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Heretic! Defying the Establishment…Secular Excommunication for Free Thinking and Un-orthodox Scientific Research: PHD Welfareism


Try denying Big Bang Dogma…and see what happens to your career in science..
Try suggesting that Naturalistic Materialism is a blind faith….
Try suggesting Science has not dis-proven the Soul…or Freewill.

The myth making processes of Pseudo Science. The Epic Tale of the Simple cell. (Part 1)


^^^^This Video is very interesting as it gives us an insight into how The pseudo scientific theory of Abiogenesis has been constructed so as to appear ‘Believable’…. It even has a Power point display featuring the timeline when Dr Szostak authoritatively asserts that a certain experiment made faith in the Fabled Primitive ‘RNA Cell’ ‘believable! …The RNA World hypothesis…. Gilbert 1986.
It must be remembered that this so-called primitive RNA cell is a complete fabrication of their imagination and that no such cells exist. It’s a lot like the tooth fairy. šŸ˜€

It is also worth noting that looking at cells as the really are…ie DNA Cells… Dr Szotak admits that they are staggering complex…. rendering absurd faith in the plausibility of Abiogenesis.
To avoid this scientific fact… they have invented a fictitious entity and deemed it to be the primitive ‘simple cell’.

simple cell

What is valuable to witness in that video is the *Rationalizations at work*…. The way reality is avoided, and a fake reality conjured up…. Its like a Magic show.
And those who have been Steeped in Naturalism their whole lives don’t even notice they are being led down the garden path because of the method employed to propagate the faith.
Simply by attaching the word ‘Modern’ to cells as they are found to be in reality… they sucker the gullible Devotees into fantasizing about a time billions of years ago when cells were ‘primitive’…. and ‘simple’.
These types of arbitrarily imposed declarations go on all day every day in Evolutionary theory …. eg like we are taught to think of Reptiles as having not merely different brains to us… but ‘Primitive brains’… are Pre-loaded with evolutionary Bents which are completely unfounded… complete fabrications… complete conjecture…. completely subjectively determined by the Darwinian predisposition of the scientists, and are not objectively valid as scientific fact.

We see The Evolutionists arguing from ignorance and Parading in the Gaps. eg when Dr Szostak presents what he calls circumstantial evidence for belief in ‘Primitive RNAA Cells’ he first points to what he calls ‘the working part of the Molecule’ and then next points a connected ‘Nucleotide’… which he says is there ‘for no apparent reason’ and asks ‘What’s it doing there?’… and then proceeds from ignorance to say ‘the best’ way to make sense of that is that it is ‘a handle’… what he now deems it to be a Relic from its primitive past…
Why does he say this Conjecture ‘the best explanation’???
Simply because it an opportunity for him to impose his pre-disposition into this gap… this ignorance of what purpose/ reason why that Nucleotide is there.

This is how Pseudo-scientific Superstitions are germinated, tended, and Believed.

My Remarks above only cover the first quarter of this video.
I will make more tomorrow.
It’s bed time.
Tim Wikiriwhi

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That moment when they begin to explain that Abiogenesis is not Spontaneous Generation.

The Walls are closing in on Atheismā€¦ not Theism.

Pasteurā€™s Law, Creation Science vs Nose Bone Atheism.

Dingbat Atheist Pseudo-science. Instant Lifeā€¦ just add water!

Multiplying Absurdities Equals Certaintyā€¦ The Math Magic of Modern Atheist Astrologers!

Russellā€™s Teapot really refutes Atheism not Theism!

A Mathematician Debunks Atheist Evolutionism. Lennox vs Dawkins


I love how Dawkin’s hangs his disdain for the word ‘faith’ … according to his own warped definition of the term. And this is a fundamental Sophist Semantic Delusion… an anti-concept purposely designed to make Faith look ridiculous. Lennox annihilated Dawkins puerile argument that belief in a creator tends towards and is a product of Intellectual sloth! He was able to show that not only was it Faith in a God of REASON which spurred the idea that the universe was *Rationally constructed and therefore comprehensible, But also that increasing scientific wisdom and discovery increases reverence for the Creator!

Dawkins contradicts himself? One minute he is saying Theism is Anti science… and intellectual sloth, the next he is admitting that Theism / creationism is making Scientific claims! Haha!
Dawkins has shot himself in the foot here. It is one thing to say theistic Faith is Anti-science, and quite another to say it is Bad science.

The greatest aspect of the Theism/ atheism debate is that Atheists are delusional about holding a monopoly on science… because of their worship of Naturalism… They think *their myths* are somehow ‘more rational’ because they are cloaked in naturalistic jargon…. and conversely, they foolishly assume that because Theists believe in a Super- Nature above and beyond the laws of physics that they have utterly abandoned all claims to science… and that their notions of creationism… because they involve intelligence which is not a naturalistic law, or property of matter…. are somehow more absurd that their own far fetched Fantasies. And yet Design is by far the most Rational reason for the existence of such things as man than the blind forces of Nature, and belief in a Super nature does not negate belief and understanding of mundane nature also … atheists really are pitiful creatures!
“The fool hath said in his heart there is no God”.

