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Quit Bitching Zombies! You got what you voted for!

The Economies of the West were bankrupted by Nanny State Social Democracy… You Sheeple are to blame! Because you voted for Labour/ National… Reps/ Dems… and their equivalent shyster parties in every Western Social Democratic Nation whom promised to mother you and keep ‘Evil free enterprise’ in check.
You yourselves voted for the Bankruptcy!
You wanted all their promises.
You wanted all their taxes.
You wanted them to keep spending and keep borrowing.
Don’t cry about them bailing out the Mega Rich!
That too was all part of the socialist package you voted for… the idea that the government is responsible for the economy and can manipulate the players as it sees fit.
Don’t now pretend it is all the wealthy fascists fault!
Your continued self denial of your own guilt makes me sick!


We Libertarians knew your socialist scam would end in ruin!
We warned you for years this Zombie Apocalypse was approaching!.
We stood for parliament preaching an end to spending, an end to big government…yet you chose instead to burry your heads in the sand and kid yourselves that the socialist madness could go on and on…at least until *You* were gone… and then the problem would be someone else’s problem to fix!
Well your chickens have come home to roost!
When you see growing poverty, and children in rags…blame your selves!
Take ownership of what *You voted for!*
Know that it was your own selfish lusts for Nanny State socialism which has brought Great nations to ruin!


The day of Reckoning is here!
Will you humble yourselves and admit your errors?
No. Like most criminals you will never admit the truth…You will go the Hell screaming you are innocent.

Your politics created the Filthy Rich and the super powerful, and having learned nothing… having feed your growing Envy and Malice with even greater lies… you will soon elect an even more terrible Beast!
It is *you sheeple* whom will allow a new Totalitarian system to be installed!
You will vote for Full control of the worlds resources via a political elite… in the name of saving the world from ‘Capitalist exploitation’.
You will vote for a global Dictator under the delusion that this will end war.
And you will all receive the Mark of the Beast, and cry out against those arrogant ‘Libertarians’…who refuse to bow down… calling them ‘Enemies of the State.’
Yes you will have your Socialist ‘Utopia’!
My heart breaks for the Death of Liberty and prosperity…. And for your Slave Children.


Evolutionary Stimulus… The struggle for survival…


Evolutionary Stimulus… The struggle for survival…
How many times have you read that it was the struggle for survival which stimulated leaps in the ‘evolution’ of new Creatures?
‘Change or Die’ is a Mantra of the Evolutionist priesthood.

Thus if we are to believe this Mantra…. the belief that Polar Bears are facing extinction due to Human action, we had better be ready! (See pic below)


Do you think my Polar bear comments are Ridiculous?
Why not apply that critical thinking to your whole Ridiculous theory!
You may realise that my comment above is silly only because the theory of Evolution is silly.

What is an even bigger travesty, is that many Highly educated ‘Christian philosophers’ that I know can find no contradiction between the Chaos and Cold brutality of theory of Evolution which renders man simply an Ape … and Christian morality and the Value of Human life.
They don’t hesitate to say the Bible is full of ignorant myths and fraudulent additions.
“Professing themselves to be wise the became fools”
They would Rob us Christians of our faith in the scriptures!
They tells us bible believers that we are ignorant fools because we have not been ‘educated’ in textual criticism, or in Rationalist philosophy, or in the verdict of modern Evolutionary science!
I say “let God be true but every man a Liar!”


The Evolutionists hope you never figure out that Species either Survive, or they Die.
*They never evolve*… even when facing extinction.
When you figure that out you will aprehend just how Stupid the theory of Evolution really is!

Looking Forward, not Backwards: Dynamic Culture vs Stagnation. Why British Colonisation was good for Maori.

The coming of the Maori to Aotearoa.

I have just posted a reply to a private facebook Status, which I cannot share here.
The Status was by a Maori who had just descovered that the word ‘Maori’ was ‘invented’ by the Pakeha, and this descovery has made them want to divest themselves of that ‘fully colonised’ title and instead to redefine themselves as “TANGATA WHENUA”. (People of the Land)

It seems to have escaped them that the Pre-colonial Maori people did not call themselves “TANGATA WHENUA” either.
That term was used to describe the people who were already here when Maori arrived in their Waka. Back in the Day Maori took great pride in the fact that they were decendants of great navigators whom had migrated here, yet today that part of Maori traditional pride has been conveniently forgotten because the political scheem to claim ‘indigenous rights’.

The Status finnishes with an expression of love to Maori ‘Peeps’ and an appeal to them to ‘De-colonise yourselves’.

