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Tim Wikiriwhi represents Affordable Waikato in the Hamilton City Council Elections. Mayor and West Ward.

Copy of HCC Elections 2013 005

Due to gross incompetence our city wallows in high rates and crippling debt.
Yet still I believe Hamilton could become New Zealand’s premier city via the rigorous application of the principles endorsed by Nobel Prize winner for economics Milton Friedman.
Reducing Council interference with private property, individual liberty, and business will allow you to realize your full potential.

Hamiltonian’s interests are best served when Council keeps costs down.
Lower rates means lower rents, and ultimately lower food and petrol bills.
Lower rates gives Hamilton business’s the greatest advantage to compete both domestically and globally.
While you forge a brighter future, I’ll focus on the reduction of city debt and rates by running a tight ship.
Council should stick to essential utilities.
I will promote community interests by soliciting philanthropy from the Private sector, encouraging voluntary community initiatives to develop art, charity and culture.
Let’s think smart, and aim for success.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Affordable Waikato.

Married to a Megalomaniac…


It was with amusement that I read an NZ Herald article today which said….
“…The way you sleep may reveal aspects of your personality, with dark traits such as narcissism and cheating linked to night owls.

A study by researchers in Sydney and Liverpool has found the “dark triad” of personality traits – narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism – are linked to those who prefer to stay up late….”

Read more >>>here<<< How much weight should a person like myself ... a man with political ambitions, and who also has difficulty getting to bed before midnight.... place on such assertions? Am I supposed to believe that I stay up late 'scheming' and 'revolutionizing'....and that typically my latest activism being putting myself into the Local body Elections for the Hamilton city Council... is real evidence.... not of the fact that because I work a 10 hour day, that the night time is my only opportunity to defend and promote my Ideals and values... Not because I really give a shit about Freedom and Justice.... Not because of carrying the weight that because There is no one else.... not one other Libertarian Candidate standing in Hamilton... that unless I step up... no one will... Not because of my conviction that not to stand, means Evil must prevail... But instead.... according to this 'Study'....that All those Ideas that *I believe* and hold dear are instead... evidence of my Narcissism... My Psychopathy.... My Machaelellianism???? Ie Are the things which I consider to be tokens of my virtue and good character in reality Signposts of my Base Character and self delusion? What pains me the most is that my own Wife thinks this is so. It is indescribably painful when the person who has spent the last 20 years with you and is supposed to be closest to you... and is supposed to understand your Heart and Soul... can write off your most cherished Beliefs and values... as merely personal Vanity! I stagger in contemplation that even my own wife thinks I'm a Fraud! Obviously she does not give a Rat's arse about the things I hold Dear. I write this Blog with full confidence that unless someone tells her about my comments here ....she will never know about them. She never bothers to read my work.... she obviously has more important... Less Diabolical... things on her mind. But Let's be honest... Is not the Headline 'Tim Wikiriwhi For Mayor' a statement reeking of Psychopathic Narcissism!?? I know that. Do I have an over-inflated sense of my own importance? I know that my chances for success at the elections are no better than the other 8-10 times I have stepped forward. Is that in itself a valid reason for me not to bother? Should I appreciate and submit to that? I hear Satan's Laughter... and cackling of the mob. None the less I Stand. How can my wife believe I do this for fun.... for Vanity? It's an Ordeal. An Obligation. I do it for my community... For my Children.... And yes.... for my own conscience and self esteem. Yet if someone else would step forward I would be greatly relieved! I think Ill have another Beer. I'm in no rush to go to bed. I have a world to Dominate!... no wait that's Socialism..... :-) The thing is that when I do hit the hay... my conscience is clear, and I still have a vision and hope to share... I have spent this evening getting my nomination forms sorted... my Profile pic, and my Election profile statements done. I need to get my A into town tomorrow before noon to get registered.... that's the cut off and typical Tim style I have left it to the last moments to decide to run.... If I don't make tomorrow's deadline... I will be disqualified. Copy of HCC Elections 2013 005

Tim Wikiriwhi For Mayor/ Hamilton West!