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Multiplying Absurdities Equals Certaintyā€¦ The Math Magic of Modern Atheist Astrologers!

Robo Fish Reality.

mec fish

My wife bought my son a pair of Robo-fish for the bath. They are quite incredibly fish-like… swimming about just like Goldfish…Looking at them I realised that it would be easier for nature to make those robofish than to make a single celled protozoa… and yet are our oceans filled with clock work fish???? No!
The only way a Robo fish has managed to become a reality… in this type of universe… is via Intelligent design and manipulation of Matter and physics and chemistry.
This is because the bind forces of nature cant make complex things like Robo fish… or single celled organisms!
Thus the theory of Naturalistic Abiogenesis and evolution are 100% falsified.
They cannot account for the existence of Fish … robotic or otherwise.
How the Robo-fish came into existence…by design… also clearly demonstrates the only plausible way *Real fish* and every other biological wonder came to be…

Kids love these things!

“For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:”
St Paul Romans 1vs 20


The Fossil Record *Proves Evolution to be false* because *Fish Remain Fish*. See the Fossilized Coelacanth above (dated at 400 million years )
In the 2oth century it was argued by Evolutionists that these ancient fish were ‘primitive’ and that they had died out ‘millions of years ago’…. how embarrassing for them however that they were discovered to be alive and well… and *unchanged* despite the tens of millions of years these so-called ‘scientists’ have dated their fossils.
These Fish are part of a massive number of creatures, and plants that have been called ‘living fossils’ because they are easily identifiable as being living representatives of Fossils said to be sometimes hundreds of millions of years old.
In complete contradiction to the theory of Evolution Their genetic integrity has remained intact… despite exposure to the elements and their struggle for survival through the eons that are supposed to have elapsed.

Wikipedia says… “Coelacanths belong to the subclass Actinistia, a group of lobed-finned fish related to lungfish and certain extinct Devonian fish such as osteolepiforms, porolepiforms, rhizodonts, and Panderichthys.[5] Coelacanths were thought to have become extinct in the Late Cretaceous, around 66 million years ago, but were rediscovered in 1938 off the coast of South Africa.[6]

The coelacanth was long considered a ā€œliving fossilā€ because it was believed to be the sole remaining member of a taxon otherwise known only from fossils, with no close relations alive,[5] and to have evolved into roughly its current form approximately 400 million years ago”


All this exposes the great fallacy and absurdity of the pseudo-scientific theory of Evolution, and the *Truthfulness* of the Biblical principle of *Kind after its kind* clearly enunciated in the Book of Genesis.
And it should not be any surprise to know that *Darwin was completely ignorant* of Genetics… the true science of heredity… which was discovered by one of his contemporaries….a Christian Monk named Geggor Mendel… yet because the world was too busy following Darwin… that for decades they did not grasp the Great truths that Mendel had discovered that are today known as ‘Mendel’s Law’.

This is why there is no such thing as ‘Darwins Law’… and why today… despite 160 years … Darwins ideas are still only defined as being ‘a theory’… *Not a fact*… and indeed with the advance of Science… such as the electron Microscope… Scientists have discovered just how fantastically complex living things really are… even the single celled organism is fantastically complex… and smacks of Design… Nanno- Technology!
The Myth of the spontaneous generation and evolution of ‘the simple cell’ is today *Far harder* to believe than it was for the scientists of Darwin’s day because the Facts have gotten harder to reconcile with his theory… not easier.

Coelacanth (Latimeria chalumnae), close-up
Coelacanth (Latimeria chalumnae), close-up

A living Coelacanth.

Why then has not the Evolution been abandoned?

Simply because of the fanatical Atheism and absolute hatred of the only rational and alternative interpretation that is in harmony with the evidence… That Living this … look designed…. because they are designed… By God Almighty… exactly as the Bible says.

It was the realisation that Evolution was a gigantic lie… and that The Bible was true… scientifically speaking… that converted me from a militant Atheist to a Bible believing Christian over 30 years ago… and in that time, I have studied all the so-called arguements that are put up to prove the Bible wrong… and they *all fail*.

The word of God remains sure… like a Rock.

Tim Wikiriwhi.

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Death of an Atheist. Follow the evidence.

The myth making processes of Pseudo Science. The Epic Tale of the Simple cell. (Part 1)

The Walls are closing in on Atheismā€¦ not Theism.

Paleyā€™s other watch

Russellā€™s Teapot really refutes Atheism not Theism!

Biomimicryā€¦ Plagiarizing Godā€™s designs.

Rapturous Amazement! The Advance of Science Converts The High Priest of Atheism to Deism. A Flew.



“The scientist is possessed by the sense of universal causation. His religious feeling takes the form of a rapturous amazement at the harmony of natural law, which reveals an intelligence of such superiority that , compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection.”
Albert Einstein

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The Walls are closing in on Atheismā€¦ not Theism.

Way too Starry for Atheism

Life and Death. Hope and Happiness. A Tribute to Rev John Steele Clark.

The end of this month marks the 7th anniversary of my Grand Father, John Steele Clark’s death.
He was a wonderful and inspirational person.
The Greatest human being I have ever known.
I was blessed beyond measure to have him as my Granddad.
I have not seen my own father since I was 5 years old and yet this loss was greatly mitigated by my Grandfathers Love and guidance.