This Status is a sad yet powerful testimony to toxic anti-colonization indoctrination which is systematically generating an apartheid hatred and Race relations disaster in New Zealand and setting up Maori Children to perpetuate the poverty and terrible statistics which are the lot of many today.
The ‘closing the Gaps’ socialist policies, and political favoritism has not led to Maori betterment, but to entrenched dependence and a hateful racist and victim mindset … not self reliant empowerment … not High personal ethics.

My reply is below.

I know this a very sensitive subject.
May I say a few words from my own perspective.
It is true that Missionaries from England introduced, not only many new helpful skills , but also many new words. They ‘invented’ the written Maori language and thereby saved much Maori culture from being lost by the passage of time.
The tribes of Pre Treaty times were very keen to have a missionary living in their communities. They were quick to appreciate the great store of wisdom they brought, and to assimilate many of their ways… like wearing English clothing, Their Buildings (The design of the Meeting house we all love is a post-European design, they did not exist prior to the Missionaries).
What this proves is that our ancestors were very smart and progressive, and wisely learned and assimilated things of value from the Europeans… not just cows, apples, nails… but Ideas, values, etc…and this was good for Maori.
We must understand that a Good Culture is always progressing, not stagnating, not trapped by backward superstition, not adverse to new enlightened ideas or better ways of doing things.
Thus it is a credit to our ansestors that they were quick to abandon many of their primitive traditional ways and embrace the advantages That British civilisation offered.
It is so sad that Many Maori are being taught today to have a dreamy idea that to be a ‘real Maori today we must picture ourselves as being like our stone age ancestors, and seek to ‘De-colonise’ ourselves.


Sad because the truth is We modern Maori have gained so much from colonization, yet we are taught by the political activists to think colonization was all bad… all an evil plot. This is how the Maori people are being deceived into supporting the Separatist movement, and are being steered away from the most vital and important realities they need to understand to prosper via their own efforts rather than seeking Political interventions, hand outs, and favoritism.
Modern Maori Boys need to see themselves as Doctors, Engineers, scientists, Electricians… not warriors.
We Maori ought to first think of ourselves as Honest hard working individuals… not as members of a race.
That is secondary.
The first is something we have control and self responsibility for.
The second is merely a fortunate birthright.
And it is essential that we ought to treat everyone else with equal respect… irrespective of their race, and teach our children this respect as well because without this important humanitarian value they are in danger of becoming hateful racists.
It was belief in the Equality of all human beings which brought the Missionaries to New Zealand to share the Gospel of Christ with the Maori people whom were lost in darkness and superstition.
Thus I am saying it is a good thing to teach our children to take pride in their Maori heritage, yet not good to teach them that this is of the highest importance.
There is a whole layer of personal/ universal values which they must take even greater personal pride in because they will shape and define who they are *as individuals* and how they will treat others.


They need to learn skills like engineering, science, etc which will help them to provide for themselves and their families … and take pride in being Modern independent self reliant and humanitarian Maori, whom compete and hold their own in society on equal terms with other Kiwi… not blaming others for their own lack of achievement… happy to struggle and save, and slowly become more prosperous through good values, thrift, and honest hard work… and always being loving towards others in our society.
This is my vision of how a want my children to grow up.
I want them to be enlightened, honest and caring… not racist… not trapped in a mythical past. I hope they take what is good from Maori tradition, yet forsake all the negative and twisted Political propaganda which attempts to say Colonization was only evil and generates serious race hatred.
In my view to be a Real Maori it does not require any special rights, or Laws.


I know what I have written here will be very difficult for some Maori to swallow.
It is so contrary to the view of history they have been taught , and to the twisted politically motivated idea that We are supposed to put our Sanitized/ idealized ‘primitive Maori heritage’ first… to be on the Maori electoral roll… to support treaty separatism… if we want to claim to be ‘Real Maori’.

Thus I offer a complete alternative in which I dream of A New Zealand with one law for all, and that Maori can enjoy and revel in their heritage without demanding political favoritism or special rights… or Millions of dollars stolen from Everyone via taxation.
My vision is one of racial harmony.

I know that I am virtually alone at present in my vision.
I know some reading this will hate me for my views.
That make me very sad, because I seek to enlighten the Maori people so that they can save themselves from the political evils of racial separatism and race based laws… save themselves from welfare dependence, poor health, terrible crime statistics, etc…. which cannot be fixed via Political interventions but must be done by Maori themselves taking personal responsibility for their own predicaments and determining to make the ethical changes, and put in the hard yards, and teach their children self reliance… not hatred.
This is the way ahead for Maori.
I sincerely believe this, and spend my life preaching this gospel of self responsibility, of equality before the Law, of the ethics of Humanity first.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

The Shame of Maori Radicalism. Hate and Violence.


