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Thank God for the Greens




Credit where credit’s due. Credit is due to the Greens—in particular, to Green MPs Kevin Hague, Mojo Mathers and Metiria Turei—for their input into the Psychoactive Substances Bill, which has its third and final reading on Thursday.

I endorse the Green Party minority view on animal testing. Here it is.

Animal testing

The introduction of a requirement that psychoactive substances are proven to be relatively safe before being sold in New Zealand inevitably creates the requirement for a whole new area of product safety testing. It is unsurprising that this has given rise to very significant concern from New Zealanders who oppose the cruel treatment of animals and who believe that testing of these products on animals in order to establish safety is unnecessary and, indeed, inferior to alternative methods. This view has widespread public support, as public opinion polls on the subject have demonstrated, and many individuals and organisations received encouragement from the Minister and others to express their concerns in submissions to the select committee.

However, on 8 May 2013 the Health Committee Chair ruled that all submissions received on the subject of animal testing were outside the scope of the bill, and these submissions were returned to those who made them without being considered. By a majority the committee decided to reject a Green Party motion to hear evidence from these submitters even if their submissions were out of scope. It is the Green Party’s very strong view that both of these decisions were wrong.

The Clerk of the House had provided advice that amendments to the bill that sought to outlaw product testing on animals were out of scope. However, nearly all of the submissions that were rejected raised issues that could have been addressed by an amendment to the bill to prohibit the use of information derived from animal testing in an application for a licence. The Clerk has advised that such an amendment would clearly be in scope, and the Green Party believes that it was therefore manifestly wrong to refuse to hear public submissions on the matter.

Belatedly the committee did receive advice from the chair of the Interim Psychoactive Substances Expert Advisory Committee, which had been asked by the Minister to comment on the animal testing issues, but which also did not have access to the submissions that had been rejected by the Health Committee chair. That advice was that the interim committee does not believe substances can be established to be low risk without animal testing. This effectively introduces a requirement that there be animal testing data for licence applications, and this new requirement has been introduced entirely without any views from the general public, animal welfare organisations or experts (except those who happen to be on the interim committee).

The Green Party believes this to be profoundly unsatisfactory. In our view, with the initial decision to reject these submissions having been shown to be in error, the correct course of action would have been to reopen submissions on this specific matter.

In the absence of a select committee hearing these submissions, the Green Party invited those individuals and organisations who wished to have their voice heard to do so in a separate hearing. We found as follows:

Non-animal tests are available and more accurate

Evidence was heard that many countries do not use animal testing for pre-clinical trials for safety because the results from non-animal testing are more reliable. The New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society (NZAVS) said that in 2008 the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the National Institute of Health, and the Food and Drug Administration started a process to replace all toxicology testing on animals with non-animal techniques to produce results that are more relevant to humans.

Submitters talked about other countries that use these non-animal testing programmes as a preference to animal testing. Evidence was presented that the data from animal testing was actually less reliable in safety testing than non-animal testing. It was argued that if the bill allows for the lower quality data from animal testing to be acceptable evidence of safety then human health would be put at risk.

NZAVS gave evidence about the Ministry of Health’s proposed testing regime and outlined in detail the non-animal testing options that are available to provide an adequate, if not superior, guarantee of safety.

A safety testing regime would include four stages:

  • manufacturing and controls information

  • preclinical toxicology studies

  • human clinical studies

  • post registration surveillance

It is this pre-clinical testing where animal testing would be used.

The initially proposed pre-clinical testing involves four proposed parts, each of which has well regarded non-animal testing options.

Type of testing Non-animal option
Acute toxicity
  • Ames Test

  • Neutral Red Uptake Assay

  • In vitro micronucleus assay as required by Health Canada

  • 3D models with cultured human cells

  • Computer models

Repeat dose toxicity
  • Various in vitro human cell line studies e.g. liver, lungs, bone marrow (tests for effects on the immune system)

  • Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) computer modelling

Toxicokinetic investigations
  • Cell line tests

  • In vitro absorption tests e.g. Caco-2 cells

  • Computer modelling

  • In vitro assays on hepatocytes (liver cells)

  • Physiologically Based Toxicokinetic (PBTK) modelling

  • Ames test

  • In vitro cell gene mutation test

  • In vitro chromosomal aberration test

  • In vitro cell micronucleus test

New Zealand’s international reputation is at risk

It was argued by submitters that New Zealand is known as an innovative country with a reputation for good animal welfare. Submitters said that developing legislation which allows for unnecessary animal testing will damage this reputation, especially given that there is an international trend towards avoiding animal testing wherever possible. SAFE submitted that this is an opportunity to avoid risking our reputation and to enhance our reputation as an innovative and ethical country.