I miss him, and still reverence his memory.
When I knew his time was short I did something a tad different.
I wrote a Tribute to his Life and death and sent it to him before he died so he could read with his own eyes what his Grandson thought! šŸ™‚
My tribute was very controversial as it was *My take* *My perspective* rather than simply a concise record of his exact doings and faith.
That was another reason I sent it to him… to see if he would discuss what I had written.
We never did discuss it, and so I took that as a Tacit endorsement! šŸ™‚ And this was important to me because I expected some of my family members to not be that impressed with my Rendition of things.

Thus with my Granddad’s anniversary in mind I have typed out my Tribute to him and posted it below.
I hope to post more about this wonderful man in the future.
I also hope my tribute is of benefit to people struggling with the Pains, trials, and tribulations of Life as this is not just the story of an individual’s life but about Hope and happiness in the face of death and loss.

Love You Heaps Granddad! XOX
Tim Wikiriwhi.

granddad 001

My Granddad. (Left) Married Me to my Wife Joy at Mclarens Falls Tauranga. March 2002.

Tribute to Reverend John Steel Clark.

Anglican Minister.
Thames/ Coromandal Peninsular.
New Zealand

Man of Faith and Reason.

A Christian view of Life and Death.
By his eldest Grandson.
Tim Wikiriwhi.

ā€œFor the Invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse;ā€
St Paul. Romans 1vs 20

ā€œI am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he liveā€¦ā€
Jesus Christ: John 11vs 25

ā€œfor by grace are ye saved through faith: and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God, not of works lest any man should boastā€
St Paul: Ephesians 2vs8,

After an exemplary life, and a heroic fight against cancer, by beloved Grandfather has passed on.
There is not enough time today to fully express what he means to me, I therefore shall leave much out of this tribute for others to share.
I have chosen to focus on the most precious values that I personally treasureā€¦ that I see as the Greater part of his legacy.

My Grandfather was the Abraham of our family!
When I was growing up his word was Law.
He set the standards for manhood and he always stuck to his word.
His glory as a faithful husband to my Nana and as a father to his children (and Grandchildren) gave me such assurance that life makes perfect sense, and that all is well in the world.

Rev Clark was a man of Reason and a man of Faith.
He was a Christian minister, which is a huge testimony to the value of that religion.
Those who knew him and loved him, yet are not Christians ought to pause and contemplate the huge implications that such a man of great wisdom and integrity was not ashamed to wear the garb of a Man of God!
It is this truth that I hold dearest about my Grandfather, and it is in honour of his principled faith in God that I wish to write to you about life, religion, and death.

This is a fitting time to talk about religion and death.
If itā€™s not cool to talk about religion and death at the funeral of a preacher, then I ask when?
For many Death is the hardest most frightening reality we face.
How are we to deal with it?
We all must face our own mortality sooner or later and worse still we must face the mortality of those we hold dear.

Some like my Grandfather, live full term and death becomes a sort of mercy, yet many tragically die before their time and it seems a truism to say ā€œLifeā€™s not fair!ā€
Should we die from our own immorality or foolishness we may find small solace in seeing such deaths as justly ā€˜reaping what we have sownā€™, yet often death comes to the virtuous and innocentā€¦at the hands of some evil, and so this rule appears violated.
The Soul that looses a loved one in such a way, or they find themselves facing an early death by some evil is in danger of becoming bitter and twisted, and a hater of God, even if they donā€™t believe in him!
Indeed they choose not to believe in him simply because they see life as unjust!
It is for this reason that a positive philosophy about death is essential for every one of us if we are to truly enjoy life.
Without a sure reasoned faith powerful enough to overcome these sorts of painā€¦ bitterness and hatred of God are almost as sure to consume your soul as the sun will rise tomorrow!

Perhaps some may delude themselves into being happy by such base notions that ultimately ā€˜Nothing really mattersā€™, but this can never suffice the deep hearted.
This can only leave you cold.
I therefore say True Religion is essential for the survival and happiness of everyone of us, and not to have such a faith is a disaster!
Pain bitterness, hopelessness, and hatred are the lot for the lost soul without true religion.
Rev Clark Knew this, and this was one reason he was a minister of God.
Peace, hope, and a clear sense of justice are only possible for the man of reason that has reason enough to have faith that ultimately all is well and that life has real meaning and value.

It is my testimony, and that of my Grandfather that reason enough does indeed exist for hope and belief in Divine Justice.

granddad 002
Tears. Knowing time was short. Me and Granddad shortly before his death.

Let me now share with you a tiny fraction of the logic for faith in God, faith in his goodness, and faith in Christ by a few self-evident truths.

What lies in that box is not my Grandfather!
That dead body is but the house he lived in.
Science tells us that we replace every cell in our body every seven years.
This being so, most of us have had many bodies in our lifetime already!
They are miraculous things that were designed by incredible genius, but they are not the essence of who we are.
What is missing from that corpse is the *Real Granddad* whom we all love!
*His Soul*.