The lies against the Jews which underpinned the fanaticism and extreme violence of The Nazis under Hitler are being replicated by the Maori separatist movement, and the endorsment of their ‘grievances’ by consecutive Labor and National led governments.
Waitangi separatism has resulted in a Race relations crisis, in Massive extortion, in the mass manufacture of corrupt law and institutions, in the enslavement of thousands of Maori in socialist dependence, and most seriously still… in the growth of fanatical race hatred and a propensity for violence.
The Maori people are being manipulated by malicious, and dangerous radicals and are being led down a very dark path.
They are being told that this is a process of ‘righting the wrongs of the past’, when in fact it ism nothing short of a despicable demonstration of race hatred, and grab for wealth and power.

I identified this ideological cancer well over a decade ago, and have ever since dedicated myself to exposing this evil for what it is, and busied myself attempting to awaken the Maori people to the truth.
I was the Libertarianz party spokesman on Maori affairs for approximately ten years, and since my resignation have remained vocal as an Independent Libertarian and Christian.

I would like to share with you part of what has been the personal cost of my stand against the Radical separatists, and the established/ entrenched doctrines of Socialist Indigenous Rights which underpins New Zealand’s ever expanding system of Apartheid… under the guise of ‘honoring the treaty’.

Today I received several comments to a blog post I wrote about the Tame Iti and the ‘Tuhoe terrorists’, in which I was explaining exactly how dangerous are the anti-colonialist lies and the socialist doctrines of indigenous rights, ‘self determination’, etc are. I was explaining why I was not at all surprised that Tame iti and the radical Greens were involved in plotting a campaign of violence.

The Blog post is here:

‘Not a Pimple on Mandela’s Butt! Tama Iti’


Today I received two ‘Comments’ from a very ‘Brave’ person called ‘Collar Shirt’.
The nature of his comments are very telling.
They show what race hatred really is.
They expose what people like myself face when we dare to criticize Maori Radicalism.
It is like a letter written by a member of the KKK against a white American whom expressed support for Martin Luther king.
It is like a letter written by a member of a fanatical Islamic sect against a liberal Muslim whom dared to suggest that Christians have a right to exist in peace.

The enlightened humanitarians among mankind who refuse to cower in silence, and instead bravely step forward and dare to challenge the haters… all must run the gauntlet and risk everything for the sake of truth, justice, humanity, and progress.
They are torn between a sense of selfish guilt… that perhaps their High ideals are bringing danger upon their wives and children…and that maybe they should shut up… and simply blend back into the crowd.
But then they realise that Silence only makes the Evil ones more successful in their plans, and that unless brave souls stand up and set an example… their silence condemns their loved ones, friends, and neighbors to even greater perils and injustice.

“Evil prevails when Good men do nothing”.

What these brave people need is for their fellow countrymen, fellow brethren, to not allow these ‘torch bearers’ in their midst’s to be left alone and unsupported, but ought to rally around them, and to add their voices to the cause.

> on August 22, 2011 in Washington, DC.

Collar shirt’s 2 Comments are below, and my reply follows.
I hope readers will both appreciate my cause, and will determine to get involved and help me and other brave Kiwi, like John Ansell, defeat the lies of The Radical Maori separatist movement, and the corrupt politics of Treaty separatism which has being foisted upon us by Labour, National, Act, NZ First, The Greens, The Maori Party, Mana,etc…

Collar Shirt says:
Wednesday 17 April 2013 at 11:35 AM
Tim how the f**k do you know Tame Iti was planning to kill white people you f**king point the finger judgemental pr**k – and what do you know about any violent murderer radical Separatist, if you have got any evidence to hand on to the Police – tell us what that evidence is right now – This is a RACIST & FICTIONAL story of yours. And as for pimples I would like to squeeze your head like a pimple until the white puss you call your brain squirts out you piece of hard WHITE SH*T! and you too Angry Tory! I challenge you’s to print what you’s have both written and start handing them out to the public – and see how long you can last on the street without getting your face smashed in! – Pussay’s

2. Collar Shirt says:
Wednesday 17 April 2013 at 11:53 AM
Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.
I would like to make a complaint about the RACIST nature of this article which is in very bad taste, lacking in facts and based on innuendo and to compare a person to a murderer is asking for trouble. – but most of all it doesn’t stick to the kaupapa of the rules – this article is “unwholesome” and “does not build others up” in fact it does the complete opposite of discriminating against a fellow human being – and has absolutely NO BENEFIT WHATSOEVER to any right minded and virtual thinker.
Tim Wikiriwhi Christian Libertarian – i will hand on your message to the Iti whanau in Ruatoki and don’t be surprised if they come looking for you and ask you to say what you just wrote to their face. I will make you my special project to read & check all your other articles too to make sure you are not spreading your RACIST HATRED poison around that ends up on the web – you piece of SH*T!