Submitters also gave evidence that other countries are looking to New Zealand’s development of regulation of psychoactive substances as a potential model for their own regulation. Some of these countries also do not allow animal testing of recreational drugs. If they choose to follow the model developed in this bill as it stands they will adapt it to fit their bans on animal testing of recreational drugs.

NZAVS gave evidence gained from an Official Information Act request of correspondence between the chair of the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee and her equivalent in the United Kingdom that showed the UK ban on animal testing would also apply to psychoactive substances.

Animal testing is ethically and morally questionable

One submission from an animal rescue organisation, Helping You Help Animals (HUHA), talked about the pain and discomfort that these sorts of tests inflict on animals. Their organisation was involved with rescuing dogs from an animal testing facility and they witnessed serious damage and harm to those animals.

They spoke about their experiences of working with some people who carry out animal testing who had been overexposed to animal suffering and had lost their empathy when it came to the animals under their care.

Submitters told the hearings that unless it was ruled out in the bill, then animal testing would most likely be carried out in other countries, some of which have no animal welfare regulations and so the conditions can be assumed to be worse.

A number of countries already ban non-medical animal testing from an ethical standpoint. Toxicity testing is particularly painful experimentation. Submitters argued that the consideration of this bill is the chance for New Zealand to draw an ethical line on this issue.

Cost implications of non-animal testing

The cost of alternatives to animal testing is significantly higher. Because the cost of safety testing for a product will be carried by the manufacturers, not the Government, submitters argued that this higher cost of non-animal testing creates an incentive for animal testing to be used.

In fact, the point was made that if the bill does not rule out the use of data from animal testing then the cost difference will ensure that manufacturers use the cheapest method to provide evidence, and that will be animal testing regardless of the quality of that evidence.

Submitters spoke about the dominance of animal testing in the industry in New Zealand—it is the norm, rather than a last resort. Evidence was received to show that this is also the case in some countries such as China where a large amount of contract animal testing is undertaken.

There was evidence presented by submitters that, if data from animal testing is ruled out, businesses will adapt their practices and the cost of non-animal testing will drop as demand for these tests increases and capacity to undertake these tests develops.


The Green Party recommends that an amendment should be made to the Psychoactive Substances Bill to exclude the use of new information gained through animal testing as evidence in determining the safety of an application.

(Disclaimer. I’m not a big fan of the Greens as a general rule. Their economic and environmental polices are whack. A Green government would be ruinous for New Zealand. But, at times like this, I’m very glad that the Greens have a Parliamentary presence.)

Thrash Punks invented Global Warming Doomsday… in 1987.

The Plasmatics.

Maggots: The Record is the fourth and final studio album released by punk / metal band The Plasmatics in 1987. The album was released as a special “9th Anniversary Album”. Despite being called a “Plasmatics” album, it is often regarded as another Wendy O. Williams solo album, largely in part because her name is over that of the band, the merchandise for the tour has the WOW logo from her solo career, and the only other original member is Wes Beech on rhythm guitar.
Maggots: The Record was recorded in 1987 and is a concept album set 25 years in the future, where environmental abuse and the burning of fossil fuels have created a greenhouse effect, leading to an end of the world scenario.
Read more…

To really appreciate this Album you need to get a glow on…:-)

Unethical bananas


This picture reminds me of one of my father’s favourite jokes.
(Mojo Mathers is New Zealand’s first deaf MP.)

The Green Party has far too many list MPs, so it’s good when they actually do something slightly useful. It looks like Mojo Mathers is following in Sue Kedgley’s footsteps, by keeping us all informed about our foods. Today she issued a press release.