A great portion of Mankind are suffering from the delusion that we are but soul-less matter.
This is a great inhuman and evil superstition that has the most evil consequences for those under itā€™s spell.
The fruit of it is nihilism and this lowers man down to the level of a germ.
Granddad knew this truth and was a minister of menā€™s *souls*.

Now think about loveā€¦ what is the chemical formula for that?
Can chemicals love?
Can rocks feel?
Can robots be conscious of their own existence and care about the existence of other robots?

The man of reason and science, who holds that good and evil have objective reality must say no!
There is no Atheistic science that can accommodate the facts of reality or human experience!

All human invention is childlike when compared to such marvels as the human mind, brain, and hands.
The scripture that declares we are made in Godā€™s image is the most rational statement pertaining to our existence!

I say that if the Earth was like the moon, and there was no such thing as mankindā€¦ then it might be rational to think ā€˜there is no Godā€™ or that whatever is responsible for existence is dead not living.
But we live!… and science has proven that Life only comes from life.
It therefore follows that whatever is primary in reality must not only be alive, but also of supreme intelligence.
We call this Supreme being Godā€¦. who is before all temporal Laws and things.

The scripture wisely declares ā€œThe fool hath said in his heart there is no Godā€, and that mankind must beware ā€˜science falsely so-calledā€™.

Donā€™t be deceived by *Fake Science* like Darwinism.
Understand the difference between science proper, and poor speculations that are contrary to it.
Darwinism is fatally flawed and already fading away, yet Christianity stands fast and ready for you to embrace.
It alone accounts for cause and effect, both Physical and Moral.
The foolish man builds his house upon the sands of manā€™s ever changing myths.
The wise man builds his house upon the rock of Godā€™s sure word of truth, The King James Bible.

This article appeared in the Waikato Times.

Why must we embrace Christ?
It is because this is how God has declared as his only acceptable way of salvation, and it is God who sets the terms for such a thingā€¦ not us.
To be so vain as to believe God must accept us on *our terms* is to hang reality on our whim, and to Deify our pea-sized intellect!

Socrates, who believed in life after death, said it ought to be a manā€™s chief concern to ā€˜Know thyselfā€™, and that the unexamined life is not worth living.
I say that if we dare to examine ourselves our need for Christ and Godā€™s forgiveness becomes as clear as day!
What is wondrous about Godā€™s salvation through Christ is that he has managed to satisfy both Justice and Mercy, and to reveal his loving grace towards us.
He has achieved this by giving us freewill, and the liberty to choose to or reject him.
For us to choose Christ we must recognize we are sinful and lost.
Do not hide behind such foolish clichĆ©, as ā€˜Religion is the cause of all mankindā€™s woesā€¦ such as war.ā€
Sin and Evil are the cause of these and knowing this ought to convince us all of the need for salvation and Godā€™s government!
The good news is ā€œWhosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.ā€
Salvation is a free Gift!
The Bible says Abraham believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness.
Rev Clark believed in God and was a minister of this truth.

Was he an irrational superstitious Fool?
He was a man of Reason and a true Humanitarian.
This is what Christianity is all about!
I donā€™t ask you to become a pew warmer.
I implore you all to ask Christ to be your savior!

Let us maintain our faith in justice in the face of every hardship.
Let us play the hand we have been dealt with dignity to the very end.
Let us love one another and cherish every moment we have!

I thank God for my Grandfather and trust his soul is now in a much better place.
And I expect to see him again!

Thank you Granddad for everything.
You are an inspiration to us all.

I cannot finish without giving recognition to my Nana who is the best wife any man could have.
Thank you Nana for loving and caring for my Granddad.
We all love you so much!

ā€œFor the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness: but unto us which are saved: it is the power of Godā€
St Paul. 1 Corinthians 1vs18.

Contact Tim: 078498323ah,

granddad 003

Multiplying Absurdities Equals Certainty… The Math Magic of Modern Atheist Astrologers!


The main topic of this post is the use and abuse of mathematics.
By ā€˜abuseā€™ I mean using math in such a way as to deceive people into believing falsehoods.

Though I am not by any stretch of the imagination a skilled Mathematician, I am an Engineer, and so I appreciate Math.
Engineering is applied Math and Science.
Engineering is ā€˜generally speakingā€™ a very ā€˜Groundedā€™ disciplineā€¦ while there is at times the need for innovation and experiment, It is more often Methodical.
There is little room for wild speculation, with expensive equipment and material, and so itā€™s use of Math is very ā€˜pureā€™ā€¦ righteous ļŠā€¦ and exact.

Engineer at work on a Lathe… Applied Science and Maths… without wild conjecture or speculation.

When making components I often rely on gauges and dials on my machines, calculating precisely what I want the machine tool to do so as to end up with a work piece which will do the job it is supposed to.
Many jobs are done to very fine tolerances so as to achieve the necessary ā€˜fitā€™.
Using high tolerance measuring gear the engineer must decide what degree of rotation on a hand wheel will result in infinitesimal perfection.
Like a captain navigating a ship in the Dark, or a Pilot flying through a storm,
Math becomes essential in Engineering situations where you must ā€˜fly blindā€™ā€¦for eg when a cutting tool is turning out internal details deep within a work piece.
Like a pilot flying in a stormā€¦ Often the Machinist cant see much at all, and must rely on his dials and hand wheels to make very precise and calculated sets of moves.
The smallest errors can result in catastrophe, either in the form of an industrial accident during production of the component, or a failure for it to fit, function or perform when the time comes for it to serve the purpose for which it was designed.