Tim Wikiriwhi’s Reply:

What is your real name ‘Collar shirt’?
Very brave talk coming from someone hiding behind a pseudom.
And your threats prove the validity of my statements Re: the Violent mentality of the Racist radicals.
Your threats are a testimony to the stark fact that while you want so called ‘Maori rights’ to be recognised, you don’t recognise any one else’s rights (like mine) to free speech, etc.
Thats called hypocracy.

I have been threatened many times in the past… face to face with radicals at Waitangi and other places.
I have always spoken my mind in the open… not the shadows, and will continue to do so irrespective of threats like you have delivered above.

I have spoken many times publicly, on Marae, and on TV before my peers.
See a TV one debate Here:

My reports about Iti’s intentions are based upon Media releases regarding the recordings the police got of conversations between Iti and his crew.
If it had not been for the bungling of the Legislation, and the bungling of the police Iti and crew would have faced much more severe charges… including discussion of kidnapping John Key and ‘practicing’ by killing white people.
I don’t suppose you bothered to use our search engine to find out what I have written about Tame Iti’s conviction on Fire arms charges… Here…

You would see that I actually *condemned* the basis on why he was actually sent to jail! I defended the right of peaceful people to own firearms, and even to be members of private militia. Thus I show my integrity is to justice, and though Tame Iti is a dangerous radical, yet still I have no desire for anyone to be jailed on bad laws or bad judgments.

Yet I dont expect that my integrity in this post will impress you either.
You fanatical haters only want to hear your own hate… you are not interested in tolerating dissenting views…. a lot like the Nazi’s whom hated the Jews, and who likewise could not tolerate any criticism of their mentality, or methods.
Think about that.
Think about what race hatred has done to the world?
This is the very evil I am seeking to save the Maori people from.. the manipulations and hate mongering of violent racist radicals whom blame everyone else but themselves for their own lack of achievement, violence and misery.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

Read about Violent support in Waikato for Terror suspects Here:

Read about… Where Haters come from. Here:

Read about… Universal Pride in Washington, Separatist Shame in Wellington. here:
Read about…. State of Confusion. The Rule of Law vs The Mandate of the Majority. New Zealand’s Constitutional Crisis. Here:

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Read about… Trojan Horse: The UN Separatist Declaration of Indigenous Rights. here:

Going viral


Copyright is the freedom to choose, says Peter Cresswell.

No, it’s not.

War is NOT peace, ignorance is NOT strength, and copyright is NOT the freedom to choose.

Copyright is the government telling you what songs you can and cannot sing in the shower.

This video, produced by the Copyright Alliance, is Orwellian bullshit.

Copying a tune to your medium of choice is like catching the flu on public transport.
Once an artist releases a song, the song is out there, like a virus.

Lord Christopher Monckton- ‘CLIMATE OF FREEDOM’ TOUR of NEW ZEALAND -APRIL 2013-Itinerary

lord m
Lord Christopher Monckton

An Old Libertarian Comrade Robin Thomsen invited me go with him next week to hear Lord Christopher Monckton Debunking Global warming/ man made climate change.
I will be there with bells on! (very cool manly bells that is!)
Monday @ Waikato Uni
It would be great to see other Libertarians there too.

warmist scientists
Muppet science… seems legit.

While I am pondering this subject I remembered reading a while ago that The Warmists had figured out that… Quote:
“People with very strong free-market support had very high skepticism of climate change,” said John Cook, a cognitive psychology doctoral candidate at the University of Queensland.”
He goes on…
“Such individuals also tend to distrust scientists and scientific processes such as peer review…”

Now what is telling about this is that if this is true (and I believe the first part is), then obviously the reverse is also obviously true… ie that Climate change is supported predominately by Quote: ” Retarded Anti-Capitalist Socialists whom hate the free market and believe the State should regulate all trade and Reasources”… said Libertarian Hunk, Tim Wikiriwhi in the greatest blog Ever… Eternal vigilance.
He goes on…
” John Cook is simply another State paid flunkey! The truth is Free thinkers do not have any faith in the heavily Politicized scientific community whose pay checks are dependant upon their manufacture of Pseudo-scientific hysteria mongering which generates mass phobia of free enterprise and conveniently recommends heavy handed government regulation of trade, virtually an end to private property, and absolute control of the earths natural resources, whereas the Earth worshipping Luddite Retards snort it like Cocaine! ”


^^^Criptic message from Roger Waters.


Climate Realists’ Network
was formed in July 2009.

We link to many other like-minded groups throughout New Zealand.

