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Waving my arms in the air

South Africa Mandela Interpreter


South Africa Mandela Interpreter

Waving my arms in the air 
Love, my love, got no care 
No care, no, no, pressing my feet to the ground 
Stand up right where you stand 
Call to you and what do you do 
Laying back in a chair? 
She’s so high on the air 
She’s so high on the air 
Half and half, half and half 
All you have to do to call 
Is hold her hand, stand a while 
And then smile and we’ll understand 
Yes we do – yes, yes we do! 
Oh what a girl I’ve got too! 
Oh what a girl I’ve got too! 
With her slinky look she held her tie to her hair 
(and I) could see everywhere 
No-one in the land, no-one 
No-one in the land, no-one 
But it rains on Saturday – cats and dogs in the hay 
Stormy day, hey, hey 
And you shouldn’t try to be 
What you can’t be 
And you shouldn’t try to be 
What you can’t be 
Call to you and what do you do

Ministry of Dissimulation

Dissimulation is the truth and nothing but the truth. But it’s not the whole truth.

Dissimulation is a form of deception in which one conceals the truth. It consists of concealing the truth, or in the case of half-truths, concealing parts of the truth, like inconvenient or secret information. Dissimulation differs from simulation, in which one exhibits false information.

Now there’s nothing wrong with forgetting to mention key facts. But there’s something very wrong with intentionally omitting to mention them for one’s own nefarious purposes. That’s dishonesty.


Remember Juicy Puff?

It is, or was, a Cosmic Corner brand of fake cannabis. It has an interesting history. Back in July 2011 it was suddenly ordered off the shelves by the government and removed from sale .

A company ordered by the Ministry of health today to remove a legal alternative to cannabis says it had no idea it contained a prescription drug.

Director-general of health Kevin Woods ordered Cosmic Corner Limited today not to sell Juicy Puff Super Strength because it contained a benzodiazepine called phenazepam.

The same medicine was found in Kronic Pineapple Express ordered off the shelves by the government on Thursday.

Dr Woods said phenazepam could only be legally supplied when prescribed by a doctor or other prescriber.

It was not available in New Zealand and used only in one country for the short-term treatment of anxiety and as an anticonvulsant.

Phenazepam is an obscure benzodiazapine. So obscure, in fact, that many countries have not gotten around to making it illegal. So it is readily available online from legal high suppliers. The same suppliers who supply the synthetic cannabinoid(s) that are the active ingredients in fake cannabis products such as Juicy Puff!

However, the company said it was only a retailer of the product and did not manufacture or import the product.

Company spokesman, Mark Carswell said Juicy Puff Super Strength was one synthetic cannabinoid blend out of the fifteen sold by Cosmic to have been contaminated by a small amount, 240 parts per million, of the prescription medicine phenazepam.

The product had been purchased in good faith from an Auckland firm, London Underground, he said.

“Juicy Puff Super Strength is not intended to contain phenazepam, and Cosmic was not aware that it contained phenazepam.”

Cosmic would cooperate with the Ministry of Health to ensure a safe and efficient recall, Mr Carswell said.

People should return all unused Juicy Puff Super Strength product to any Cosmic store and they would be given a store credit.

Industry leaders would meet on Monday to consider a code of practice incorporating a testing standards to ensure materials were screened for contaminants.

It was a clear case of contamination. (Warning: May contain traces of nuts phenazepam.)

Of course, Juicy Puff was soon back on the shelves. Minus the phenazepam. Also, I expect its active ingredient(s) changed from time to time over the next couple of years, each time Peter Dunne banned its active ingredient(s) at the time with a Temporary Class Drug Notice.




Does Duncan Garner remember Juicy Puff?!

If the existence of idiots who ignore simple instructions, well-intentioned advice and plain old common sense is a sufficient reason to ban a psychoactive product, then Garner made a convincing case! Perhaps that was his intent. Duncan Garner is a prohibitionist. Whereas spokesman for the legal highs industry, Grant Hall, also smoked the product on camera at Radio Live. Recreationally. No worries.

That was back in May this year. By that time, and since, the active ingredient in Juicy Puff was, and has been, AB-FUBINACA.


Do I remember Juicy Puff?

I certainly do. It was one of my favourite fake cannabis brands. AB-FUBINACA is one of the best synthetic cannabinoids out there. It’s very trippy. You only need ONE toke of the stuff and you’re stoned as! (Someone should have told Duncan Garner.) In my experience, another couple of tokes will get you a bit more stoned, but after that don’t bother. The effects of the drug seem to have a ceiling. Also, tolerance builds very rapidly. And it leaves a truly disgusting chemical taste in your mouth. For flavour, the naturally occurring terpenes in cannabis can’t be beat. In fact, smoking herbal cannabis is a better, safer experience in all respects.