Thus I appreciate just how wonderful Math is as a tool for man in applied scienceā€¦ esp for high accuracy and for working in situations beyond sight verification.
It gets results!
This is applied math at itā€™s purest and bestā€¦ firstly because in these applications theory is practically proven beyond any doubt, ā€¦.Being well understood and fundamentally ā€˜Secularā€™ ā€¦as the term is properly understood ā€¦.there is no need for wild conjecture or speculationsā€¦.in this sense it is very mundane, and secondly because of the advances made in this type of applied science and math, which has resulted in the greatest benefits to mankindā€¦ and advances in almost every other field of Human Endeavourā€¦ for example in astronomy.
Yet alas technical advances are impotent to improve the spiritual condition of Humanity, and instead Mankindā€™s corrupt nature consistently employs even the greatest of Arts into the most terrible evils and infernal purposes.

The Engineering advances in the development of the telescope serves as an excellent example of how ā€˜basicā€™ technical advances led to the expansion of human knowledge of our Universeā€¦. The higher degree of accuracy to which a telescope is made, (and calibrated), the better observations the astronomer can make.
Yet man being man new technical advances not only brought greater knowledge and apprehension, but also brought new opportunities for Man to exercise his vanity and capacity for delusion!


What I am about to talk about now is a very different way in which math is often used ā€¦ In domains where wild Political and mythical speculations are countenanced, being tailored to accommodate the most Rabid and biased agendas ā€¦and even revered as the work of geniusā€¦. Under the guise of ā€˜scientific hypothesesā€™.
I would like the reader to consider just how ridiculous is the commonly touted atheist ā€˜Mythā€™, that Science has always been the tool of Rationalism against religion, primitive ignorance, and superstition!
An Objective survey of the march of Materialist Naturalism testifies to the fact that any pretence that Science may be understood to be the advance of truth against religious superstition is a very naive proposition indeed!

The truth is that on one hand no purely technical scientific advance has ever been in conflict with Religious beliefā€¦ or placed true religion/ biblical Christianity in any retreat whatsoever!
This Atheist contention that the advance of Science has been squeezing God and Supernaturalism out of existence is patently false.
I will have to leave my explanations for this to another Blog post, It will have to suffice for now to say that this belief stems from a misguided yet historic trend which followed the Enlightenment, and also that this atheist assertion as it stands today is not founded upon the solid rock of science properā€¦like engineering is, but relies totally upon wild conjectureā€¦ upon ā€˜impure usage of mathematicsā€¦ and ā€˜Pseudo-scientific theoryā€™ā€¦.all of which are expressly designed to prop up and legitimize an absolutely unscientific ideological bent..
And this type of agenda driven pseudo scientific theory is also visibly operational in political arena as wellā€¦ eg Climate change.
On this subject, I suggest readers go and listen to the arguments of Climate change skeptic Lord Monktonā€¦ He is very critical about the Warmist’s Math!

There are many things which can and do corrupt real and genuine scientific objectivity, and ideology, and vested interestsā€¦ Bigotry, Profit, and power over the mindsā€¦ and lives of humanityā€¦ are all at work today, and have utterly corrupted science so as to render the world to be filled not with lightā€¦ but with utter confusionā€¦ and darkness.

All too often the most wild of hypotheses are quickly christened ā€˜factsā€™ā€¦ and are then wielded as clubs to bludgeon and crush dissenting opinion and scepticism of the powers that be.
And In academic circles today it is the Socialists and the Materialist Atheists whom occupy the Seats of Power ā€¦ and who maintain their position via this corrupt means of employing Mass Pseudo scientific Propagandaā€¦ and by every means at their disposal …they actively protest and prohibit any opposition to their Naturalistic Cosmology, to their ā€˜orthodox medicines, to their environmentalism, etc etc.
Anyone questioning the Priests of Naturalism and Socialism receive similar treatment to Galileo when he argued for a Heliocentric model of the solar system !
How Ironic! ļŠ

Now itā€™s time for me to vindicate myself, yet let me confess to being not only ā€˜an amateurā€™ in the subject of Math, but also of having but a rudimentary apprehension of the modern methods, claims, and discoveries in field of Astronomy.
Just as I have done with Politics, Philosophy, and History, I have had to content my interest in Astronomy by reading the odd book, by watching The News, and Discovery channel, by chatting with friends in the smoko table or on lineā€¦ and by Reading articles in Papers and magazines. And though I have been actively doing so for most of my 46 years, I must say that I do not pretend to be an expert, and what follows is purely based upon the limits of such an eclectic and non-professional assimilation of Data.
And these are my current thoughts on these matters, and I will be more than happy to modify my position should Good reason be provided by some critique.

Modern Astronomy = Modern Astrology!

Mankind had advanced virtually as far as possible in Earthbound Astronomy using ordinary optics, and the micrometer, when advances in Electronics, rocketry and the advent of Computers literally opened up New Horizons.

Mankindā€™s powers have been greatly magnified, yet still we has not been freed from our own self-destructive Nature.
War has become so much more terrible, Thefts have become more massive, Tyranny has become more pervasive, and Mythology has become cloaked in White overcoats, and statistics.
We live in the Era of ā€˜Computer Modelingā€™ which can be a fantastic tool for running massive math calculations and other choresā€¦ yet like everything of Human construction it is not Free of the Human Factorā€¦ and so these thingsā€¦ including Mathematics (which play a major part in Computer modelling) can become a powerful tool of Propagandaā€¦ for selling Ideology to the Masses, and also can be a form of self delusionā€¦ by those who honestly believe their own fancy footwork is something more than mere conjecture and thereby unjustly elevate their hypotheses in the domain of proven *scientific fact*ā€¦ of unquestionable truth which is supposed to discredit alternative theories and propositions.
We live in times when it is a form of blasphemy to question anything deemed to be a *scientific fact*

One Bookā€¦ the title of which is ā€˜How to lie using statisticsā€™ is ā€˜recommended readingā€™ in Libertarian circles, and I even own a copy, yet I have not actually read it.
Still itā€™s Title incorporates a truth that has relevance to a debate I am having regarding the naturalistic theory of the Big bang and evolution of the cosmos which tries to explain the formation of our Home planet the Earth , the solar system, the Moon, etc via the forces of nature, eliminating any need for belief in, or the interventions of a Creator God.

In a recent face book debate, I have been asked to explain the scepticism I expressed about this Naturalistic explanation, and the latest claims by astronomers using the latest techniques to discover new worlds.
I am particularly critical of the latest claims that there are probably billions of ā€˜Earthsā€™ in the universeā€¦ ie the speculation that our planet is in no way special, and that belief in extra terrestrial life is somehow supported by mathematical probabilityā€¦ via the same process of naturalistic Evolution which are supposed by Atheists and materialists to have given genesis to life here on Earth.

One of the latest developments in astronomy which has become possible via the powers of exactitude, and Mass calculations afforded by the Technological revolution is the claims that tiny ā€˜observedā€™ patterns of orbital perturbations and oscillations in the positions and motions of stars are best explained by the postulation of the gravitational effects of unseen orbiting Planetsā€¦ solar systemsā€¦ similar to our own, and without spending my life checking that their methodology is not flawed, and that their equipment is actually capable of such featsā€¦ on face valueā€¦ I have no problem with this basic rationale. I am impressed with the ingenious ways these technologies are being exploited.


If this basic rationale was maintained I would not be writing this blog post, The problem as I see it comes when Astronomers expose their religious Materialistic zealā€¦ and attempt to conflate these discoveries of solar systems with evolutionary theoryā€¦ esp the Abiogenesis of Life.

See here>>>> 4.5 Billion ‘Alien Earths’ May Populate Milky Way

This corruption is so commonplace that almost every article about Astronomy mentions something about itā€¦ eg almost every report from a Mars rover makes some claim that these rovers are vindicating belief that ā€˜Martiansā€™ probably existed ā€¦ā€™Millions of years agoā€™. ā€Mars once had Oceansā€ ā€œMars once had potable waterā€ā€¦etc.
From this speculation you are supposed to leap to the conclusion that their were once also fish

mars fish

Just as Engineers have ā€˜fits and limitsā€™ā€¦ Tolerances within which they can operate successfully ā€¦ the breadth of which being dependant upon the task at handā€¦ so too do the scientists of Astronomy., yet it is much easier for Astronomers to ā€˜play looseā€™, that it is for Engineersā€¦and their maniacal bents mean they are in a habit of so choosing to interpret the data as supporting the notion that a certain observable perturbation in a stars motion indicates the presence of a particular sized planetā€¦ which just so happens to be within the so-called ā€œGoldilocks zoneā€ for that Starā€¦ *even if the perturbation can also be just as accurately explain in mathematical terms via a ā€˜less favourableā€™ set of variables which are just ad valid mathematically yet they would put a different massed planet either Too close or too far away to claim they have discovered a ā€˜Goldilocks planet.ā€™
I proffer this argument both from experience of knowing just how often scientists meddle with data until they ā€˜proveā€™ their own theoriesā€¦ and because I know a larger planet at a greater distance will generate the same perturbation as a smaller planet at a closer distanceā€¦ with the same orbital duration.
Me thinks that ā€˜Materialist Astronomers will tend to play with this extremely broad parameterā€¦ and suggest that a said perturbation indicates the existence of an ā€˜Earth likeā€™ planet orbiting a said starā€¦ simply by arbitrarily choosing ā€˜convenient dimensionsā€™ and by going to ether the inner or outer extremes of tolerance the received Data will allow so as to put the planet conveniently within what they consider to be the ā€˜goldilocks zoneā€™ for that star.
It is most telling that these Astronomers are without doubt engaging in ideological propaganda because they just as easily say the perturbations are being caused by Mars-like planets!… yet that does not have the same Evolutionary wet dream ā€¦.Sex appeal!
I can make this assertion because
Mars is within the tolerances of the goldilocks zoneā€¦thatā€™s how board a tolerance the astronomers set for this ā€˜ideaā€™ā€¦ and We are bombarded with propaganda from NASSA that they consider Mars to be ā€˜a goldilocks planet.
They justify the spending of Billions of Extorted Tax dollars upon the grand delusion that Space exportation is noble Endeavour in the quest for the discovery of the origin of Life. And The Billions of Dumbfounded dipshitsā€¦ swallow this line and submit to their slavery! (oopā€¦did I just say that! Hope I didnā€™t hurt any of you dopey Slaves feelings!)

The fact remains that itā€™s not so mystical to make the claim that the latest discoveries of Planets prove the existence of Billions of ā€˜Marā€™s likeā€™ planetsā€¦ that is not sensational at all!
It is however extremely sensational to say the data supports the idea of ā€˜Billions of Earthsā€™!… and yet this is a purely arbitrary statement!
Via this rationale Mars must be deemed to be ā€˜Earth-likeā€™ā€¦ and yet from this we can apprehend just how bogus such a claim really is!


The original Idea of the planetary goldilocks zone is actually *a theistic ID idea*.
The premise being that God placed the Earth in the Ideal orbit to sustain life.
This is a very devastating idea to Naturalistic atheism as it is one of many amazing factors about the Earth which the atheists must assume is not a matter of intelligent design but another ā€˜fortunate accidentā€™ā€¦

Now lets look at what these sorts of Mathematical shinnaganism really means.
Is this a valid scientific modus opperandi or theory?
Not at all! Their theories are non-falsifiable because when they can jiggy the numbers to almost any Astronomical extremeā€¦ until they arrive at something pleasing to their preconceptionsā€¦ and then declare the numbers add upā€¦ thatā€™s not science!

And astronomy is filled to the brim with such conjecturesā€¦ which are deemed to be established factsā€¦ simply because they ā€˜add upā€™.

Another example to further substantiate my point that Astronomers (and others) ā€˜play games with numbers and then pretend this is science , lets look at a current theory in respect to the formation of the Moon via a collision of another planet with Earth.

moon formation

Scientists set up a computer model and run through a whole series of variables/ scenariosā€¦ different size ā€˜Planet Xā€™ traveling at various velocities ā€¦until they narrowed down the variables to a set which when run through the computer appears to give them a pattern which somewhat resembles the Earth and the moon ā€˜as they assume these bodies would have been likeā€¦ and then they call a press conferenceā€¦ or write an article for ā€˜Natureā€™ declaring they have ā€˜evidenceā€™ which supports their hypothesis that the Moon was created via a collision with imaginary ā€˜Planet Xā€™ and the Earthā€¦ xxx years ago!
Now many reading this will say ā€œwhatā€™s wrong with that?ā€
ā€œIt applies the laws of physics and mathematics and comes up with a working explanation!???ā€

The problem with this type of ā€˜scienceā€™ is that it was *a foregone conclusion*ā€¦.even before they began to run the program, that they would eventually get a favourable scenario because when you are at liberty to feed into such programs whatever variables you like that one of these sets will inevitably produce the required Masses and forces to ā€˜proveā€™ scenario! Ie this virtual experiment is *Non-falsifiable* ā€¦ you simply ā€˜boogie the Masses and velocities until you get ā€˜a brewā€™ which satisfies your demandsā€¦ and then argue that Planet x was such and such a size and it was travelling at such and such a speedā€¦. And yet this whole exercise was nothing more than mathematical gymnastics!

Now that you apprehend the dubious nature of such methodology let me apply this insight to explain just one of the reasons why I am very sceptical about the latest claims of Materialist astronomers using computer modelling etc to make such claims as to have already found ā€˜Earth-likeā€™ planets orbiting other starsā€¦ and further inferring that the earth is not amazingly Uniqueā€¦ but merely one of Billions.

Let me now explain the motive behind why Astronomers are determined to make people believe the universe is filled ā€˜Earthsā€™ rather than ā€˜Marsā€™sā€™ .
They are playing the ultimate statistical numbers scam of them all!

One of the largest problems Materialist/ Naturalist/ Evolutionist/ atheist have is that advances in technology have not only greatly increase our powers to investigate the vastness of the Universe, but has also greatly increase our ability to investigate the Microscopicā€¦ the infinitesimalā€¦ and to the horror of the Atheist what has been revealed is not the simplicity they had postulatedā€¦ and require for their Naturalistic theories of the spontaneous generation of life!

The cell compared to a Factory.

Indeed the advances in real science have done the very oppositeā€¦Looking at the Cell, they have reveled a mind blowing complexity! Thus with the advance of science the hopes and dreams of atheists ought to have fadedā€¦ as the magnitude of improbability of the spontaneous generation of life is today beyond rational belief, yet instead of abandoning their unscientific superstitionā€¦ they are hell bent on fixing the numbersā€¦ so that their wild and irrational belief in Atheism ā€¦appears more rational than it really is.
And to do this they Need either Billions of Earthsā€¦ Or Billions of ā€˜Universesā€™.
Without writing another 3000 words to explain this I point out that the odds of life spontaneously generating on Earth have been described as *Infinitely improbable!*

Read about this improbability on my blog post here ā€¦

Dingbat Atheist Pseudo-science. Instant Lifeā€¦ just add water!