Green Party asks Commission to investigate so-called “ethical” bananas

Dole should peel off their stickers claiming their bananas are an ethical choice until the Commerce Commission investigates their claim, the Green Party said today.

Today Green Party food spokesperson Mojo Mathers wrote to the Commerce Commission requesting they investigate Dole’s claim that they sell ethical bananas. Ms Mathers’ request was sparked by an Oxfam report which suggested Dole’s claims may be false and misleading.

“Oxfam’s report into Dole bananas suggests that Dole’s ethical choice claims may be entirely misleading,” Ms Mathers said.

The Oxfam report, The Labour and Environmental Situation in Philippine Banana Plantations Exporting to New Zealand, documents

children 15 years old and under working eight to 12 hours a day, harassment of workers for joining a union, aerial pesticide spraying while workers are on the plantations, and environmental damage.

Dole was quick to respond.

Dole ditches Ethical Choice banana label

Banana importer Dole is to stop using Ethical Choice stickers on its fruit after criticism that the labels could mislead consumers.

This week humanitarian group Oxfam released a report claiming that child labourers exposed to toxic chemicals were used to harvest Dole bananas in the Philippines for supply to New Zealand.

Last year Dole was put on notice by the Commerce Commission that its Ethical Choice brand risked breaching the Fair Trading Act.

Among the concerns was whether consumers might think the stickers were certified by a third party and make Dole appear more ethical than its competitors.

Today the company announced that it would discontinue the use of the Ethical Choice label on all future fruit shipments.

What with dairies selling K2 to school kids and now this, it’s been a bad month for business ethics.

Go grab yourselves some Dole “ethical choice” bananas and some K2 “takes you higher” smoke while you still can!

Quit Bitching Zombies! You got what you voted for!

The Economies of the West were bankrupted by Nanny State Social Democracy… You Sheeple are to blame! Because you voted for Labour/ National… Reps/ Dems… and their equivalent shyster parties in every Western Social Democratic Nation whom promised to mother you and keep ‘Evil free enterprise’ in check.
You yourselves voted for the Bankruptcy!
You wanted all their promises.
You wanted all their taxes.
You wanted them to keep spending and keep borrowing.
Don’t cry about them bailing out the Mega Rich!
That too was all part of the socialist package you voted for… the idea that the government is responsible for the economy and can manipulate the players as it sees fit.
Don’t now pretend it is all the wealthy fascists fault!
Your continued self denial of your own guilt makes me sick!


We Libertarians knew your socialist scam would end in ruin!
We warned you for years this Zombie Apocalypse was approaching!.
We stood for parliament preaching an end to spending, an end to big government…yet you chose instead to burry your heads in the sand and kid yourselves that the socialist madness could go on and on…at least until *You* were gone… and then the problem would be someone else’s problem to fix!
Well your chickens have come home to roost!
When you see growing poverty, and children in rags…blame your selves!
Take ownership of what *You voted for!*
Know that it was your own selfish lusts for Nanny State socialism which has brought Great nations to ruin!


The day of Reckoning is here!
Will you humble yourselves and admit your errors?
No. Like most criminals you will never admit the truth…You will go the Hell screaming you are innocent.

Your politics created the Filthy Rich and the super powerful, and having learned nothing… having feed your growing Envy and Malice with even greater lies… you will soon elect an even more terrible Beast!
It is *you sheeple* whom will allow a new Totalitarian system to be installed!
You will vote for Full control of the worlds resources via a political elite… in the name of saving the world from ‘Capitalist exploitation’.
You will vote for a global Dictator under the delusion that this will end war.
And you will all receive the Mark of the Beast, and cry out against those arrogant ‘Libertarians’…who refuse to bow down… calling them ‘Enemies of the State.’
Yes you will have your Socialist ‘Utopia’!
My heart breaks for the Death of Liberty and prosperity…. And for your Slave Children.


Are the Greens communists? (Part 2)


So, in other words …

National didn’t force upper income earners to pay $2billion extra a year in tax. They then said there isn’t enough money for our welfare programs for low income earners so we have to sell the assets. But who could afford to buy shares?

Those whom National didn’t force to pay an extra $2billion.