…Due to gross incompetence our city wallows in high rates and crippling debt.
Yet still I believe Hamilton could become New Zealand’s premier city via the rigorous application of the principles endorsed by Nobel Prize winner for economics Milton Friedman.
Reducing bureaucratic interference with private property, individual liberty, and business will allow you to realize your full potential.

Hamiltonian’s interests are best served when Council keeps costs down.
Lower rates means lower rents, and ultimately lower food and petrol bills.
Lower rates gives Hamilton business’s the greatest advantage to compete both domestically and globally.
While you forge a brighter future, I’ll focus on the reduction of city debt and rates by running a tight ship.
Council should stick to essential utilities.
I will promote community interests by soliciting philanthropy from the Private sector, encouraging voluntary community initiatives to develop art, charity and culture.
Let’s think smart, and aim for success.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Affordable Waikato.


The Big Con. Lew Rockwell


Click>>>> Enslaved by your own Gullible Stupidity! Taxation and Tyranny.


Click>>>>> Tim Wikiriwhi’s Submission to the New Zealand Government’s Constitutional Review. 2013

Crank it up….

Bumper Stickers of Yesteryear: #1

Why Are We Waiting?

Support Transmission Gully   The Evening Post

I spotted this bumper sticker on the way to work today. (The driver and the vehicle were also looking a bit the worse for yesteryear, which is why I noticed them.)

Mature readers from Wellington might like to try to remember the year that Wellington’s morning paper The Dominion and Wellington’s evening paper The Evening Post merged to become today’s metropolitan daily The Dominion Post.


Transmission Gully. What’s it good for?

Mainly for getting Peter Dunne re-elected, that’s what.

But now it’s the end of the line.

Should soft drugs be decriminalised?

Should soft drugs (cannabis & synthetic cannabinoids) be decriminalised? YES or NO?

You can vote YES tonight (Wednesday 22 May) between 8.30 pm and 9.30 pm on The Vote.


Watch the sane, sensible Regulators (Ross Bell, Grant Hall, Jeremy McMinn) smoke the rabid, disinformed Prohibitionists (Janie Annear, Mike Sabin, Wayne Poutoa) tonight at 8.30 pm on TV3.

Join the debate here.

Hamilton and Wellington Rate payers, and Renters Beware! The Wolf of Socialism is at your Door. ‘Living wage’

Update: 21-5-13

To my horror I have just discovered that Hamilton City Council has just voted to become the First City council to be a ‘Living wage employer’!!!!
Thus all the things I have said about this Socialist threat to Wellington (below) now also applies to my home town the Tron!
The HCC intend to roll this out within the next two years.
I will be standing for City Council with the express purpose of making sure this Ruling is overturned before it gets implemented.
Tim Wikiriwhi for Hamilton Mayor!

Read about this new threat to Hamilton here…

living wagee
Beautiful Mermaids of ‘Living Wage Aotearoa New Zealand’… Heed my warnings my shipmates!
Doom awaits all who fall under the Siren’s spell!

The following appeared on my face book feed…
Living Wage Aotearoa New Zealand.
Wellington leaders are currently before the Wellington City Council asking for their support for the Living Wage and for them to become a Living Wage employer. A huge turn out of support from the community. The room is absolutely packed. The Wellington Deputy Mayor says it’s the most packed the room has been in a very, very long time. — with Paul Eagle.

living wage!/photo.php?fbid=477016312369379&set=a.334217839982561.74059.322397127831299&type=1&theater

Living wage Aotearoa facebook page here:!/LivingWageAotearoaNewZealand

^^^ Notice the strategy of the Communists in targeting Government to adopt their Economic insanity!
Appreciate how easily City Councilors can be duped into signing off on this sort of ‘feel good’ socialism, considering Councilors personal income will not be effected… and they have no investors who can remove their investments, and they can simply increase their rates extortion to pay for it.

And once Government departments have embraced this madness it is a very short step to making it compulsory for everyone!
Inflation anyone?