Our main form of communication is by way of fortnightly newsletters to our members. (Contact details below)

Our website contains a number of relevant articles of interest; however anyone wanting to explore the issue of climate on a much deeper level is encouraged to check out our LINKS page which provides a broad range of websites with endless hours of reading to suit any taste.

Lord Christopher Monckton

During April 2013 Lord Christopher Monckton will be in New Zealand to speak on Climate Change and its underlying idealogical framework, the United Nations Agenda 21 and the threat this is to freedom. The tour is entitled Climate of Freedom.

While few of us are familiar with Agenda 21 we are likely to have heard the term “Sustainable Development”, “Smart Growth”, or “Renewable Energy”. We may think that this is a “not in my backyard” issue that we can take or leave as we wish. But if you conduct even a cursory Google search for some of the key concepts of Agenda 21 you will find that most New Zealand local government long term policy has been explicitly implementing Agenda 21 for nearly 20 years, and that this dictates many aspects of YOUR life.

Understanding the underlying goals and intentions of Agenda 21 makes the Global warming, and Climate Change debate infinitely clearer. The motivations, purposes and methodology of those who persist in alarmism on this topic, despite the mounting scientific evidence to the contrary and the 16 year ‘pause’ in rising global average surface temperatures is more transparent. As the evidence increasingly contradicts the theory of greenhouse gas impacts on global temperatures the alarm is morphing to climate disruption, climate chaos, extreme weather and other scary stuff, since the temperatures are not keeping in step with rising CO2.

Don’t you want to know what is going on here?

Contact us for further information or media enquiries.

al g


Monday 1st April
Northland: ( Please note minor changes)
6pm Ascension Wine Estate, 480 Matakana Road, Matakana.
30 min introductory presentation followed by a brief opportunity for questions from the audience.
Light refreshments may be purchased from Ascension, but no dinner will be available.
Entry by donation.

Tuesday 2nd April
6pm The Kumara Box, 503 Poutu Road, Dargaville
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales, or advance booking through Ticketek

Wednesday 3rd April
3pm May Bain Conference Room, New Whangarei Library building, Rust Ave
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales, or advance booking through Ticketek

6pm, Conference Room, first floor of the Dickens Inn, Cameron St Mall
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales, or advance booking through Ticketek

Thursday 4th April
10am-11am Lord Monckton will be a guest on the Leighton Smith Show (Newstalk ZB)

7.30pm, Netball North Harbour Function Room, 44 Northcote Rd, Takapuna
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Friday 5th April
7-9pm Fisher and Paykel Lecture Theatre, (Room F&PAA/260-115)
Located at the Auckland University Business School, Grafton Road
No admission charge, but donations welcome.

Saturday 6th April
2pm, St Columba at Botany, 480 Ti Rakau Drive, Botany
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Monday 8th April
7am Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting, Events Room 1, Gallagher Hub building, Hamilton Wintec campus.
Price $45
Tickets available at or by going to

12 noon Student Union Forum-Village Green outside the shops, Waikato University
Public welcome, no admission charge

7pm Price Waterhouse Cooper Lecture Theatre, Waikato University, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton (opposite the Admin building)
Gold coin donation.

Sponsored by the NZ Institute of International Affairs (Waikato Branch)

Tuesday 9th April
7.30pm, Bureta Park Motor Inn, Vale St Otumoetai.
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Thursday 11th April
7.30pm, Cosmopolitan Club, Grey and Derby Street
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Friday 12th April
7.30pm, Ellwood Function Centre, 12 Otene Road, Waipatu, Hastings
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Saturday 13th April
Palmerston North:
2.00pm, Masonic Centre, 168 Fitzherbert Ave, Palmerston North
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

7.30pm, Anglican Church Hall, 67 Cambridge Road, Ashhurst
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Monday 15th April
New Plymouth:
7.30pm, Devon Hotel and Conference Centre, 390 Devon St East
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Tuesday 16th April
7.00pm, Southwards Car Museum, Otaihanga Rd, Paraparaumu
Tickets: $20 adult, $5 15yrs and under

Tickets to this presentation available online from
or at the Customer Service desk,
Coastlands Shoppingtown,
Contact for this event: Peter Jones (04) 2938966 Mob: 0272266657
Sponsored by the Kapakapanui Lions Club


Wednesday 17th April
Lower Hutt:
7.00am – 9.00am Chamber of Commerce breakfast
Silverstream Retreat, 3 Reynolds Bach Drive, Silverstream, Lower Hutt
7am- 7.30 breakfast, 7.30-8.30 Lord Monckton to speak, 8.30-9am Q & A
Members $45 +gst, non-members $65 +gst
Bookings and cancellations by Monday 15 April
contact: Donna 09399821 or

Press Club meeting
Associated Audio ‘The Bose’ Experts
5.30pm, 95 Customhouse Quay Wellington
Free entry to Press Club members, $10 non-members
RSVP compulsory as numbers very limited.
Contact: .
Light refreshments provided.