On top of that, National spent around $100m on the MRP privatisation process. As many as 100,000
or so New Zealanders bought shares, or about $1000 per investor. So they didn’t give a one-off tax rebate of $22.50 per NZer and sold the company to 2.25% of NZers instead.

The National government bungled the asset sales but at least they’re not communists.

Up Yours Prohibitionist Scum! I support Treehugger MP on Northland Cannabis trade.


Shock Horror! I have found a reason to support a treehugger!

In a not at all favourible post to the NZ Center for Political Research Mike Butler writes…

“Maori in regions where jobs are limited who are growing and selling cannabis to keep their whanau fed shouldn’t be punished for their entrepreneurship, Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei told Maori TV on Monday night.

“It has become an income supplement for whanau particularly in rural areas where they have very little income and few job prospects, particularly in the back blocks, and we have to very careful how we manage that,” Turei said on the Native Affairs show.

“There are some real skills there, some real entrepreneurial skills and some real horticultural skills. These are the skills that people have and they are trying to do the best for their families to make a sufficient income and they are under threat all the time but there are few choices that they have,” she said.

What are the “real horticultural skills” Turei is talking about? I guess this involves taking a cannabis seed, germinating it in potting mix in a yoghurt pottle, transplanting, feeding, watering, and harvesting. Anyone who has a vegetable garden could grow cannabis.

What are the “real entrepreneurial skills”? After the harvest and packaging the crop in tinfoil, these entrepreneurs simply go into town on the party circuit, offer around some dope, pass out a few tinnies on tick to return on payday to collect cash and sell more, while delivering wholesale orders to tinnie houses dotted around State-house areas. …”

Read more here:

Without doubt this is one of the most sensible opinions I have ever herd from a rabid Greenie.
I must congratulate Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei for her brave and absolutely righteous statements against the persecution of Pot growers and dealers.
She is 100% right.
That her comments are creating a stink among the ignorant and bigoted supporter of Cannabis prohibition is a testimony to just how small minded and nasty many people are.
The truth is Pot is much less dangerous than Alcohol and it is the very height of bigorty for the wowzers to condemn Pot yet reach over and put a bottle of wine or a box of beer into their trolley.
These Hypocrites who have no conscience about using Police brutality to impose their Nasty bigotry upon others disgusts me to the very core!
They pretend that Legalisation will bring the sky down upon our heads!
It matters not that their oppression destroys much more families than drug abuse ever could.
It matters not that the Police could concentrate on catching thieves and violent offenders.
What matters to these Nazis is that the state makes Pot users suffer for thier defiance.
I must confess to virtually *hating these Anti-freedom and oppressive scum!* May God forgive me.
They are the lowest of the low. They are in fact *Criminals* because they support the violation of other peoples rights and liberties.
They support Bad Law and tyranny.


Up yours Prohibitionist scum!

Hate to break it to yall but everyone is smoking up a storm!
New Zealand Top’s the world in Cannabis use… in spite of your Nasty War on Drugs!
Prohibition has not stopped anything!
You simply waste Police time and Taxes.
You destroy the lives of peaceful people and push them into criminal associations.
You must be some of the stupidest, Pig headed, and most malevolent people on earth!

Lord Christopher Monckton- ‘CLIMATE OF FREEDOM’ TOUR of NEW ZEALAND -APRIL 2013-Itinerary

lord m
Lord Christopher Monckton

An Old Libertarian Comrade Robin Thomsen invited me go with him next week to hear Lord Christopher Monckton Debunking Global warming/ man made climate change.
I will be there with bells on! (very cool manly bells that is!)
Monday @ Waikato Uni
It would be great to see other Libertarians there too.

warmist scientists
Muppet science… seems legit.

While I am pondering this subject I remembered reading a while ago that The Warmists had figured out that… Quote:
“People with very strong free-market support had very high skepticism of climate change,” said John Cook, a cognitive psychology doctoral candidate at the University of Queensland.”
He goes on…
“Such individuals also tend to distrust scientists and scientific processes such as peer review…”

Now what is telling about this is that if this is true (and I believe the first part is), then obviously the reverse is also obviously true… ie that Climate change is supported predominately by Quote: ” Retarded Anti-Capitalist Socialists whom hate the free market and believe the State should regulate all trade and Reasources”… said Libertarian Hunk, Tim Wikiriwhi in the greatest blog Ever… Eternal vigilance.
He goes on…
” John Cook is simply another State paid flunkey! The truth is Free thinkers do not have any faith in the heavily Politicized scientific community whose pay checks are dependant upon their manufacture of Pseudo-scientific hysteria mongering which generates mass phobia of free enterprise and conveniently recommends heavy handed government regulation of trade, virtually an end to private property, and absolute control of the earths natural resources, whereas the Earth worshipping Luddite Retards snort it like Cocaine! ”


^^^Criptic message from Roger Waters.


