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Quit Bitching Zombies! You got what you voted for!

The Economies of the West were bankrupted by Nanny State Social Democracy… You Sheeple are to blame! Because you voted for Labour/ National… Reps/ Dems… and their equivalent shyster parties in every Western Social Democratic Nation whom promised to mother you and keep ‘Evil free enterprise’ in check.
You yourselves voted for the Bankruptcy!
You wanted all their promises.
You wanted all their taxes.
You wanted them to keep spending and keep borrowing.
Don’t cry about them bailing out the Mega Rich!
That too was all part of the socialist package you voted for… the idea that the government is responsible for the economy and can manipulate the players as it sees fit.
Don’t now pretend it is all the wealthy fascists fault!
Your continued self denial of your own guilt makes me sick!


We Libertarians knew your socialist scam would end in ruin!
We warned you for years this Zombie Apocalypse was approaching!.
We stood for parliament preaching an end to spending, an end to big government…yet you chose instead to burry your heads in the sand and kid yourselves that the socialist madness could go on and on…at least until *You* were gone… and then the problem would be someone else’s problem to fix!
Well your chickens have come home to roost!
When you see growing poverty, and children in rags…blame your selves!
Take ownership of what *You voted for!*
Know that it was your own selfish lusts for Nanny State socialism which has brought Great nations to ruin!


The day of Reckoning is here!
Will you humble yourselves and admit your errors?
No. Like most criminals you will never admit the truth…You will go the Hell screaming you are innocent.

Your politics created the Filthy Rich and the super powerful, and having learned nothing… having feed your growing Envy and Malice with even greater lies… you will soon elect an even more terrible Beast!
It is *you sheeple* whom will allow a new Totalitarian system to be installed!
You will vote for Full control of the worlds resources via a political elite… in the name of saving the world from ‘Capitalist exploitation’.
You will vote for a global Dictator under the delusion that this will end war.
And you will all receive the Mark of the Beast, and cry out against those arrogant ‘Libertarians’…who refuse to bow down… calling them ‘Enemies of the State.’
Yes you will have your Socialist ‘Utopia’!
My heart breaks for the Death of Liberty and prosperity…. And for your Slave Children.


Evolutionary Stimulus… The struggle for survival…


Evolutionary Stimulus… The struggle for survival…
How many times have you read that it was the struggle for survival which stimulated leaps in the ‘evolution’ of new Creatures?
‘Change or Die’ is a Mantra of the Evolutionist priesthood.

Thus if we are to believe this Mantra…. the belief that Polar Bears are facing extinction due to Human action, we had better be ready! (See pic below)


Do you think my Polar bear comments are Ridiculous?
Why not apply that critical thinking to your whole Ridiculous theory!
You may realise that my comment above is silly only because the theory of Evolution is silly.

What is an even bigger travesty, is that many Highly educated ‘Christian philosophers’ that I know can find no contradiction between the Chaos and Cold brutality of theory of Evolution which renders man simply an Ape … and Christian morality and the Value of Human life.
They don’t hesitate to say the Bible is full of ignorant myths and fraudulent additions.
“Professing themselves to be wise the became fools”
They would Rob us Christians of our faith in the scriptures!
They tells us bible believers that we are ignorant fools because we have not been ‘educated’ in textual criticism, or in Rationalist philosophy, or in the verdict of modern Evolutionary science!
I say “let God be true but every man a Liar!”


The Evolutionists hope you never figure out that Species either Survive, or they Die.
*They never evolve*… even when facing extinction.
When you figure that out you will aprehend just how Stupid the theory of Evolution really is!

Lord Christopher Monckton- ‘CLIMATE OF FREEDOM’ TOUR of NEW ZEALAND -APRIL 2013-Itinerary

lord m
Lord Christopher Monckton

An Old Libertarian Comrade Robin Thomsen invited me go with him next week to hear Lord Christopher Monckton Debunking Global warming/ man made climate change.
I will be there with bells on! (very cool manly bells that is!)
Monday @ Waikato Uni
It would be great to see other Libertarians there too.

warmist scientists
Muppet science… seems legit.