Thursday 18th April
7.30pm Nelson Suburban Club, 168 Tahunanui Drive, Nelson
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Friday 19th April
7.30pm Marlborough Convention Centre, 42A Alfred St
Admission by donation to cover expenses, surplus to go to hospice.

Sponsored by Federated Farmers (Marlborough)

Saturday 20th April
Christchurch: ( Please note minor changes)
2.30pm Forum, moderated by Rodney Hide
Show Gate Pavilion,
Riccarton Park Function Centre
165 Racecourse Road Sockburn
$25 entry Tickets available on
Search for ‘Monckton Tour’
Door sales may be limited, book early to avoid disappointment.

Show Gate Pavilion,
Riccarton Park Function Centre
165 Racecourse Road Sockburn
$25 entry Tickets available on
Search for ‘Monckton Tour’
Door sales may be limited, book early to avoid disappointment.

Monday 22nd April
8am -9.30am Business Breakfast
Show Gate Pavilion,
Riccarton Park Function Centre
165 Racecourse Road Sockburn
$45 entry Tickets available on
Search for ‘Monckton Tour’
Bookings essential for catering purposes- no door sales.

7.30pm Sopheze on the Bay, Caroline Bay, Timaru
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Tuesday 23rd April
12pm arrival for 12.30 lunch
1pm Lord Monckton’s presentation
The Savoy Reception and Conference Centre
50 Princes St, CBD, Dunedin
$40 entry, tickets available from Jock Allison
ph 03 4772903, mob 021 363337
Numbers limited- book early to avoid disappointment.

7.30pm, Burns Theatre A
entrance opposite 84 Albany St
(Otago University Clubs & Socs Building)
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Wednesday 24th April
7.30pm, Gore Town and Country Club, Bury St, Gore
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Friday 26th April
7.30pm, Ascot Park Hotel, 2 East Rd, Invercargill
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Contact us for further information or media enquiries.

Climate Realists (NZ) would like to acknowledge and thank the following supporters and sponsors:

Ian and Heidi Wishart
Uncensored Magazine
Kapakapanui Lions Club

Marlborough Federated Farmers

NZ Institute of International Affairs (Waikato Branch)

Our wonderful design and printing team: Alan, Sarah and Simon!

Our local organisers and network members- this tour wouldn’t be happening without you- thank you all very much.

Woman mauled to death by dogs. A victim of Nanny state and Ovine culture

victim of dogs

Thirty-one year-old Chloe Mathewson died after being attacked by two dogs at Redvale in the early hours of Friday morning.
Read more about it here:

My thoughts.
This is a horrific tragedy.
So very sad.

Yet Just imagine if it was both legal and routine in our country for woman to carry a small pistol?
She would probably still be alive.
Some may argue she is a victim of too much liberty (in respect to Dog ownership)
Others (like myself) can apprehend she is in fact a victim of Nanny state legalism which not only has disarmed us all and left us defenceless against criminals and wild animals, but also has generated such a sheepish culture where the very idea of carrying a weapon for personal defence is considered to be virtually a deviant mentality.

Thus it is also a great tragedy to grasp just how far Socialism has institutionalised our population.
The very idea of being Self reliant and bearing the means of self defense are completely alien concepts.
(I’ll probably recieve hate mail for making ‘political capital’ out of this tragedy.)


Oh Really Albert? Beware vain philosophy my children, and Science falcely so-called!


“Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.”
St Paul Colossians 2vs8.

*Everything* is energy you say Albert? Why should I believe that *I* am merely energy?
This is an unproven materialistic assumption… not a scientific fact.
Does anyone appreciate the truth of what I am saying?
Albert himself said something to the effect that “Blind submission to Authority is the enemy of truth”.
Does anyone here have the courage to challange the authority of The great Albert Einstein?

It is because of the Prevalent acceptance of this sort of unscientific atheist fundamentalism in the Academic communities of the world that brings into question the existance of Free will and the human soul.
Because Modern infidelity and Rationalism has succeeded in portraying belief in supernaturalism/ spiritual reality as being a hallmark of scientific ignorance, many Christians have been duped into thinking this Materialistic world veiw is a scientific fact rather than an unproven atheist assumption.
These rationalist Christians also tend to follow their atheist brethern and also abandon the Classic Judeo-Christian Morality as being valid… and faith in the reliablity of the scriptures.
They have stepped away from being true theists and have become Deists.