Cannabis can get you through times of no money better than money can get you through times of no cannabis. But in times of no cannabis, I’ve sometimes gone into Cosmic Corner and scored myself some Juicy Puff. But last time I went to buy some Juicy Puff at Cosmic Corner it wasn’t there. I asked Cosmic Corner where it had gone, but they were unforthcoming with any information other than confirming that it had gone.


Does the Ministry of Health remember Juicy Puff?

I figured that if it had been banned, the Ministry of Health would have notified us of the fact on their Interim product approvals web page.

In the past, when products given interim approval have subsequently had their interim approvals revoked, they’ve been *cut* from the page section headed Interim product approvals and *pasted* into the page section below headed Interim product approvals refused and revoked. Minus the information about the identity of the now banned active ingredient and its quantity. Why would the MoH delete that information?

But this time, it’s worse. Juicy Puff has altogether *disappeared* from the MoH web page. It’s not just that the Ministry has acted to conceal the identity of the active ingredient in Juicy Puff and its quantity. They’ve acted to conceal the fact that Juicy Puff ever existed!

Do you think I’m being paranoid? Well, recently I’ve been worrying a lot that I’m being paranoid. I figure that means that either I’m paranoid or I have an anxiety disorder. Either way, I’m not a well man. But I digress.

It came to my attention recently that Juicy Puff has, in fact, been banned or discontinued. Well, it has according to the Dominion Post, and here’s why.

Juicy Puff: Unconsciousness, seizures.

I think I know why Juicy Puff is gone from the official records. Back when it was still on the official records, and available to buy from Cosmic Corner, this is what the MoH told us about Juicy Puff.

Product name Psychoactive substance(s) Quantity Company name Physical address  Status Interim product approval number
Juicy Puff AB-FUBINACA 30mg per gm Cosmic Corner Limited 26-28 Essex Street, Christchurch 8006 Under consideration P0035

This is what the MoH tells us now about nine other products still on the market.

Product name Psychoactive substance(s) Quantity Company name Physical address  Status Interim product approval number
Apocalypse AB-Fubinaca 100mg/g Eversons International Ltd 5 Fitzroy Place, Christchurch Licence issued P0005
Outbreak AB-Fubinaca 100mg/g Eversons International Ltd 5 Fitzroy Place, Christchurch Licence issued P0006
illusion Peak AB-FUBINACA 40mg per gm Platinum Marketing Limited c/o Shieff Angland, P O Box 2180, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140 Licence issued P0026
Amsterdam Havana Special AB-FUBINACA 35mg per gm Platinum Marketing Limited c/o Shieff Angland, P O Box 2180, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140 Licence issued P0028
Blueberry Crush AB-FUBINACA 35mg per gm Platinum Marketing Limited c/o Shieff Angland, P O Box 2180, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140 Licence issued P0031
Tai High Bubble Berry AB-FUBINACA 45mg per gm Herbal Exports Limited P O Box 305062, Triton Plaza, Auckland 0757 Licence issued P0044
Master Kush AB-FUBINACA 45mg per gm Herbal Exports Limited P O Box 305062, Triton Plaza, Auckland 0757 Licence issued P0046
Lemon Grass AB-FUBINACA 40mg per gm Orbital Distribution Ltd 8 Cranwell St, Henderson, Auckland Licence issued P0051
Choco Haze AB-FUBINACA 40mg per gm Orbital Distribution Ltd 8 Cranwell St, Henderson, Auckland Licence issued P0052

Yes, that’s right. ALL contain the active ingredient AB-FUBINACA. All contain the active ingredient in amounts per gram GREATER than the amount per gram contained in Juicy Puff.

I put it to you that the Ministry of Dissimulation doesn’t want us to know that NINE products whose approval they haven’t revoked contain the very same ingredient—that purportedly causes UNCONSCIOUSNESS and SEIZURES—in amounts per gram greater than the one product whose approval has gone.

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” (NIV)

See also Ministry of Stupid.

Comfortably Numb : Confessions of a Nyctophilliac.

There is a common excuse that ‘You cant choose what you believe’… this is self delusion.
In reality we all choose to believe what we do, it just a matter of what moves us.
Some of us are more objective than others … yet being human, psychology still plays a massive roll.
We kid ourselves if we think we are without personal prejudice.

nyctophilia… “an abnormal preference for the night over the day.”