While I am pondering this subject I remembered reading a while ago that The Warmists had figured out that… Quote:
“People with very strong free-market support had very high skepticism of climate change,” said John Cook, a cognitive psychology doctoral candidate at the University of Queensland.”
He goes on…
“Such individuals also tend to distrust scientists and scientific processes such as peer review…”

Now what is telling about this is that if this is true (and I believe the first part is), then obviously the reverse is also obviously true… ie that Climate change is supported predominately by Quote: ” Retarded Anti-Capitalist Socialists whom hate the free market and believe the State should regulate all trade and Reasources”… said Libertarian Hunk, Tim Wikiriwhi in the greatest blog Ever… Eternal vigilance.
He goes on…
” John Cook is simply another State paid flunkey! The truth is Free thinkers do not have any faith in the heavily Politicized scientific community whose pay checks are dependant upon their manufacture of Pseudo-scientific hysteria mongering which generates mass phobia of free enterprise and conveniently recommends heavy handed government regulation of trade, virtually an end to private property, and absolute control of the earths natural resources, whereas the Earth worshipping Luddite Retards snort it like Cocaine! ”


^^^Criptic message from Roger Waters.


Climate Realists’ Network
was formed in July 2009.

We link to many other like-minded groups throughout New Zealand.

Our main form of communication is by way of fortnightly newsletters to our members. (Contact details below)

Our website contains a number of relevant articles of interest; however anyone wanting to explore the issue of climate on a much deeper level is encouraged to check out our LINKS page which provides a broad range of websites with endless hours of reading to suit any taste.

Lord Christopher Monckton

During April 2013 Lord Christopher Monckton will be in New Zealand to speak on Climate Change and its underlying idealogical framework, the United Nations Agenda 21 and the threat this is to freedom. The tour is entitled Climate of Freedom.

While few of us are familiar with Agenda 21 we are likely to have heard the term “Sustainable Development”, “Smart Growth”, or “Renewable Energy”. We may think that this is a “not in my backyard” issue that we can take or leave as we wish. But if you conduct even a cursory Google search for some of the key concepts of Agenda 21 you will find that most New Zealand local government long term policy has been explicitly implementing Agenda 21 for nearly 20 years, and that this dictates many aspects of YOUR life.

Understanding the underlying goals and intentions of Agenda 21 makes the Global warming, and Climate Change debate infinitely clearer. The motivations, purposes and methodology of those who persist in alarmism on this topic, despite the mounting scientific evidence to the contrary and the 16 year ‘pause’ in rising global average surface temperatures is more transparent. As the evidence increasingly contradicts the theory of greenhouse gas impacts on global temperatures the alarm is morphing to climate disruption, climate chaos, extreme weather and other scary stuff, since the temperatures are not keeping in step with rising CO2.

Don’t you want to know what is going on here?

Contact us for further information or media enquiries.

al g


Monday 1st April
Northland: ( Please note minor changes)
6pm Ascension Wine Estate, 480 Matakana Road, Matakana.
30 min introductory presentation followed by a brief opportunity for questions from the audience.
Light refreshments may be purchased from Ascension, but no dinner will be available.
Entry by donation.

Tuesday 2nd April
6pm The Kumara Box, 503 Poutu Road, Dargaville
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales, or advance booking through Ticketek

Wednesday 3rd April
3pm May Bain Conference Room, New Whangarei Library building, Rust Ave
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales, or advance booking through Ticketek

6pm, Conference Room, first floor of the Dickens Inn, Cameron St Mall
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales, or advance booking through Ticketek

Thursday 4th April
10am-11am Lord Monckton will be a guest on the Leighton Smith Show (Newstalk ZB)

7.30pm, Netball North Harbour Function Room, 44 Northcote Rd, Takapuna
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Friday 5th April
7-9pm Fisher and Paykel Lecture Theatre, (Room F&PAA/260-115)
Located at the Auckland University Business School, Grafton Road
No admission charge, but donations welcome.

Saturday 6th April
2pm, St Columba at Botany, 480 Ti Rakau Drive, Botany
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Monday 8th April
7am Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting, Events Room 1, Gallagher Hub building, Hamilton Wintec campus.
Price $45
Tickets available at or by going to

12 noon Student Union Forum-Village Green outside the shops, Waikato University
Public welcome, no admission charge

7pm Price Waterhouse Cooper Lecture Theatre, Waikato University, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton (opposite the Admin building)
Gold coin donation.

Sponsored by the NZ Institute of International Affairs (Waikato Branch)

Tuesday 9th April
7.30pm, Bureta Park Motor Inn, Vale St Otumoetai.
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Thursday 11th April
7.30pm, Cosmopolitan Club, Grey and Derby Street
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Friday 12th April
7.30pm, Ellwood Function Centre, 12 Otene Road, Waipatu, Hastings
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Saturday 13th April
Palmerston North:
2.00pm, Masonic Centre, 168 Fitzherbert Ave, Palmerston North
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

7.30pm, Anglican Church Hall, 67 Cambridge Road, Ashhurst
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Monday 15th April
New Plymouth:
7.30pm, Devon Hotel and Conference Centre, 390 Devon St East
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Tuesday 16th April
7.00pm, Southwards Car Museum, Otaihanga Rd, Paraparaumu
Tickets: $20 adult, $5 15yrs and under

Tickets to this presentation available online from
or at the Customer Service desk,
Coastlands Shoppingtown,
Contact for this event: Peter Jones (04) 2938966 Mob: 0272266657
Sponsored by the Kapakapanui Lions Club


Wednesday 17th April
Lower Hutt:
7.00am – 9.00am Chamber of Commerce breakfast
Silverstream Retreat, 3 Reynolds Bach Drive, Silverstream, Lower Hutt
7am- 7.30 breakfast, 7.30-8.30 Lord Monckton to speak, 8.30-9am Q & A
Members $45 +gst, non-members $65 +gst
Bookings and cancellations by Monday 15 April
contact: Donna 09399821 or

Press Club meeting
Associated Audio ‘The Bose’ Experts
5.30pm, 95 Customhouse Quay Wellington
Free entry to Press Club members, $10 non-members
RSVP compulsory as numbers very limited.
Contact: .
Light refreshments provided.

Thursday 18th April
7.30pm Nelson Suburban Club, 168 Tahunanui Drive, Nelson
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Friday 19th April
7.30pm Marlborough Convention Centre, 42A Alfred St
Admission by donation to cover expenses, surplus to go to hospice.

Sponsored by Federated Farmers (Marlborough)

Saturday 20th April
Christchurch: ( Please note minor changes)
2.30pm Forum, moderated by Rodney Hide
Show Gate Pavilion,
Riccarton Park Function Centre
165 Racecourse Road Sockburn
$25 entry Tickets available on
Search for ‘Monckton Tour’
Door sales may be limited, book early to avoid disappointment.

Show Gate Pavilion,
Riccarton Park Function Centre
165 Racecourse Road Sockburn
$25 entry Tickets available on
Search for ‘Monckton Tour’
Door sales may be limited, book early to avoid disappointment.

Monday 22nd April
8am -9.30am Business Breakfast
Show Gate Pavilion,
Riccarton Park Function Centre
165 Racecourse Road Sockburn
$45 entry Tickets available on
Search for ‘Monckton Tour’
Bookings essential for catering purposes- no door sales.

7.30pm Sopheze on the Bay, Caroline Bay, Timaru
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Tuesday 23rd April
12pm arrival for 12.30 lunch
1pm Lord Monckton’s presentation
The Savoy Reception and Conference Centre
50 Princes St, CBD, Dunedin
$40 entry, tickets available from Jock Allison
ph 03 4772903, mob 021 363337
Numbers limited- book early to avoid disappointment.

7.30pm, Burns Theatre A
entrance opposite 84 Albany St
(Otago University Clubs & Socs Building)
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Wednesday 24th April
7.30pm, Gore Town and Country Club, Bury St, Gore
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Friday 26th April
7.30pm, Ascot Park Hotel, 2 East Rd, Invercargill
$20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and eftpos- no credit cards.

Contact us for further information or media enquiries.

Climate Realists (NZ) would like to acknowledge and thank the following supporters and sponsors:

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Our local organisers and network members- this tour wouldn’t be happening without you- thank you all very much.

On the Origin of Panties

Did you know that all panties are descended from a single common ancestor? Strange but true!
However, scientists are at a loss to explain the existence of the first loinwear. Louse-based estimates date the hypothesised primordial undergarment to 105,000 B.C., but fossils of the postulated intermediate A-, B-, C-, D-, E- and F-strings have never been uncovered.

As usual, one only has to consult the sacred text(ile)s to see immediately that the Bible has the answer. The Book of Genesis explains that all panties are descended from the foliage of a living plant fossil called Ficus carica. The Bible also makes it clear that panties, like viruses, do not have the ability to reproduce on their own. They rely on their host, and their host’s reproductive organs (which they symbiotically “clothe”), to make further panties.

But, seriously … what do evolutionism (the godless theories of abiogenesis and evolution by natural selection) and warmism (the theory of anthropogenic global warming) have in common? Discuss. 🙂