Yet rather than be despondent about any of this, the Hard as nails fanatical atheist instead have postulated myriads of mythical Earth-like planetsā€¦ and or infinite numbers of Universe occupying ā€˜other dimensionsā€™! (and yet they have the cheek to deride theists for belief in Heaven!)


Modern Technology and the growing *real scientific knowledge* about Reality has forced Atheist Naturalists into the most extreme absurdities and Math shenanigans… to maintain their atheismā€¦ and they know it!
What this gimmick does is not make the spontaneous generation of life any less fantasticā€¦ but dupes the fanatical Materialist into a false sense of certaintyā€¦reasoning that if a truckload of 1 000 000 dice get tossed 1 000 000 000 000 times or more that simply by chance every now and then on particular throwsā€¦ all the dices will fall six face up!… by pure chance!
They are so enthralled by this hopeā€¦ their entire atheist faith has come to depends upon it being trueā€¦ and as they have no hope of finding other universes ā€¦they today scan the heavens with the express determination of discovering billions of Earth-like planets ā€¦ because to their way of thinking just finding one other earth-like planet improves the odds for their deranged faith by 50%!
It does not make the appearance of life by natural means any easierā€¦ but by a quirk of mathematics it doubles the opportunity for fate to smile!… and the atheist are betting the farm on this! They are so insane as to believe that if they can prove that billions of ā€˜Earthsā€™ exist that this would somehow move the belief in The spontaneous generation of life from an absolute absurdity into an absolute certainty!
This surely must rank as the greatest majic trick of all time!
If ever there was a pseudo scienceā€¦ this must be the king of them all!
And knowing this powerful ulterior motive is a driving force in astronomy, is why we should be very wary of these latest claims that astronomers have already ā€˜discoveredā€™ Earth-like planets. They have serious vested interests to make such wild claimsā€¦in the vain attempt to add credibility to their absurd Atheism and to rescue Naturalistic Evolution and Materialism from the dustbin where the latest discoveries of Biology indicate such superstitions belong.
The Idea that science has liberated Mankind from superstition via Naturalism and Materialism is a ridiculous joke!
Modern Astronomy differs little from the astrologers of old… in its superstitious notions.
Modern atheists academics are absolute hypocrites! They are barely distinguishable from the Superstitious Luddites of old whom they say resisted every scientific advance. Today it is the priests of Atheism whom rail against the appointment of any Free-thinkers as teacher… whom reject the absolute Religious Naturalistic orthodoxy of our day!
Just look at the extremes to which the will go to combat investigation of the alternative explanations… that God created the Heavens and the Earth.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
King James Bible believer. Dispensationalist. Libertarian.

god created

One of the aspects of the Atheist quest to find life in outer space which I left out of this post is the fact that they stretch the so-called Goldilocks zone to the greatest extremes, and even justify the wildest speculation about life spontaneously Abiogenesising in the most Bizarre and harsh environments such as on Saturn’s Moon Titan, and Jupiter’s Europa… both of which do not fall into what is deemed to be the Goldilocks Zone for our Star by presenting examples of Life living under extreme conditions here on Earth… such as in the Darkest depths of the ocean by volcanic vents, or in Acid, or near boiling pools.

What this proves is that there is virtually no limit to the extremes these atheists will go to convince the world of the Atheistic theory for the Origin of life. All talk of the Goldilocks zone is in fact rendered meaningless. They prove this by making claims about abiogenesis on planets and moons which are’n even in the zone.
NASA Team Investigates Complex Chemistry at Titan

NASA experiment indicates possibility of life on Saturn’s moon Titan

The possibility of life on Europa

Update 2

Update:3 This just in…. so here we have the same game being exposed in yet another field… not only are astronomers, Evolutionists, and climatologists playing funky with Maths…. so are Economists….


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Rabid Anti-Reason Atheists Priesthood Cry Blasphemy!



Creationism and intelligent design are causing quite a stir at Ball State University, a public college in Muncie, Indiana. In addition to sparking an internal investigation into Professor Eric Hedin, a Christian who is accused by the atheistic Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), among others, of potentially indoctrinating students, thereā€™s yet another new target. The FFRF is now joining evolutionary scientists in speaking out against the same universityā€™s hire of Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez, an astronomy professor who embraces intelligent design.

Whatā€™s most fascinating about the debate is that academic environments really should be the host of vibrant discussion, debate and diverse viewpoints. While most scientists do believe in evolutionary theory, the notion that people who do not should be silenced seems counter-intuitive. But that is exactly what is unfolding as the contention over Ball Stateā€™s hiring of these professors progresses.

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^^^ This story exposes the Bigotry which corrupts the academic world which not only stifles real science, but maintains the lies of evolution and Materialist in the position of ‘Orthodoxy’.
These Atheists are complete hypocrites because they are doing today what they accuse the Religious zealots of the past of doing!… Stifling dissenting opinion for the sake of maintaining a monopoly… not by reason… but by force!

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