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Brian Welch: From Korn to Jesus

 It was not the law, the police, or the war on drugs which made this ‘Rock God’ quit doing ‘P’, but an overwhelming faith. He was changed by embracing a personal code of ethics. This demonstrates Libertarianism in action and that true Christianity works in the heart, not via external oppressive socialist prohibitions and persecutions which because they are unjust, only inspire loathing and rebellion not reason, faith, and will to change.

 God accepted Brian *as he was* a Slave to Sin in need of Salvation. Brian’s testimony is “You can have all the Money, All the fame, All the Power and yet be Dead inside…”. He’s a testimony to the  validity of the question …’What profit a man if he should gain the whole world yet forfeit his own soul?’ (KJV).  He testifies the truth that though becoming a Christian does change you (For the better) yet does not mean you cease to be ‘you’.Today Brian is still in the Music Biz. Still Head bangin. Music is still in his veins…Its a part of who he is.

 As the classic song goes  “Amazing Grace How sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me! I once was lost but now am found twas blind but now I see…”  “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (KJV)  

To all you Junkies out there sick of wandering in darkness and longing to see ‘the light’. Do what ‘Head’ did.  Do lines of Meth while reading the Bible. Call out to your Heavenly Father, and he will hear you. And if your Band is bringing you down to Hell. Quit. There’s a New Life awaiting… *That’s the essence of Individualism* Being brave enough to abandon ‘the herd’ and to follow your own conscience…           Tim Wikiriwhi

I’m joining Richard here @ Eternal vigilance.

Hello Peeps, Richard has invited me to contribute to his blog. Dick and I are old Libertarian comrades. Both were once adroit deregulation Spokesblokes for the Libertarianz Party, though shunned as infidels by the Randoid hierarchy for not worshipping their deity (Funny bunch of atheists those Objectivists!). Now I’m an Independent Libertarian and a 1611 King James Bible believing Dispensationalist Christian. Please don’t stuff me into one of your convenient Nut bar boxes. I assure you I wont fit. One of the reasons I am happy to join Richard in this blog is because Richards own Christian outlook is ‘outside the square’…and yet rational. I seek to break the mould on what stereotypically Christians are supposed to be. Bigoted self righteous Killjoys whom seek to impose their Hobgoblins upon everybody by force. This is a stereotype that most Christians have imposed upon themselves, and it is Bogus, and it is ugly, and it is detrimental to enlightenment and the Gospel truth. I will busy myself attempting to show you peeps that Christianity is about ‘Keeping it real’…honesty, and that it is a faith which functions properly by voluntarily embraced values under grace in liberty, not via political coercion or a self-imposed moral tyranny. Christianity is not about trying to establish ‘God’s kingdom on Earth’, but about calling out individuals to the light of the gospel and being a living demonstration of the grace of God towards Fallen mankind. This does not involve acting out a false piety but the very opposite. It means being true both to yourself and to others. *Hypocrisy is one of the greatest sins*. That’s enough psychobabble for now. I am a self employed Engineering Contractor who enjoys history, science, politics, Law, Philosophy, theology, books, music, movies, beer, calendar girls, and Slaggin Socialists and Bangin atheist heads. I hate spelling and Grammar I promised Dick Id try to avoid negative crap as much as poss. I like a laugh, yet nonetheless take ideas and ideals very seriously will strive to present serious arguments on subjects of great moment. Disregard me at your own peril! (Use of psychological manipulation is not beneath me!) Amen.