In the meantime if City councils and government departments embrace this socialist doctrine, it will make working for the Beast a far more attractive proposition than working in the private sector, and to the simple minded this discrepancy between wages paid by the state from those offered in the private sector will appear to vindicate the notion that things work much better when done by the Government!
Most of these simpletons will never appreciate the reasons why their rents and the cost of essentials keeps rising with leaps and bounds.

Yet what these City councilors wont tell their workers is that all these types of spending increases actually threatens their Job security and that Layoffs will result when these Councils and government departments sooner or later are inevitably forced to look to cost cutting as a result of have yet again pushed up debts, rates and taxes way past bearable limits for their tax slaves to endure.
And the same thing will happen in the private sector if this doctrine becomes compulsory there too.

For the record when I stood for Mayor of Hamilton I explained to the city workers the dangers of voting for grand schemers and big spenders, and that Hamilton was facing a Debt crisis that would result in Job losses, while all the other candidates pretended all was well and promised them the moon.
I tried to communicate my Libertarian plan of privatisation… reducing Councils size and spheres of operation in such a way that would transfer employment to the private sector and reduce councils expenses and responsibilities.
Yet trying to communicate the economic benefits which would follow from such reform to Unionised workers whom are indoctrinated into believing their Job security is better protected by remaining employees of the State… is like trying to sell flies!
They were beyond reach.
No Surprise… I was not elected
Nek Minnut The City Debt Crisis hits… Rates went up, and redundancies followed.
And it’s not over yet.

Read about HCC Staff Cuts Here: NZ Herald… ‘Council staff brace for more cuts after 13 workers made redundant’

Copy of gm_little_people

And if you read my earlier post on this subject …
‘Ship of Union Fools. The Living wage.’ … you will see that I point out among other things that because of the inevitable inflation… what they deem a ‘living wage’ to be Today will not be ‘sufficient’ tomorrow!

This exposes what a crock this Socialist Idea is!
It is an open ended recipe for inflation and bankruptcy… and a threat to the incomes of those low wage earners whom it pretends to be championing!

And as another critic of this ideology rightly points out… what is a sufficient income for a single person, is completely different for what is sufficient for a person with a family of 6!
So this exposes this Socialist plot as a purely arbitrary extortion racket.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Libertarian Independent.

Wikiriwhi for Mayor! Read about my various Campaigns here:

Read how my prophecies have all come to pass Here:

I ask why the Media has not reported the truthfulness of my campaigns vs the lies of those whom got elected?

Affordible City shared a link to an excellent Scoop article from their ‘Affordible Wellington’ candidate Reagan Cutting….

Living Wage = Higher Rates!

Here is a portion…

“The Living Wage campaign group has also called on Wellington City Council to publically endorse the Living Wage Campaign and support local businesses in becoming Living Wage employers.

“While I do not think the Wellington City Council should become a union advocacy group, I can see a few fantastic ways the Council can help local businesses increase wages to their staff,” says Reagan Cutting. “They can start by cutting rates, reducing compliance costs, streamlining regulations and eliminating the hoops companies have to jump through whenever they deal with the Council. This impacts on business profitability and reduce the amount of funds available to spend on wages..”

^^^These are Excellent points… which go to prove the wisdom and benevolence of Libertarian Ecconomics vs the Folly and destructive and millitant mentality of socialism.
If only workers of NZ would liberate themselves from Socialist Unionism, and form Libertarian worker associations instead!

Read about The absurdity of the Socialist ‘Left vs Right Employment War’ Here:

Affordable City is go!


Affordable City Launched – New Zealand’s Nationwide Local Body Political Party!

New Zealand now has new force in local body politics: the Affordable City national umbrella of local body political parties. The move was announced today by party spokesman Stephen Berry, who will be standing as a candidate in the Waitemata & Gulf council ward for Affordable Auckland. “Now there is a real alternative to the rash of councils who make property ownership unaffordable through over-regulation and excessive rates.”

Currently six Affordable parties have been established throughout the country, with candidates contesting council seats in Auckland, Hutt City, Wellington, Masterton, Porirua and Invercargill. “As the local body elections approach, Affordable City will be launching local body parties in more districts and boroughs around New Zealand.”

All Affordable parties under the Affordable City umbrella share the view that the only real way to achieve affordable living in our cities and districts is through less council interference in the lives, money and property of ratepayers. Each party is committed to five key policies to achieve this:

  • Lower rates
  • Balanced Budgets
  • Affordable Housing
  • Restoring Private Property Rights
  • Spending On Core Services

Stephen Berry says, “Councils around the country are making home ownership a struggle for young families and those on fixed incomes. Rates that go up every year, irresponsible spending and rampant borrowing guarantee difficulty for the ratepayers of the future. Incompetence by the big spenders in Kaipara has resulted in the entire Council being sacked, while Auckland City Council borrows over $2.5 million a day.

“Protecting the right of property owners to build on their own property, as well as reducing rates, regulations and compliance costs is the key to affordable living,” Berry concludes. “Ratepayers will only find that by voting for their local Affordable party!”

Berry Welcomes Housing Affordability Working Group


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Berry Welcomes Housing Affordability Working Group

Waitemata & Gulf candidate for Auckland City Council, Stephen Berry, says today that he welcomes plans by Mayor Len Brown and Housing Minister Nick Smith to form a working group to look at the issue. “With an opportunity to vote out the current leftist council still being several months away, this is probably the best step toward more affordable housing that Aucklanders have to look forward to.”

“Normally, I’m not a big fan of Government working groups. They’re usually a horrendously expensive chinwag for bureaucrats which achieve little. However in this case I’m cautiously optimistic. Len Brown and his allies are so hopelessly clueless about the devastating effect their policies are having on housing affordability, that I think collaboration with a National government can only be positive!”

Mr. Berry is buoyed by indications from the National government that they are willing to reform the Resource Management Act in order to bring about a reduction in housing prices. “The power that the Resource Management Act grants to city councils and neighbourhood busybodies alike to intervene in property owners business and drag out the consents process is a major cause of housing unaffordability in Auckland and the rest of the country.

“It is also my hope that Nick Smith follows through on his threat to force through changes to local body processes, if necessary, to bring reduced housing costs. Auckland property owners should not have to continue suffering the economic illiteracy of the majority of Auckland City councillors.”

Stephen Berry says that electoral relief for long suffering property owners will be coming soon, in the form of a nation-wide local body political party that promotes small-government ways to improve housing affordability. “A real alternative to Len Brown’s policies is not far away. Let’s just hope he doesn’t bankrupt us in the meantime.”

Stephen Berry
Candidate, Waitemata & Gulf
Auckland City Council

How the census meshes with bankrupt Socialist Totalitarianism

On the reoccurring theme of ‘what is the proper roll of Government?’ I submit to you another post about the census yet with an extra punch.
Thomas Jefferson wrote “He who governs best Governs least”. He penned the American Declaration of Independence which actually defined what the proper duties of Government are… to defend the God given rights of the individual, which is a very limited sphere of operation which does not include the supply or control of such services as Education, hospitals, arts and sports, etc… all of which are the proper sphere of Free enterprise and private voluntary associations.

It is because western society has forgotten such enlightened principles as motivated Jefferson and the founding Fathers of America and instead have adopted a totalitarian socialist conception of government where the prevailing belief is that all of life’s problems have political solutions that western civilization teeters on the brink of Absolute economic collapse and chaos!
Keep this in mind when you read my following blog post.
Understand the gravity of the situation… the rationale that underpins the so-called justification for having the compulsory census…

^^^^ That is the Cover pic from the Government Facebook page Census NZ. Here:

It clearly demonstrates why the enlightened Kiwi is outraged by the underpinning arguments which Census NZ, and the Government use to vindicate this compulsory violation of our privacy… ie that the information gathered will be used to for their Social planning.

Bread and Circus.
Notice how this picture appeals to the unthinking… ‘the government as the font of all culture….get someone else to pay for it ‘ mentality…
‘More Drag strips, more skate parks, More Gigs and festivals, more sports…etc etc’.

Notice it completely forgets to add “More Taxes, more rates…. More Debt, more compulsions and property violations!, More Government poking it’s nose into things which are not it’s business to be involved in!

Now I like Drag strips, Concerts, etc yet I am not so stupid as to believe these things are only possible via political interventions!
I also know that every time the Government or city council builds a stadium or sports facility and events that they always run massively over budget and put us into massive debts…. And end up costing Rate payers and Tax slaves Tens of millions of dollars…. Every time!
Three examples from my home town of Hamilton will suffice as examples.

The Rugby stadium.

The V8 Supercars.

The Claudlands event center.

Each of these cost Hamilton Ratepayers many 10’s of Millions of dollars… over the price the Hamilton city council told ratepayers they would cost!
Via consecutive socialist medaling the HCC has racked up $500 million in debts!

And what needs to be appreciated is that this bankrupt situation is the norm across the globe in western socialist democracies… ie Socialist politicians are systematically bankrupting their captive populations! Debts are skyrocketing and Rates are going through the Roof!
Yet nobody seems to be waking up to the fact That City councils ought not to be involved in such ventures!
They are best left to Free enterprise, and voluntary associations, whom are much more realistic about how such things get build and on what scale.
Most importantly they don’t demand money via compulsory taxations upon the community!
Ie Little old ladies living on pensions don’t face rent increases or rates hikes to pay for the white elephants and delusions of grandeur which Big mouth big promising politicians spout at election time to get elected!
If the figures don’t add up… they don’t get built its as simple as that…. Ie economic reality prevails…. Not ridiculous socialist whim.
The sort of people whom support the Council/ government involvement in such things are either Ignorant, evil, or both!
The ignorant have not figured out that such things will turn around an bite them on the arse via higher rates, rents, and costs for necessities in goods and services, and the evil don’t give a damn if people whom don’t like Rugby, etc are forced to pay for New stadiums etc . All they care about is having a flash new place to worship their sporting Gods! They are too stupid to realize that Better stadiums and facilities could be established via legitimate means without the use of Draconian powers of compusion.

Here are just a couple of articles I have plucked off the net…

And below are some links to some blog posts I have done on thes subjects covering some of my own Libertarian Election campaigns standing for Hamilton city council in direct opposition to this Bankrupt big spending socialism….

How to solve Hamilton’s rates crisis

Reality Punches Socialist’s In The Face!

If only Hamiltonians had listened to me. Your 38 million dollar mistake!

Fire Starter! My Declaration for Non-compliance. NZ Census 2013

I Am Not A Number! Protesting against the Census.

wikiriwhi for HCC 001

Rotorua District Council stealing “designating” land (update).

I’m blogging on the wrong site.
Eternal vigilance sounds stressful – I think occasional vigilance is my limit. 🙂

Anyway… I just realised that Rotorua District Council never answered my questions… so I just emailed this follow up. Unfortunately I’m 5 days too late.


I asked these questions of Council in December and was given contradictory answers – I needed authoritative answers to be able to make a submission regarding the Proposed District Plan designations.

I see the Proposed District Plan is now closed for submissions.

The Council has acted unfairly by not answering my questions before ending the consultation process.

I’d still like to know the answers to these questions.

Reed Robinson
On 16 December 2012 22:35, Reed wrote:


I have spoken with several Council representatives concerning the Proposed District Plan – in particular I have been enquiring about the proposed rural road designations.

Most recently I was advised by Council that the statutory authority being relied upon was the RMA (sections 166 to 186) and that Council will be seeking the designations in its capacity as a network utility operator under the Act.

This explanation doesn’t make sense and it contradicts an earlier explanation I was given by Council. The earlier explanation I was given was that Council was seeking to correct rural road (or road reserve) widths; that Council considered some roads too narrow and was seeking to widen roads (or road reserves) from 15m to 20m as part of the District Plan.

Can you please clarify the following points…
1. Is the Council proposing these designations in its capacity as a local authority or in its capacity as a network utility operator?
2. For what purpose is the Council proposing these designations?
3. What statutory authority is the Council relying on to propose these designations?


Reed Robinson