Climate Realists’ Network
was formed in July 2009.

We link to many other like-minded groups throughout New Zealand.

Our main form of communication is by way of fortnightly newsletters to our members. (Contact details below)

Our website contains a number of relevant articles of interest; however anyone wanting to explore the issue of climate on a much deeper level is encouraged to check out our LINKS page which provides a broad range of websites with endless hours of reading to suit any taste.

Lord Christopher Monckton

During April 2013 Lord Christopher Monckton will be in New Zealand to speak on Climate Change and its underlying idealogical framework, the United Nations Agenda 21 and the threat this is to freedom. The tour is entitled Climate of Freedom.

While few of us are familiar with Agenda 21 we are likely to have heard the term “Sustainable Development”, “Smart Growth”, or “Renewable Energy”. We may think that this is a “not in my backyard” issue that we can take or leave as we wish. But if you conduct even a cursory Google search for some of the key concepts of Agenda 21 you will find that most New Zealand local government long term policy has been explicitly implementing Agenda 21 for nearly 20 years, and that this dictates many aspects of YOUR life.

Understanding the underlying goals and intentions of Agenda 21 makes the Global warming, and Climate Change debate infinitely clearer. The motivations, purposes and methodology of those who persist in alarmism on this topic, despite the mounting scientific evidence to the contrary and the 16 year ‘pause’ in rising global average surface temperatures is more transparent. As the evidence increasingly contradicts the theory of greenhouse gas impacts on global temperatures the alarm is morphing to climate disruption, climate chaos, extreme weather and other scary stuff, since the temperatures are not keeping in step with rising CO2.

Don’t you want to know what is going on here?

Contact us for further information or media enquiries.

al g


Monday 1st April
Northland: ( Please note minor changes)
6pm Ascension Wine Estate, 480 Matakana Road, Matakana.
30 min introductory presentation followed by a brief opportunity for questions from the audience.
Light refreshments may be purchased from Ascension, but no dinner will be available.
Entry by donation.

Tuesday 2nd April
6pm The Kumara Box, 503 Poutu Road, Dargaville
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales, or advance booking through Ticketek

Wednesday 3rd April
3pm May Bain Conference Room, New Whangarei Library building, Rust Ave
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales, or advance booking through Ticketek

6pm, Conference Room, first floor of the Dickens Inn, Cameron St Mall
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales, or advance booking through Ticketek

Thursday 4th April
10am-11am Lord Monckton will be a guest on the Leighton Smith Show (Newstalk ZB)

7.30pm, Netball North Harbour Function Room, 44 Northcote Rd, Takapuna
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Friday 5th April
7-9pm Fisher and Paykel Lecture Theatre, (Room F&PAA/260-115)
Located at the Auckland University Business School, Grafton Road
No admission charge, but donations welcome.

Saturday 6th April
2pm, St Columba at Botany, 480 Ti Rakau Drive, Botany
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Monday 8th April
7am Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting, Events Room 1, Gallagher Hub building, Hamilton Wintec campus.
Price $45
Tickets available at or by going to

12 noon Student Union Forum-Village Green outside the shops, Waikato University
Public welcome, no admission charge

7pm Price Waterhouse Cooper Lecture Theatre, Waikato University, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton (opposite the Admin building)
Gold coin donation.

Sponsored by the NZ Institute of International Affairs (Waikato Branch)

Tuesday 9th April
7.30pm, Bureta Park Motor Inn, Vale St Otumoetai.
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Thursday 11th April
7.30pm, Cosmopolitan Club, Grey and Derby Street
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Friday 12th April
7.30pm, Ellwood Function Centre, 12 Otene Road, Waipatu, Hastings
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Saturday 13th April
Palmerston North:
2.00pm, Masonic Centre, 168 Fitzherbert Ave, Palmerston North
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

7.30pm, Anglican Church Hall, 67 Cambridge Road, Ashhurst
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Monday 15th April
New Plymouth:
7.30pm, Devon Hotel and Conference Centre, 390 Devon St East
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Tuesday 16th April
7.00pm, Southwards Car Museum, Otaihanga Rd, Paraparaumu
Tickets: $20 adult, $5 15yrs and under

Tickets to this presentation available online from
or at the Customer Service desk,
Coastlands Shoppingtown,
Contact for this event: Peter Jones (04) 2938966 Mob: 0272266657
Sponsored by the Kapakapanui Lions Club


Wednesday 17th April
Lower Hutt:
7.00am – 9.00am Chamber of Commerce breakfast
Silverstream Retreat, 3 Reynolds Bach Drive, Silverstream, Lower Hutt
7am- 7.30 breakfast, 7.30-8.30 Lord Monckton to speak, 8.30-9am Q & A
Members $45 +gst, non-members $65 +gst
Bookings and cancellations by Monday 15 April
contact: Donna 09399821 or

Press Club meeting
Associated Audio ‘The Bose’ Experts
5.30pm, 95 Customhouse Quay Wellington
Free entry to Press Club members, $10 non-members
RSVP compulsory as numbers very limited.
Contact: .
Light refreshments provided.

Thursday 18th April
7.30pm Nelson Suburban Club, 168 Tahunanui Drive, Nelson
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Friday 19th April
7.30pm Marlborough Convention Centre, 42A Alfred St
Admission by donation to cover expenses, surplus to go to hospice.

Sponsored by Federated Farmers (Marlborough)

Saturday 20th April
Christchurch: ( Please note minor changes)
2.30pm Forum, moderated by Rodney Hide
Show Gate Pavilion,
Riccarton Park Function Centre
165 Racecourse Road Sockburn
$25 entry Tickets available on
Search for ‘Monckton Tour’
Door sales may be limited, book early to avoid disappointment.

Show Gate Pavilion,
Riccarton Park Function Centre
165 Racecourse Road Sockburn
$25 entry Tickets available on
Search for ‘Monckton Tour’
Door sales may be limited, book early to avoid disappointment.

Monday 22nd April
8am -9.30am Business Breakfast
Show Gate Pavilion,
Riccarton Park Function Centre
165 Racecourse Road Sockburn
$45 entry Tickets available on
Search for ‘Monckton Tour’
Bookings essential for catering purposes- no door sales.

7.30pm Sopheze on the Bay, Caroline Bay, Timaru
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Tuesday 23rd April
12pm arrival for 12.30 lunch
1pm Lord Monckton’s presentation
The Savoy Reception and Conference Centre
50 Princes St, CBD, Dunedin
$40 entry, tickets available from Jock Allison
ph 03 4772903, mob 021 363337
Numbers limited- book early to avoid disappointment.

7.30pm, Burns Theatre A
entrance opposite 84 Albany St
(Otago University Clubs & Socs Building)
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Wednesday 24th April
7.30pm, Gore Town and Country Club, Bury St, Gore
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Friday 26th April
7.30pm, Ascot Park Hotel, 2 East Rd, Invercargill
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Contact us for further information or media enquiries.

Climate Realists (NZ) would like to acknowledge and thank the following supporters and sponsors:

Ian and Heidi Wishart
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Our local organisers and network members- this tour wouldn’t be happening without you- thank you all very much.

Are the Greens communists? (Part 1)

The image below is iconic. It’s a satellite image of North Korea and South Korea at night. (You’ve seen it before, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or lying in a puddle.)


Here’s another iconic image. (See my previous post.) This time it’s a satellite image of Haiti and the Dominican Republic during the day.


The Dominican Republic on the right is green, verdant, forested. The Dominican Republic uses fossil fuels. Haiti on the left is brown, desolate, deforested. Haiti uses renewable “green” energy.

Are the Greens communists? Yes or no, Green energy policies lead to the same outcomes as communist ideologies, viz., misery, poverty and death.