Those Christians whom pride themselves as being the most ‘Educated’ and Ruggedly consistent rationalists will then go further…as a matter of course… and deny the existance of Eternal Damnation, because to their rationale, it would be grossly unfair to Damn someone to eternal torment if they had no freewill choice in the evils they committed or had no freewill in their decision to reject Christ.
I wonder how they can reconcile all this with their voluntarily accepted moral obligation to preach the gospel of God’s grace in Christ to the lost?
Do they believe they have the freewill to actually bother?
Can they justify their own inaction as being materialistically determined and that therefore they are not morally responcible for not bothering to preach?

“O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:”
St Paul 1 Tim 6:20

Thus a little leven leveneth the whole lump.
The mind boggles at just how utterly corrosive the Materialist world veiw is.
How effective it is in absolutely destroying faith in the Bible, in particular the classic moraity of a Holy and judging God and Mankind as a fallen yet Free willed and morraly culpible beings.


It is Sad yet interesting to witness the responce of Humanity to testimonies which dare to suggest that the Bible is the preserved word of God!
Such calls to true theistic faith are met with venimous cursings and accusations of maddness and folly… from all quarters!

The unadulterated arrogance of the skeptics!
They speak with the highest authority!
Human Rationalism!
Kneel Petty theist they command!
How dare you challenge the consensus of High academia?!
Humble thyself before the edifice of Modern scholarship ye unlearned fellow!
We will not yield to that ghastly Bible!

A harmony of outrage, and a choris of ‘rational proofs’ batter the Bible believer From both Atheists and so-called Christians alike.
The Bible believer finds himself alone.
The Rationalist Christians assure the atheists that these Bible believers are deluded fools… Throwbacks from a bygone age….not at all representative of the modern Christian position.

Mankind simply cannot bear the Idea that God’s Pure revelation Exists.
They know that to admit such a thing places them and all their Rationalisms under condemnation… under Judgment.
They don’t want to admit there is a light shining a path in the darkness!
They want to carry on the delusion that ‘nobody knows’…nobody can tell me what I should do, what I should believe, how I should live, why I should change…etc.
And they certainly don’t want to admit that the Great Moral light is that accursed and judgmental Bible!
To the Proud Sinner that is the most unacceptable proposition of all!
The Rationalist Christian doe’s not even want to believe that!
It’s too filled with things which they find repugnant… like Hell!

It is relatively easy to understand why the average sinner does not want to believe in moral culpability and a judgment day.
There is pleasure in sin.
The low road is an easier path to travel than the high steep path, and many Christians prefer to deny the reliability of the scriptures than having the burden of preaching an unpopular message to the lost.
What is truly sad to grasp is that these rationalists Christians have completely smoked themselves!
They have chosen to follow the delusions of the children of Darkness rather than the Light of the word of God.
Professing themselves to be wise they became fools.

I would like to point out that though there may be a cozy bit of kinship between atheists and Modern Rationalist ‘educated’ ‘Christians’ in their mutual hatred of ‘Fanatical Bible believers’, that in reality the Atheists are laughing at the so-called Rationalist Christians whom have abandoned faith in the scriptures, and share the atheist views that the Bible is unreliable.
Atheist laugh when Christians claim to also accept the theory of evolution instead of believing the book of Genesis.
They Laugh because they know they have won!
They have managed to get the Christians to abandon the Bible and instead accept atheist Materialism as the truth!


It is my solemn belief that is is impossible to convert the lost to faith in the truth of the gospel of Christ without preaching and teaching faith in the trustworthiness of the scriptures themselves in which the gospel is found.

News Flash Ye Christians!
Materialism is not a scientific fact!
Belief in the supernatural is not definitive of Ignorance!
Ye of Little Faith!
“ O fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken!”
Jesus Christ. Luke 24:25

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian
King James Bible believer.

“For this cause also thank we God without ceasing, because, when ye received the word of God which ye heard of us, ye received it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which effectually worketh also in you that believe.”
St Paul 1 Thes2:13

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”
St Paul 2 Tim 2vs 15

“And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.”
St Paul 2 Tim 3:15

“Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.”
Jesus Christ John17:17

“Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.”
Jesus Christ Matt 24:35

“…So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”
St Paul Rom 10:17

UPDATE: Did Albert Really say that?
Thanks to Eternal Vigilance commenter and Libertarian ‘Terry’ I have been made aware that there is a dispute as to whether this Meme has a genuine Einsten quote or whether it is an evil deception. It is a testament to the sickness of Humanity that unfortunately there are millions of unscrupulous liars out there whom manufacture Frauds either to push their own agendas or simply to cause chaos and destruction. I must Therefore warn readers that there is doubt as to this quotes reliability. I will leave the blogpost up because even if the quote is a fraud, my argument against Materialism still holds good, and it may be discovered that Albert did in fact say this. Thus the controversy! Check out this discussion here…
Keep Vigilant!