^^^ This meme I ‘liberated’ from the excellent facebook page ‘The Illogical Atheist’ because it vindicates an argument I made in a previous post Nyctophilia: Hiding in the Dark….
Through this meme… The Horse speaketh!

The important thing to appreciate is that many people choose to be atheists because they seek to pretend there are no morals by which they are duty bound.
They block out any and all objective facts of reality or sound arguments that challenge their coveted Nihilism…. closing their eyes, and their minds to any truth which threatens to awaken them from their Meaningless, purposeless, Conscienceless dream.
They keep chanting to themselves… “There is no God”.

In the words of Perfect Circles Maynard James Keenan…
“Best to keep things in the shallow end.
Because I never quite learned how to swim.
I just didn’t want to know”

Read more about my take on Music as a religion… Jim Morrison…. Maynard James Keenan Here>>> Jimi vs Jesus

More…. Nyctophilia: Hiding in the Dark….

“Keep things in the shallow end… because I just didn’t want to know…”

Seether: Know Thyself. How can a Good God exist when there is so much evil in the world? Part 5.

I’ve got big boobs


Angie Schuller Wyatt (pictured above) is the author of God and Boobs: Balancing Faith and Sexuality. is Angie Schuller Wyatt’s website and also a Faceboob page.

Angie Schuller Wyatt is the granddaughter of celebrated televangelist Dr. Robert H Schuller.
Did we go from Hour of Power to breasts like towers in just two generations? I think we did.



What does the Bible say about breasts? What does my co-blogger Tim (pictured above) say about breasts? More than the Bible. His cups runneth over. Breasts have long been one of Tim’s good keen manly interests, but Standing up for Justice more important than Personal Ambitions.

AC/DC is not a cup size. They’re ballbreaking Aussie rock legends! AC/DC wrote the song Big Balls which was the musical accompaniment to my other post I’ve got big balls. So I think big boobs should be the musical accompaniment to this one. (This is the breast cover of an AC/DC song I’ve ever seen.)

One of these days I’m going to cut you into little pieces


“Come, let us return to the Lord.
He has torn us to pieces
    but he will heal us;
he has injured us
    but he will bind up our wounds.
After two days he will revive us;
    on the third day he will restore us,
    that we may live in his presence.
Let us acknowledge the Lord;
    let us press on to acknowledge him.
As surely as the sun rises,
    he will appear;
he will come to us like the winter rains,
    like the spring rains that water the earth.”

“What can I do with you, Ephraim?
    What can I do with you, Judah?
Your love is like the morning mist,
    like the early dew that disappears.
Therefore I cut you in pieces with my prophets,
    I killed you with the words of my mouth—
    then my judgments go forth like the sun.
For I desire mercy, not sacrifice,
    and acknowledgment of God rather than burnt offerings.” (NIV)

The human condition


The human condition. We’ve all got it.

I’m almost surprised that the human condition didn’t make it into the APA’s recently released DSM-5. The DSM-5 is the is the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. The APA is the American Psychiatric Association and the vanguard in the medical profession’s quest to medicalise all aspects of everyday life. If you think I’m being cynical, just read the DSM-5. You’re in it. And so are all your friends. We’re all in it together. The human condition.

What’s that you say? You read the DSM-5 cover to cover and you’re not in it? Sounds diagnostic to me! Clearly, you’re in denial. Denial’s symptomatic of half the mental disorders in the book! So I’m afraid you’re only fooling yourself. But never fear, the APA is here! Here to help you trade denial for acceptance and cold comfort for change. Soon everything will be all right. The struggle will be finished. You’ll win victory over yourself and love the APA.

Are we feeling comfortably numb yet?

I’ve always felt trapped by the human condition. Even to the point of contemplating knocking on the wrong door. But, thank God, I’ve always thought outside the box I’m stuck in, too. And here’s today’s Q&A. What to do about the human condition? There is NO dilemma. Denial or acceptance? A pox on both their houses! There is a third way. Transcendence. Not as in some mystical cop-out. As in break out of the box and set yourself free!

I’ve always wanted to be more God-like.

Of course, I haven’t always been a Christian but, one way or another, I’ve always been a transhumanist. Christianity is a doctrine of transcendence and the recommended (and only) path. But even if you don’t agree—and I know many of you are averse to “religion”—would you please at least make sure you’re signed up to some other transhumanism? Join me. Otherwise, who let you out? Back in your box!

Vote AGAINST the Psychoactive Substances Bill

Dear MP,

Please vote AGAINST the Psychoactive Substances Bill.

Animals must not experience suffering for economic or entertainment reasons.

It is morally abhorrent to me, as it is to John Banks and all right-thinking people, “that animals will be in pain and will die all in the name of people wanting to take drugs on the weekend.”

Not in my name.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Goode
Christian libertarian (who wants to take drugs on the weekend)


“Stoner Dog” is just an Internet meme. Let’s keep him that way!

Please email your MPs today with your message, here is a list of names and email addresses.


John Banks <>

(OK, so John Banks doesn’t need any convincing, but you could try to convince him it would be a good idea to legalise cannabis. He’s been known to change his mind on human rights issues before.)


Russel Norman <>
Metiria Turei <>
Steffan Browning <>
David Clendon <>
Catherine Delahunty <>
Julie Genter <>
Kennedy Graham <>
Kevin Hague <>
Gareth Hughes <>
Jan Logie <>
Mojo Mathers <>
Denise Roche <>
Eugenie Sage <>
Holly Walker <>


Peter Dunne <>
Brendan Horan <>


Jacinda Ardern <>
Carol Beaumont <>
David Clark <>
Clayton Cosgrove <>
David Cunliffe <>
Clare Curran <>
Lianne Dalziel <>
Ruth Dyson <>
Kris Faafoi <>
Darien Fenton <>
Phil Goff <>
Chris Hipkins <>
Raymond Huo <>
Shane Jones <>
Annette King <>
Iain Lees-Galloway <>
Andrew Little <>
Moana Mackey <>
Nanaia Mahuta <>
Trevor Mallard <>
Sue Moroney <>
Damien Oconnor <>
David Parker <>
Rajen Prasad <>
Grant Robertson <>
Ross Robertson <>
David Shearer <>
Su’a William Sio <>
Maryan Street <>
Rino Tirikatene <>
Phil Twyford <>
Louisa Wall <>
Meka Whaitiri <>
Megan Woods <>


Hone Harawira <>


Pita Sharples <>
Tariana Turia <>
Te Ururoa Flavell <>


Amy Adams <>
Shane Ardern <>
Chris Auchinvole <>
Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi <>
Maggie Barry <>
David Bennett <>
Paula Bennett <>
Chester Borrows <>
Simon Bridges <>
Gerry Brownlee <>
Cam Calder <>
David Carter <>
Jonathan Coleman <>
Judith Collins <>
Jacqui Dean <>
Bill English <>
Chris Finlayson <>
Craig Foss <>
Paul Foster-Bell <>
Paul Goldsmith <>
Jo Goodhew <>
Tim Groser <>
Nathan Guy <>
Claudette Hauiti <>
John Hayes <>
Phil Heatley <>
Tau Henare <>
Paul Hutchison <>
Steven Joyce <>
Nikki Kaye <>
John Key <>
Colin King <>
Melissa Lee <>
Sam Lotu-Iiga <>
Tim Macindoe <>
Todd McClay <>
Murray McCully <>
Ian McKelvie <>
Mark Mitchell <>
Alfred Ngaro <>
Simon Oconnor <>
Hekia Parata <>
Jami-Lee Ross <>
Eric Roy <>
Tony Ryall <>
Mike Sabin <>
Katrina Shanks <>
Scott Simpson <>
Nick Smith <>
Lindsay Tisch <>
Anne Tolley <>
Chris Tremain <>
Louise Upston <>
Nicky Wagner <>
Kate Wilkinson <>
Maurice Williamson <>
Michael Woodhouse <>
Jian Yang <>
Jonathan Young <>


Asenati Lole-Taylor <>
Tracey Martin <>
Denis O’Rourke <>
Winston Peters <>
Richard Prosser <>
Barbara Stewart <>
Andrew Williams <>


Syd Barrett


Pink Floyd facebook… Today, in 2006, Roger Keith “Syd” Barrett sadly passed away. What Barrett song(s) are you playing today to remember him?


IMHO … Pink Floyd could well be the greatest band of all time and Syd Barrett was central to their formation… and yet… Though this may be a tad fickle… what I liked best about Sid Barrett is that he went mad.
Why I say this is because Pink Floyd got much better when he left and the loss they felt inspired some of their best work…. Shine on you Crazy Diamonds!

It doesn’t feel right sayin this.
Of course musical taste is to a large extent subjective…. culturally relative.. and the value of an Individual’s ‘contribution’ …the weight of their Soul…their humanity, character, and ‘light’ is generally speaking (but not always) best appreciated by those who knew them.