Please contact me to find out how you can help agitate for change!
Kind regards

Tim Wikiriwhi

NEW ZEALAND – APRIL 13: Kelly Browne’s bar owner Dean Risi enjoys a drink on the bars opening night. Mr Risi has been treatened with legal action by insurance company AMI for using the name Kelly Browne’s, which also features in the company’s advertising. Photo: Phil Walter/Getty Images
Apr 13, 2000


Conspiracy of Silence.

He who Governs Best, Governs Least.

I have been a Libertarian activist for over a decade and have stood for Parliament and Hamilton City Council, including the Mayoralty many times. It may surprise readers to hear that from first hand experience I can verify the fact that both these different types of Government suffer from the same political diseases and as such they both require the same remedies.
In fact the problems now being faced in Little old Hamilton are identical to the problems faced by our National Parliament, and if we take a Satellite view we can see that these same problems have rendered all the major western democracies chronically Ill with social chaos, and all teeter on the verge of economic collapse. The problem is Socialist over-government, and is caused by politicians overstepping the legitimate bounds of Good government, of an ever expanding sphere of operation, usurping unjust powers and encroaching upon the domain of legitimate liberty and self responsibility. The Bigger the Government, the more expensive it becomes, and so the heavier the burden upon the backs of the population whom must carry it.

Governments can not generate wealth. All they can do is hinder its creation, or bleed it from veins of those who do generate it and either waste it upon their grand delusions, or redistribute it to their Political favorites. This is why Western civilisation is crippled under Rapacious Taxes and Rates, and wallowing in massive debt.

For Ten years I have been standing on my soapbox warning my fellow Countrymen and ratepayers that as surely as the Soviet Union collapsed… so too would our taxes and rates become too heavy to bare, That we would suffer legal oppressions that curtail our freedom and ability to support ourselves and our children, and that we face certain Bankruptcy. I have argued that we must halt this ever expanding socialism and reverse it via a program of Libertarian reforms.
Yet nobody listened.

Not being a wealthy Man I have never been able to afford a real election campaign. I have spent $1000.00, while my competitors have spent $50 000.00.
Another factor that works against me is that having no financial backing and operating as a one man band, I must fund my own campaign and hold down a Job (Im a self employed Engineering Contractor). Thus while Im doing 60 hours a week, my competitors are out having morning tea at election meetings, doing speeches, kissing babies, and making Big promises to satisfy the vested interest of the particular Lobby groups hosting the meetings. I am lucky to make it to the Meetings which happen after hours, to which I am usually knackered after a hard days slog and ill prepared having limited time for speech writing etc (And I like to write pertinent speeches for every occasion rather than Parrot the same general statement at every meeting). Sadly Most Election Meetings are held by special interest groups whom are not looking for the the most principled and upright candidate, but instead are looking for handouts and political favoritism. And most of my political opponents fall over-themselves to outdo each other in offering the grandest political bribes to win the support and votes of these lobby groups.

In a way I don’t think I lose many votes at all by fixing leaking pumps instead of attending these sorts of Meetings as I explain in the following article I paid to get printed in the Local rag ‘Hamilton news’. I wrote it for the last time I stood for Hamilton City council. These Lobby groups don’t want to hear a message of frugality, and so if they actually learn about my Libertarian Ideals, they despise me for them! They know if they vote for me that I wont grant them any favours… so they don’t vote for me.

I post the following article for two reasons. Firstly because I am currently standing for Parliament, and Though this article is about Local body politics, It actually displays the very same rationale which I apply to National politics and how to solve our Economic and social problems on a National scale.

Secondly I post it as a testimony to the fact That I offered Hamilton clear analysis of the Rates crisis that we now suffer and also a rational program of Libertarian reforms to solve the crisis and to keep it from happening again (at least on my watch) .

I want to expose the failure of the so-called Free Press, their pathetic journalism and lack of integrity, in particular the Waikato Times and their failure to appreciate the importance of my candidacy and what I had to say on the essential issues facing Hamilton and our nation. I argue that they have dropped the ball and failed to do their job at informing the people of Hamilton that there was indeed a candidate offering very real alternatives to the status quo. They have failed because they wrote me off as a serious contender because I was not spending thousands of dollars on a campaign, nor am I a local celebrity Ex rugby star etc.

I argue that they ought to have recognized my principles as worthy of attention, in spite of my pitiful campaign. Had they done so, and included me in the public discussion which they control via the daily reporting upon the issues … via decent press coverage I would have built up a formidable profile now and be well known by the voters of Hamilton, and would probably have gained financial backing and other support so that I could afford to run a proper campaign. They have not simply failed me but the people of Hamilton. I must say that the Local Rag ‘Hamilton News’ (was Hamilton This week) has done a much better job in informing the Hamilton people of their choices and has run many of my soap box articles over the years, and I am very grateful to them for this.

I am left to wonder if the editors of the Waikato times actually know that if they gave me equal press coverage that I would become a political force to be reckoned with… and that this is the very reason that have not done so. Ie They have purposely kept me and the people of Hamilton in the dark, for the benefit of the status quo and the powers that be? This is wild speculation. A conspiracy of Silence. I think they simply do not think I have any credibility. That I am a Radical. No matter what the reason, they have made a terrible mistake, which has cost our city Hundreds of Millions of Dollars.

How can I breakthrough this severe obstacle that hinders my prospects of being elected? Ten Years of intelligent and peaceful activism has not worked. Must I blow up a building? (Joke) Sadly it seams The paper only pays attention to sensational/criminal activism such as is common with the Lefty Green and Maori radicals “Direct action and ‘Occupations’. When You are respectful of property rights and the rule of Law… the press are not interested in running your story. This is another failure on their part…not mine. I must battle on. I must be carried by my personal convictions and not be broken by my isolation.
Thank Bill Gates for Blogging! Here is my article enjoy…

‘Revolution At The Roots’. Making Hamilton ’s City Council, Smaller, Better, and more conducive towards prosperity. By Tim Wikiriwhi Independent Candidate for Hamilton West.

Election time is painful for me because it is a time when common sense looses its currency and is trodden underfoot by fanatical lobby groups with vested interests, and forked tongued power hungry politicians who will say and promise the moon for the sake of getting elected. The financial imprudence, and Nannyism of most of these affairs matters little in this feeding frenzy of demands and election bribery. No one raises such common sense realities because election meetings are not about economic realities or justice, but about political power and imposing vested interests upon our communities. Well I wont have a bar any of that. I have decided not to attend lobby group meetings because I dont have any political favors for sale.

I’m not putting up any election signs because I don’t want someone to vote for me just because of my good looks on a billboard. I want people to vote for me because of my principles and financial prudence.

That I did not attend a meeting on getting commuter trains to run between Hamilton and Auckland, or one on city art, does not mean that I have no interest in these various issues, but that I know the council is running in the red with a climbing debt currently at $338.5 million which is projected to blow out to over $700 million before the next decade is through. What this tells me is the junket is over! Past councils have mortgaged us to eyeballs, and getting this debt under control must be the highest priority of the newly elected council.

This is one reason I implore voters to turn a deaf ear to the big talking, big spenders whom have been in council so long they have grown roots! These buffoons have run the city into the red, and yet they continue to promise heaven and earth just to be re elected. I ask voters to not allow themselves to deceived and bankrupted by these incompetent dinosaurs, but to boldly vote in fresh people whom are committed to taking on the hard task of trimming down the size of city council to focus on core infrastructure, and getting the rates burden under control.
Not only will such an approach ease the effects of city council upon Hamiltonians, it will render it far more sustainable, and eliminate the very real environmental risks that occur when essential infrastructure are under funded and neglected due to having an obese council that frivolously wastes money in superfluous enterprises that it ought to left to free enterprise and voluntary community action.

If elected, I will start the dialogue and promote alternative ways to achieve the goals and dreams of Hamiltonians by means that don’t involve an increasing rates burdens or bureaucracy.
The problems that we face in Hamilton are far from unique. Around the world the problem of bloated bankrupt bureaucracy, its mismanagement and suppression of prosperity are reaching such proportions that even Castro’s Cuba is looking at axing hundreds of thousands of State jobs and allowing free enterprise to work its economic miracle.

Books such as “Revolution at the Roots… making our government smaller, better, and closer to home” by William D Eggers and John O’Leary, and “Freedom to choose”, by Nobel prize winner for economics, Milton Friedman have already clearly defined the problems we face, and point the way to recovery, growth and prosperity.
If elected It is the ideas written in such insightful volumes that I will promote in the media so that Hamiltonians can see for themselves the wisdom of reducing the size and scope of Council to essentials, and the benefits that come from maximising free enterprise.

Thus my dream for Hamilton is to have a city council that is trim, and councilors that respect liberty, private property and free enterprise. I envision a council free of small minded Nannyism, peopled with those committed to serving the community not tyrannizing over it.
While some may think my dream lacks grandeur…no Pyramids. No Coliseums, they forget that low rates, sustainable core infrastructure, and economic prosperity are a Win, Win, Win, for everyone, and the way to insure Hamilton’s future greatness built upon the innovations of Hamiltonians themselves whom unburdened by extortionate rates and red tape, can make our city great.

Prosperity will never come by foolishly trusting petty grand standing politicians whom inevitably lead us further into bankruptcy.
Vote Wikiriwhi for Hamilton West!

Update: I think it is well worth mentioning that I am not unique in suffering this Conspiracy. It ought to be Noticed that This has been the lot of the Libertarianz Party as a whole over the last ten years, and is still the case today in the current election. They are locked out of all Media coverage. It may be argued that they are ignored because they dont register on any poll. yet This is a despicable notion. They dont register because they dont get any media coverage! It is a travesty!

Update 2 13-11-11 The Waikato Times is a bloody crap Paper which perverts the democratic process and slopes the playing field in favour of their pet parties and the status Quo. In this saturdays paper they run a large two page story called ‘5 face the music’ They have David Bennet Nat HE, Sehai Orgad Lab HE, Nick Marryatt Green HE, Tim Macindoe Nat HW, Sue Moroney Lab HW. No Garry Mallett Act HE. No Tim Wikiriwhi Independent HW! Its Corrupt! They are Shameful! There will be other candidates they have shafted too! This is a clear demonstration of how the Media of NZ are worse than hopeless… absolutely devoid of integrity.
(HE=Hamilton East HW= Hamilton West)

200 authorized words. Campaigning against Rape.

Sick of the Skyrocketing cost of living? Tired of working harder and longer yet because of tax hikes, having to make do with less? Are you maddened by the many disincentives to improving your own lot, the legacy of successions of National and Labour party incompetence, and mismanagement? Are you enraged they have funneled the taxes of the industrious and sorely pressed working class into the coffers of the filthy rich and incompetently managed corporations?
Have you finally realized their promises of a brighter, fairer future are simply the weasel words of con artists who are in reality running our Nation into the ground, impoverishing us all, and borrowing $400 million per week? Don’t re-employ these fraudsters!
Instead vote for me and receive the very best representation in Parliament. As an Independent Libertarian I’m not obliged to submissively support the agenda of any party Bigwigs. What good have the minions of Labour or National done for Hamilton? My loyalty is strictly to this electorate, and to the people of New Zealand. My integrity is to principles of Justice, not petty partisan politics. This means I can be a much more effective voice in getting your interests heard in the Beehive.

Tim Wikiriwhi is standing in the 2011 General Election in the Hamilton West electorate.
This was written for a Free ad in the Hamilton Press.

Atheism. The Philosophy of Small Minds.

“A little philosophy inclineth man’s mind to atheism, but depth in philosophy bringeth men’s minds about to religion.”
Francis Bacon. English Lawyer and Philosopher. 1561-1626

I have just been made aware that my old Libertarianz Party comrade and Randoid Zealot Peter Cresswell has posted a Carlin vid on his Blog Not PC entitled ‘Religion is Bullshit’.

Now I would like to point out that as a Bible believing Christian I 99.999% agree with that sentiment, yet here is the Rub. Its absolutely wrong to think that because there is a mountain of Bullshit in Religion, that that is proof that all religion is Bullshit or that there is no God! *That’s a false assumption* That is like saying Because Adolf Hitler was one of the most wicked human beings ever to walk the Earth and one of the Biggest Liars, that that means Everything he ever did was wicked, and that everything he ever said was a lie. Which is nothing but a gross assumption that no intelligent person will accept. *Yet this is exactly the sort of vacuous argument wooly headed Atheists like Carlin and Cresswell employ*. This Bogus way of thinking is also the basis for Richard Dawkins ‘The God delusion’. It is also laughable to see Atheists burry their Heads in the sands of self denial with their big fat Superstitious Butts exposed for all to see chanting “I’m not religious”. ..”I’m scientific”….”I’m Rational”. Ha! Atheism is a man made superstition not supported by Science, or clear and objective reasoning. In fact Because Atheism is a negitive, It is definitivly impossible to prove and therefore can only be embraced by blind whim and when they claim to have reason and science on their side they are trying to sell you flies. Planet Atheism is nothing more than the ‘Happy place’ for pessimistic Haters.
Tim Wikiriwhi.
“The fool hath said in his heart there is no God” Solomon ‘The Wise’. Psalm 14vs1.

Update: See another Carlin Video… “You have no rights”

Materialism renders Man Nought. Meaning-less, Value-less, Right-less


The Late Great Libertarian Christian Philosopher Francis Schaeffer explains why The philosophy of Libertarian Inalienable rights is the historic fruit of the Judeo-Christian world view, and that Atheist Materialism is the Death of all morality, and human value, and has no basis for objective Law. This explains why with the growth of Atheism, Democratic Nations like America and New Zealand have become exposed to unchecked Mobocracy, having removed belief in God given inalienable rights and objective morality. What remains is the arbitrary whim of the masses. In the atheist reality there is no Higher authority. Any ‘Rights’ we now possess may be removed at any moment. They are no longer Inalienable but dependent upon the whims of Parliament. To restore true Libertarian rights *As sacred* is my Mission. I preach the Gospel Of the Grace of God, so that sinners might be saved, and also to restore faith in the Judeo-Christian cosmology which underpins human value, objective morality, esp The Rights of the individual. Many modern Christians have forsaken the Political Enlightenment that followed in the wake of the Reformation, and have been led down the garden path into tyranny and subjection by the ‘Humanist’ worldview. I seek to recover them from the snare of Devil, and restore faith in the trustworthiness of the Bible and the foundations of Liberty and equality. It has taken strong delusions to blind Christianity to the truths which I hold to be self-evident: That God created Man equal and endowed him with certain inalienable rights… Tim Wikiriwhi.

Atheism has no basis for Rights… or Morals.

The Late George Carlin… Rabid atheist and Iconoclast tells you honestly what Atheism really means… The end of all value and morality. He would laugh in Ayn Rands face! He exposes Rand as a Fraud and second-hander …. whom plagiarizes the values of Christianity and foolishly attempts to ground them in the vacuum of atheist materialism! Calling her Philosophy ‘Objectivism’ no more makes it truly Objective than calling a party ‘Labour’ actually makes it truly benevolent towards the working class! Rand actually abandoned a tyrannical atheist country (Russia) for the safety and liberty of a Christian Nation (America), and then proceeded to undermine the very foundations of Freedom! Enlightened Protestant Christianity. Russia embraced the ideas of the Karl Marx, whom based his Collectivist Totalitarian State upon ‘Scientism’ (Atheist Materialism) and the denial of God given inalienable rights. Lenin further argued that ‘Whatever actions benefited the cause of ‘the Party’ (the State) and its ambitions for World socialist Revolution *was moral*. Murder etc are all acceptible means being justified by the ends (Utilitarianism). The Socialists believe the Individual has no rights but exists for the sake of the state. Under Atheism there are no objective values or ethics. Ethics are superstitions… illusory. Scientifically speaking all that really exists to the Materialist way of thinking are the cold and indifferent Laws of physics and chemistry.
Tim Wikiriwhi.
P.S You Objectivists…Paybacks are a Bitch aye! You have taken great pleasure in Blaspheming Christ so please don’t bleat too loudly that I now repay you in kind! Surely you didn’t expect Christianity to cowardly run away from your profanities and delusions?
Yet do not utterly despair. When I get around to it I will lay out the basis of a social compact by which we Christians can coexist with you silly Infidels in Liberty and equality, that is if you are capable of reaching such an accord. The fundamental principle which I shall elaborate upon as the basis of peace and hope between our conflicting worldviews is the principle of ‘The consent of the governed’ and it hinges upon the notion that there are some commonly held desires which form *an overlapping consensus* between all peoples of tolerance and peace, and that via religious liberty a civilization… a free society of equality and justice can be founded and maintained.
Then we can carry on our Ideological warfare like civilized enemies… via free speech, free press, etc.

Guy Fawkes. Agent of The AntiChrist.

Guy Fawkes night is creepy! Yet raise your glasses high Ye Liberty Lovers!
As a Libertarian Christian it creeps me out to think about how as a child I took great pleasure in making a Guy for the Bonfire. It bothers me that in my innocence that the sight of a Man burning at the stake did not provoke in me any horror whatsoever… but joy.
Pondering this I shudder at the thought of times and places where Real Men and woman were burned on bonfires, and worse still many of these were Heroic and Righteous people, completely innocent of any wrongdoing. They were victims of persecution and corrupt Laws and Governments, and Religious intolerance. Many were like myself… fringe dwellers labeled Unorthodox ‘Heretics’ and Non-conformists whom dared to challenge the Authority and Doctrines of the Orthodox Church.
Yet Guy Fawkes was not Officially a Heretic , nor was he burned at the stake. For the crime of High treason, He was Hung, Drawn, and Quartered! This is a process in which after being dragged through the streets and Hung on the Gallows, the Body is then cut into 4 pieces. These were then usually fed to Dogs.
All this heinous business churns the stomach and one may wonder why it is that 400 years after the barbaric punishment of Guy Fawkes we still celebrate the event? It is here where I must say that despite the atrocious fate of Guy Fawkes, I am a Fan of this celebration as it memorializes one of the most important circumstances of Providence in establishing Liberty in Western Civilization. Today there is a lot of Fireworks and money changing hands yet the truth behind this celebration is all but forgotten. Let me touch briefly upon the monumental events of the time and activities of Guy Fawkes, and revive understanding of the true meaning of this strange Day.

1605 Guy Fawkes was a devout Catholic, a Jesuit, and enemy of the Protestant King of England and Scotland James the 1st. The Jesuits were a Machiavellian Order…the KGB of the Catholic Church. They were involved in Covert / black opps and because King James had authorized an official translation of the Bible into English, The Catholic Church had marked him for Assassination. The last thing they wanted was the Bible placed into the hands of the common Man! They wanted to maintain their Monopoly on the word of God, the control of which left the populations of Europe at the mercy of the Priest-craft of the church of Rome. In these times Protestant Christians called the Pope the Antichrist, and as if to prove them absolutely right, his Satanic church moved to suppress The word of God from reaching the common Englishman. Enter Guy Fawkes and the Gun powder plot. He was caught planting Gun power in the cellars of the House of Lords to be detonated when King James was in attendance. After getting a forced confession He was sentenced to death and executed. There is not space here to lay out just how dire it would have been to the Liberation of Western Civilization from the yoke of religious tyranny had the Plot succeeded. When the Authorised King James Bible was published in 1611 the effect was Explosive! It is no exaggeration to rank its publication as the single greatest impetus to Freedom and Justice in Modern history. I will leave you with a 200 word letter I sent into the Waikato Times earlier this year in celebration of the 400th anniversary of the KJV.

Dear Ed…This year marks the 400th anniversary of the 1611 King James Bible. Its publication was the greatest single event of the Protestant Reformation inspiring enlightenment, religious toleration, independent thought, and justice among English speaking peoples and beyond. It was onboard the ships of the Pilgrim fathers whom set sail for America desiring freedom from old world tradition and ‘orthodoxy’. An explosion of denominations and sects occurred, which many conservatives mistake as a great evil, when in truth this represents true religious liberty from the tyranny of priest craft and the establishment. Tom Payne quoted the KJV in his ‘Common Sense’ sparking the American Revolution. John Locke used it in formulating his two treaties on civil government upon which Jefferson founded the American Declaration of Independence. It was the Mighty sword used by Wilberforce to end slavery in the British Empire , and later fostered the fraternal inspiration of North American abolition. The Font of civilization, it dispatched brave Church missionaries down to the antipodes to liberate savage tribes from superstition, cannibalism, and lawlessness. It was often upon the lips of Martin Luther King jr calling for peaceful civil disobedience in the fight for equal rights for blacks, etc. Praise God Almighty!
Tim Wikiriwhi

Nothing less than this entire history was at stake in 1605. As a Libertarian, I’m sure glad Guy Fawkes failed. I celebrate the survival of King James the first as an act of Divine Providence from which Western civilization embarked upon the road to religious liberty and enlightenment.

Picture: Painting of the Radical Abolitionist John Brown who inspired by the King James Bible set about to overthrow slavery in the American South by force of arms. Some believe him to be a murderer, Yet in my view He was a righteous Man. He did nothing which was not done on a much grander scale in the Civil War which soon followed after his capture and execution. For an interesting first hand account of this Radical Christian and the abolition of slavery in America I suggest reading ‘The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass.’

The Sheeple have spoken. BAAAAAA!

Its General election time, which is so bloody depressing its enough to drive me to drink. Elections in New Zealand are a demonstration of mass stupidity. The Sheeple actually believe that in choosing between John Keys National and Phil Goffs Labour parties that they are actually involved in making real and important moral and economic choices! The depressing reality is both these parties pedal the same Nanny state socialism, so much so that no matter which of these Parties are elected… Our country is buggered and will continue paddling down Poo creek!

There are of course other choices available, Consistent principles are the exception, Contradictions the norm, nonetheless some of the other options are much better than the status quo (those few parties who wish to implement Libertarian reforms), and then there are others which are much much worse (Parties which seek to impose even more obscene socialist inequalities and injustices, heavy handed regulations and prohibitions). It is a situation to be lamented that the former are not more popular, but to be celebrated in the latter. The sheeple are locked into the two party tunnel vision. Though MMP has been around for 15 years they still vote traditionally…as if still under FPP. I would not at all be surprised if the referendum on MMP comes back in favour of restoring some form of FPP. This referendum itself is a travesty considering the Real referendum ought to be on ending the apartheid electoral rolls and Race based seats which is a much more dire situation!

Thus I have resigned to the inevitability that nothing will change after the election
our nation we will remain an oppressive little xenophobic tyranny, and continue to slide into economic oblivion at a rate of $400+ million per week.
Satan Laughing spreads his wings… and John Key smuggly grins.

Evil prevails when good men do nothing.
It is into this cesspool of insanity that Richard and I are about to dive Head first. Richard standing as a list candidate for the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party and in the Mana electorate , and I myself as an independent Libertarian candidate for Hamilton West. I have no delusions of success, yet am driven to represent my Libertarian Ideals out of personal conviction that it is the Christian thing to do, and to give that small minority of Libertarians (of all faiths) a haven for their conscience. Some reading this will think Richard and I are fools, and that voting for us is to waste your vote. To that I say…. BAAA! *Your wooly thinking is the very reason why our country is enslaved to the National/ Labour parties… and on the road to hell!
As Jesse Ventura, Governor of Minnesota once said “The only wasted vote is one not following your own conscience..” . Richard and I are giving voters *Real choices* And by standing we hold the voters to account for their Sheepish stupidity… because we give them the option to choose Justice, to vote for reform, and for prosperity. “He who governs best, governs least” Thomas Jefferson.
Tim Wikiriwhi

If only Hamiltonians had listened to me. Your 38 million dollar mistake!

Hamilton V8s

Before Mayor Mike Redman was in a position to bankrupt Hamilton. I stood beside him on the campaign trail and told Hamiltonians that the City council ought to be restricted to maintaining core utilities, and not be involved in sporting events, Art, etc. We had already been impoverished by the last Mayor, David Braithwaite who built the Rugby stadium… which was another Mega million dollar budget blow out. Yet the people ignored my advise and were beguiled by this smooth talker in a fancy suit who mocked my frugality, and instead preached his scripted Big Council vision. Well The Sheeple got what they voted for and are now paying the price. The V8s have cost Hamilton Ratepayers $38 000 000.00. Redman was supported in his decision by most of the same elected morons whom rubber-stamped the new stadium. At least Redman has done the right thing and quit his Super city job, and is now calling upon Hamilton City Councilors to do the same. We need to have another local body election.

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