Update 2: Pondering further upon the problem about the verasity of this Meme raises a very interesting dilemma, very similar to the basic premise behind the Face book page ‘Did Abraham Lincoln really exist?’
Ie that is is impossible to say with certainty that Einstein did not say this quotation…even if no reference to it can be found in the common places one looks (eg Google)
All that skeptics can claim is that *they cannot find sufficient evidence to convince them in their own minds that Einstein did say this.

The reality is that this could very well be a genuine quote from an obscure source… ie It may be a record of a conversation, or a lecture he gave which does not enjoy fame.
And this is a very common reality!
Not everything famous people say becomes common knowledge.
The majority of their sayings actually get quicky forgotten.

I find this dilemma very interesting because it also relates to arguments used by textual critics in their attacks against the trustworthyness of the King James bible because according to them it includes portions of scripture the authenticity of which they dispute.
What is of grave concern is that all valid and truthful historic records can be undermined via such devious rationalisms which only need to caste doubt to destroy faith… and what sort of Malevolent spirit loves to caste doubt against the truth?
The Thinking person must navigate this Dominion of Devils filled with snares and stumbling blocks deliberately engineered to keep people in the dark.

The Broad way. Morality by vote. Social Arbitrary Law.

mob rule

“Broad is the way that leadeth to destruction and many there be thereon.
Narrow is the way that leadeth to life and few there be that find it”
Jesus Christ.

The idea of the ‘Mandate of the majority’ in determining what ought to be Law, or how a country ought to be governed is a Pagan/ Greek idea.
It is a pseudo-morality which opposes itself to Christian Ideals of Justice.
Why then do so many Christians clamor for more democracy…less principle/ rule of Law?
Why is it that the socialists have been able to substitute the Idea of Majority Rule as being ‘the rule of law’ when it is no such thing?
Democratic whim is no more a protection of the rights of individuals than the whim of a dictator.
The Laws generated thereby are absolutely Arbitrary!
Why is this truth not taught in ours schools?

They dont teach this because the state does not want the people to slap Constitutional restraints on their power or limit their spheres of operation/ intervention.
Labour party Hench woman and Waikato University Propaganda Chief Margaret Wilson opposed the institution of a Constitution which restrained the powers of parliament. Ie she opposed the rule of Law, and desired the continuation of Totalitarian socialism.

She praised Social arbitrary law and mob rule… calling the Status quo… “Our wonderfully Fluid system…” !!!!

Remember that she was part of the Labour government who abolished Kiwi’s rights to appeal to Privy Council in England, and established the New Zealand Supreme Court.
This was a socialist Coup!


As one of New Zealand’s highest Lawyers/Legislators (Attorney General), it was in her parties vested interest to Bamboozle the people of New Zealand to keep her Party free to implement their Nanny state Agenda upon us.

These were dark days for unpopular minorities… Party pill/ NOS bans, Anti-smoking legislations etc. Massive handouts to Racist radicals, Anti smack legislation, etc.
By comparison John Keys inept governance looks enlightened!
We don’t see anywhere near as much Nanny state legislation being generated.
He still suxs badly, yet I will give him Credit for that…


That many people will look at the list of oppressive socialist laws and think they were all good ideas …. That Nanny State is great just goes to show that had they lived in Germany in the 1930’s, they would have been raising the One armed salute to the Democratically elected Socialist Tyrant Adolf Hitler.
He was all about ‘State Health’, ‘State Education’, ‘Nationalism’, etc.
This is why is is all too common to hear sheeple exclaim… “Hitler was a genius and had a lot of great Ideas…”.


be this guy

That Unchecked Social Democracy has bankrupted every Nation in Western Civilisation makes little difference to the Vested interests, dependent State Tit suckers whom now realise they have sucked the life blood out of their neighbors! They Clamour against state cost cutting… as if you can get more labour out of Dead slaves!
The Socialist politicians themselves refuse to admit they have ruined their Nations.
They make ridiculous statements “Austerity will cause a depression” when the truth is their largess has already Bankrupted us and that every year they continued their charade simply made things much worse!
We stagger beneath Massive Debts and Taxes!
Look at Cyprus today!
Frozen banks, and the prospect of looting the peoples savings!
It is difficult for me to feel sorry for them as the one thing that may be said about Democracy is that the Majority of people get the Government they deserve.
Ie In every Western Nation the resident sheeple have ignored the ‘Doom saying Libertarians preaching “The End is Nigh!” from their Soapboxes.
The greedy Sheeple have allowed their governments to lead them to destruction.

See Richard’s Post on Cyprus Here: